11 Questions about SEX that you should ask – part four

Here are the last two on the list of 11 Questions about SEX that you should ask… Enjoy!

10. Do you have a disease? – To some degree many of you did not see this coming as the last question and quite frankly neither did I. I can’t even believe I almost skipped over this imporant conversation. I understand how having a virus or disease can be scary and embarassing. We have all have embarassing tender moments in life but just as lying takes away a person’s life choice as how they would normally handle a situation, so does withholding information that would make them unsafe. Please tell the person if you have disease of any kind. It is murder to have aids and knowingly give it to someone. It is life altering to be diagnosed with a disease and if you have one, you already know that. Please do not take away someone else’s opportunity to decide how they want to live their life. Clearly I am talking about a Sexually Transmitted Disease because we are on the subject of sex however I submit to you that if you have any type of disease, your potential mate should be priviledged to that information so that they can decide whether it is something that they want to support you in for their lifetime.

11. Contraception much?– There are many dynamics to having sex and determining whether you will use contraception, who will use it, what kind and for how long, is a long term decision. I am not talking about taking a pill. There are people who are choosing to forego pills and get their penis‘ snipped or their female parts knotted. Contraception is used to prevent disease and pregnancy. Additionally, Condoms can be used to catch semon if the woman is allergic to him. Feel free to ask me questions about a woman’s allergy to a man’s cum, I can help nutritionally add value to the relationship that will take care of this issue.

For men, the easy choice is condoms but crabs lurk in hair, herpes can be on the base of the penis, and the condom could break. If this is your potential partner and you choose to live with their long term disease you should ask yourself about your commitment to contraception that will prevent tranfer of fluid or disease from friction. People living with the disease will always feel safer after they have personally learned to manage it. You must take these things into consideration as you embark on a life long journey. I know many couples who have had the talk, made the decision and are still together whether it has been transferred or not. The other part of this is what kind of contraception you will use. For many women who are allergic to Latex, there has to be a comfortable alternative. Additionally, for some, they may not like condoms at all because of the superficial feeling that disconnects the touch of the penis inside of the vagina. This may be a hard conversation if you are with someone that has a disease but focus on your choice to stay in the relationship and your solution to preventing yourself from being infected. As a last tip, GOD is a healer, receive healing and take steps spiritually toward a miraculous healing. By your faith, experience healing.

Here are a few Links that I think you will find useful Jimmy and Karen, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Author

I hope that this gets you started in your journey toward learning your potential mate’s choices and outlook on their sexual contribution to the relationship. While we want all the puzzle pieces put together, sometimes we have to meet and greet until we find the complete connection in spirit, soul and body. I believe that there is somebody made just for me, and I believe that for you.

Bless u,


*This article is a repost from July 28, 2010

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