Mark Madoff commits suicide

We as young people are quick to proclaim our independence from our parents, and even the demands or responsibilities of our family name. In today’s society we are so disconnected from the idea that we must represent our families well. We are so individualistic that we do not take into proper consideration how our actions affect our bloodline.

Well, in an interesting turn of events Bernie Madoff who is currently serving 150 years in prison for more than two decades of cheating people out of their money is now going to have pay for the way that he has treated people in another way. His son has committed suicide. The pressure of his father’s bad name was too much to bear.

Check out Yahoo’s article for the full scoop.

Here is the article:

We don’t know whether the sons were involved but we know by common sense that they benefited in some way. I am sure that they received a birthday or Christmas gift in the last two decades.

He left behind four children. That is four children that have no father, and a wife to raise his two youngest children. No matter how pressured we are, we have to remember that we have something, and someone to live for. The impact on the people that love Mark Madoff is tremendous I am certain.

This is my challenge to you, to remember that we as family are connected. When you act a certain way in public, people think of who you are connected to, and not you as the independent person.

Always do your best to stay true to yourself, and to represent your family well. Bernie Madoff clearly did not do this and his losses are abundant. To be honest, I thought it would be his wife because of the direct pressure and the pain of losing her husband. Either way, let’s remember our families today, and that whether we want to be apart of the bloodline or not, we are. There is power in connection. There is truth in the statement “Make us proud.”


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