Is there a place called There?

The following information are commentary and notes that I picked up from watching Mike Murdock. The words are so powerful!

“Prayer does not make people rich, if that was the case Bill Gates would be an intercessor, and I just don’t pick that up from him.”

“Most seasons of our life are guided by decisions. Jesus would not have healed the woman with the issue of blood if he had not been on her agenda.”

“Mike, How did you get so much wisdom? He answered, “By being so stupid.” PUhahahahahhaha… Hilarious!

The Seven Laws

1. The Law of Difference– labor to find out what makes you different. Problems are the seeds for rewards. We are in constant pursuit of someone who can solve our problem. Problem is a gate to recognition. Until there was a Goliath there were no David. You have no value until you solve a problem. You must discern you difference from others. Your success is produced through your difference. Your sameness creates your comfort, but your difference creates your reward. You must inventory your life, “What has God put inside of me?” What makes your BUSINESS different than others. The next 18 months will be an investors paradise.

2. The Law of the Mind– If you can succeed in your mind, you can succeed in you life. I would never have more money in my closet than on my book shelf. Your mind needs a goal/focus. You mind is a living thing. If your mind doesn’t have a picture of the future it will replay the past. Your mind needs an instruction. Your mind is your servant, to serve you, not to master you. Have a secret place every morning when you spend time with God and your mind will remind you of what you need to do. You have to have a hero, and example of what you would like to be like. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of knowledge and wisdom. My mind needs to be fed food, and it will pick up negative if I don’t give it an instruction. I need light, movement and sound when I walk into a room. What investment are you willing to make for your mind? I bought a book for $84 one time and someone asked “why.” He said, “I didn’t buy a book, I bought a man’s life. What he learned in 70 years, I will know in two hours. He is a billionaire from Australia.” Meditation means to “mutter” to yourself. Make a sound.

God has never responded to anyone in trouble. He only responds to faith. He does not respond to your tears. Say what God says, so you can feel what God feels. Most people do not protect their mind. The more creative you are, the greater struggle you have with your mind. Lance Armstrong lost interest in what he loved most (cycling). Nobody feels what you feel or experience what you are experiencing. Most people are like a Volcano inside. When your mind is in its greatest battle Psalms 119; Psalms 91; Psalms 37 will wash and renew your mind. Strength will come. The secret of Strength is NOT determination, it is the words of God.

3. The Law of Recognition– Everything you want is close to you, you are not recognizing it. A North American couple went looking for Gold, left for England and came back years later only to find out that the second largest Gold reserve was on the farm they had left. Soldiers were walking around it from the Government. They went all over the world looking for Gold and it was in the back of their house. Everything you are wanting is close to you, merely awaiting your recognition. David was an amazing mentor, Absalom did not recognize it but Solomon did. Judas and John had the same mentor. What is it that you are not seeing? I wish that you would find someone who is comfortable in your weakness, and strong enough to pour into you.

4. The Law of Two– Satan never showed up in the garden, til Eve did. Two is necessary for multiplication. Hells greatest fear is relationship. When one falls, the other can lift them up. One can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand. The power of covenant is profound. There is a person that God wants to put close to you, and that relationship will provide instant multiplication. I could be a Boaz for Ruth, Jesus with the Samaritan woman.

The difference between seasons in your life is a person. Eleazar and Rebecca. Boaz and Ruth. The difference between poverty and prosperity is a person. You are one person away. God can get you anywhere he wants you in a day. The number three soccer player in the world approached Mike Murdock and said I can’t be around you without giving you money. He started stuffing money in his pockets, and the holy spirit said to him, “I can get money to you anywhere you are.” Years do not decide seasons, people do. You are one person away from the season you have been dreaming of your whole life.

5. The Law of Place– Even Jesus did not do well everywhere, that is why he left one place for another. Everything created contains and invisible instruction. The tomato seed does not look at the watermelon seed and ask it what to do. You don’t decide your assignment, you discover it. Your assignment’s always to a person or group of people. Who’s tears affect you? Who do you long to protect? Your geographical place matters. Everytime God talks to people in the bible (Abraham, Naomi,) he tells them where to go.

