Big Tigger’s Morning Show Question: Is Black History Month Still Relevant?

This morning, as I was driving I heard Big Tigger quote a famous actor, Morgan Freeman who said that he did not feel that we should have Black History Month because it promotes seperatism, and racism.

Big Tigger asked Callers, and Tweeters to weigh in on whether they felt that Black History Month was relevant or not. At first glance, a black person would say, “Yes”, almost in disgust that this question would be raised.

I however understand what Morgan Freeman is getting at. I believe that we should be a part of American History. We should not need a special month because we should be in the books. We should be an intricate part of history.

Some of the answers that I heard on the morning show were still scratching the surface. We are always talking about what a Black person is unwilling to do. We are always quick to put each other down. Is that apart of the emotional abuse that has been embedded into our culture from the past.

I believe that we should lean towards eliminating Black History Month with the focused intention of integrating our history into all history. If we eliminate Black History Month their should be a simultaneous movement that includes us into all history books, and rewrites the wrongs of stories told about civilization and our contributions to inventions.

I agree with Mr. Freeman, his name is appropriate for this topic. I believe we should eliminate Black History Month because it does make us seperate and still apart. In my opinion, white people do not have so much relevant history that we need to be excluded from the books. Whether we need to lengthen courses, or consolidate some information we should have equal weight of historical presence in the history classes, as well as other subjects.

Additionally, if we do this for the black race, we need to include other minorities. I really believe that history should be one long continuum from elementary to college. I can understand if in college curriculum developers choose to specialize in African Amercian History or Latin Studies for example, but during our impressionable years, we should have the opportunity to learn the truth about our history.

If we take necessary steps to integrate our information and not just build statues, or assume that we are not relevant at all, we will become just as unsuspectingly ingrained within our culture, our community and the world as whites.

A quick example of history that I did not know:

My bestfriend who is an avid study of African American History was talking to a woman in the hospital yesterday. He had underwent a major surgery and I was their for moral and love support. The woman came in and had an accent. They got into a conversation that made me confused about Gods, and then he said something profound (not that the other stuff wasn’t profound- I just didn’t learn it well enough to teach it).

He said that, Jamaicans went to Cuba, and Cubans were migrated from Nigeria. Okay, I may have messed that up. At any rate, he spoke about how Nigerians were to original settlers of Cuba and Jamaican descent.

This type of information is not taught in our history books. We are always talking about our race and our colors but the reality is, people migrated for various reasons. I love geneological study, and I believe that learning more about our history also helps us to learn more about ourselves.

With that said, my response to Morgan Freeman’s comment, and Big Tigger is that we should take away this 28 day memorial and require full integration of our history within the school systems. I would love to see phenominal African-American Historians be involved in the inclusion process. We should be able to co-author books to prevent any misinformation.

I was just thinking the other day, when I heard an interview on the Steve Harvey Morning Show with Russell Simmons. They used to say, “If you want to keep information from a Black man, put it in a book.” My thought was, “Well, now my black men are the authors. They are writing books.”

Thank you for reading.


BE. Extraordinary

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Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on
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1 Response to Big Tigger’s Morning Show Question: Is Black History Month Still Relevant?

  1. Nicki says:

    Love your writing and TOTALLY disagree! You made fantastic points that I accept as never going to happen..wishful thinking if you will. I think it is too dangerous to even consider eliminating Black History Month honestly. We can never tell ALL our stories from the past. We can never rewrite American history books all over the world. We have made huge strides but we are not a nation of equality. There are so many “living Legends” whose stories are not currently being shared in mainstream media. As long as bias and stereotypes continue to exist, we need Black History Month.

    There is Native American History Month, Pacific Islanders Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Asian American History Month, etc. that many Black people don’t recognize even exists. We can’t get caught up on the month as much as the purpose. Why have Mother’s Day? Why have Memorial Day? It is about special honor and recognition. Yes, we should cherish, celebrate, and recognize our culture daily but February is a time that others are “forced” to come to terms with what they don’t know or would rather forget or eliminate. Sometimes other African American’s are included in that category.

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