Daily Archives: December 16, 2010

Verizon refunds/credits $52.8 million

Sometimes when we receive a bill in the mail, we see charges that we do not understand. Often times, if the charge is alarming enough in frequency or total amount, we will call the company with the discrepancy. What happens … Continue reading

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Mark Madoff commits suicide

We as young people are quick to proclaim our independence from our parents, and even the demands or responsibilities of our family name. In today’s society we are so disconnected from the idea that we must represent our families well. … Continue reading

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Do black people go to tanning salons?

Today I had the most interesting question for the Owner of TanFit Unlimited, Inc where I partner, offering massage therapy. I asked her, “Do black people go to tanning salons?” I have owned and operated a business in Prince George’s … Continue reading

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