President Obama comments on New Iraqi Government

I started talking about the Iraqi Dinar last week, and encouraged you to check the information out yourself. Now, we are finding the Wallstreet Journal and other national sources communicating information about the Iraqi Dinar’s revaluation. For business investors who hold this currency, they believe that it will happen before the end of the year. I personally think it’s a perfect way to end 2010.  Please stay close to this blog and subscribe because I am going to begin to talk more about our financial system, the AMERO which is a currency that is speculated to replace the dollar, and the future for us. When opportunities arise be open and use wisdom to see ahead. Venturing into uncharted territories can be alittle scary sometimes however, understanding that the financial system is going to a Rich vs. Poor state of being should make you get up and do something. The people who will be poor are the people without information, and those who have had access to information in front of them but chose not to take action.

Let’s not continue to go through life as regular.

Be. Extraordinary

President Obama Comments on New Iraqi Government

Posted on 22 December 2010. Tags: Cabinet, elections, obama

President Obama Comments on New Iraqi Government The following is a statement from US President, Barack Obama, on the formation of the new Iraqi government:
Today’s vote in the Council of Representatives is a significant moment in Iraq’s history and a major step forward in advancing national unity. I congratulate Iraq’s political leaders, the members of the Council of Representatives, and the Iraqi people on the formation of a new government of national partnership.
Yet again, the Iraqi people and their elected representatives have demonstrated their commitment to working through a democratic process to resolve their differences and shape Iraq’s future. Their decision to form an inclusive partnership government is a clear rejection of the efforts by extremists to spur sectarian division.
Iraq faces important challenges, but the Iraqi people can also seize a future of opportunity. The United States will continue to strengthen our long-term partnership with Iraq’s people and leaders as they build a prosperous and peaceful nation that is fully integrated into the region and international community.

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