Don’t be the missing parent! Part One

It is 3 something in the morning. I am still full of adrenaline after attending my nephews basketball game tonight at Washington-Lee High School!

After the game, we drove to Wakefield to watch the Varsity game. I went to one of my nephew’s games before. But today I went with intention. My daughter abandoned me because apparently high school students don’t like to sit with their mommies.

She informed me that I could sit with the parents, and so I did. My nephew is my little light skinned heart. I love him so much. I love all of my nephews and nieces as if the are my own.

From the parents bench, I noticed that parents whose children were on the same team or friends with parents who were on the same team were running their mouth about my nephew when in truth, their children were ball hogging, show-boating no team playing, no lay-up making freshmen’s who had one thing that my nephew, my brother and I never had with our basketball game, support.

I can not express to you the importance of lifting up your children. I started coaching from the sideline screaming, “Get between him and the basket, GET BETWEEN HIM AND THE BASKET.” I would tell my nephew who is officially taller than me and is rocking a nice little beard, to “Come get the ball, stop waiting on it, come get it.” My nephew lost the ball a few times but that’s no comparison to the circus of mistakes that his wanna-be show-boating teammates made.

Still, it was his coach that ridiculed him in the locker room and singling him out. I haven’t even started on the parents yet, one of which is a neighbor of my sisters.

*Don’t be the missing parent! Part Two is coming… this is a great blog so stay tuned!

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