He says to qualify the home for honor in the bible. Take the blessing out of that place if they do not honor you. God where you will be celebrated instead of tolerated. There IS a place you belong. Fish look really stupid out of water. When you are where you belong, you have no rivalries. Nobody can compete with you when you are where God wants you to be. Money doesn’t follow you, it’s waiting for you at the place of your assignment. God tells us to go to the place called there! Joel Olsteen’s father had a book called, “The place called there.” Elijah woke up and the brook had dried up one morning, and he had to go to the widow woman. Money is anywhere God wanted you to be. Picture Jesus standing on the floor, “Children have you any meat.” They say, “We’ve fished all night” He responds, “It’s on the other side.”

6. The Law of Honor- Every sin has to do with honor. This is the most wisdom key. Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor. Battle is the seed for territory. Listening is the seed for learning. Knowledge is the seed for change. Honor is the seed for access. Adaptation is the proof of honor. Daniel studied conversation for three years before he could have a meal with the King. Who do you honor? All blessing comes through the chain of authority. Your future depends on a conversation. Conversation is the seed for knowledge. If I change what you know, I change what you do. Information, Passion, Desires and the sound of Honor. Always listen for these four things. It is impossible to discover someone’s character after twenty years.

You don’t have that kind of time. You know someone by who they serve; there honor. If you fail with your life it will be because of a person that you chose to dishonor. If you succeed it will be because of a person that you chose to honor. America will not come apart because of abortion or homosexuality, or prayer in schools. It will happen if we do not honor the God of the universe. DISHONOR IS THE SEED FOR LOSS. You can have behavior from a heart that has no honor, whether you are being nice or not.

Honor protects, corrects, submits, yields, willing to listen. Your reaction to a direction from a superior, opening a car door for a lady, taking care of your elderly mother all little things that you can seed through the code of honor. Honor is a seed that will outlast you. Seven reactions that reveal honor: greatness; weakness to another; reaction to pain; A church said, “What do you think that our Pastor should get for a salary?” He said, “So, this man has saved all of your family, and has driven back demon powers around your home. How much can you pay a man like that?”

7. The Law of the Seed– God had a son, but he wanted a family; words are the seeds for feelings; forgiveness is the seed for relationship; honor the seed for access; gratitude is the seed for more. God looks at our offerings to him as a seed that produces a harvest. Jesus said, “Anything that you give up for me, you will get it back, one hundred times.” Motive- reason for doing something. He painted a picture. Malachi 3: God was painting a picture about offering.

He didn’t say bring me an offering because the Angels are eating more than we ever dreamed, the gold roads cost money…etc… It was about sacrifice… 2 Corin. 9:6 I have never met a Christian who did not believe in sewing. It is as natural as breathing as a believer. I have only met a handful that believe in reaping. We can only reap proportionate to our confidence that we believe we are competent to receive. God added something to the seed and harvest equation. EXPECTATION= without FAITH (something that can not separate the poor and the rich) Your seed is why you sew, your faith is why you reap. We have been taught to plant seeds, but have not been taught to receive. You can do everything exactly right and leave out expectation, and die broke. If you being evil knowing how to give good gifts, how much more does your heavenly father want to give good gifts. Be a receiver.

There are three harvests I want the holy spirit to give you, says Murdock

1. A debt free home.

If your enemy has not thought about you in a month, you have a problem. The home should be something that people want to take pictures of.

2. Uncommon financial wisdom.

Wisdom is a factory for the product. A financial anointing is a perpetual thing.

3. That God would put someone in your life to bless you.

You are one person away.

*I catch this same repeat show at ridiculous times in the morning. God wakes me up at times to turn to this. It is because there is so much to retrieve from this message. I hope that people can be blessed by these notes. It has spoken to my subconscious for the last year or two. Now, I can write it down. Some of these laws, I have obeyed recently and it has changed my life.

Look up Mike Murdock and purchase some of his books!

UPDATE: One Year Anniversary Blogging


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  2. MainWriters says:

    Your blog is very motivating! No wonder you are a speaker. I relate well to the law of difference. I believe that we should teach our kids to find out what special gifts that they have from the Lord and teach them to use them. We do not need to try to be someone else; we need to be the unique person God created us to be for His unique purpose. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stopping by my blog.

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