Russell Simmons, and Ressurrection Graves on Super Rich! Part ONE

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have been living homeless for the past two years. I have been looking for stable employment and a place to live in that time to no avail. As an example of my efforts, I received two denial letter emails yesterday.

One of the emails came from a Federal Government agency saying that I was not qualified for a Contract Specialist position that I would be absolutely perfect for, especially since I was certified in Business 2 Government contracts a few years ago, and I am fantastic at writing anything including contracts.

The second denial letter was from my favorite grocery store in the whole-wide-world, Harris Teeter who felt that I was unqualified to be a Grocery Store Clerk, no really that was the exact name of the position.

In my memoir book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love I talk about my life up until now, and share some of the things that I have gone through during this most difficult time in life. This blog is not dedicated to my homelessness rather, I have focused my intention on the reason that I picked my daughter up from school early, and my nephew skipped his basketball practice; a meeting with Russell Simmons.

Walking distance from where my company was previously located, now occupied by Rushern Baker who used my beautifully adorned massage center as the home of his campaign run for County Executive. He won! Not that the serenity of Jades and Lavender or chocolate and blues have anything to do with him winning. But, I’d like to think that I gave his campaign committee and constiuents a peaceful atmosphere from which to work.

Russell Simmon’s Interview with Steve Harvey

I have never attended a book signing myself, but I thought that sounded horribly so when I heard that Steve Harvey was coming, I alerted everyone that I could and decided to make an effort to attend. I have really been wanting to meet Steve Harvey. However, the thought of the crowds and the waiting overtook my excitement. As many people say, “I will see him again.” Now, I wish I had met Steve to some degree.

When I heard Steve Harvey the other morning, talking to the author of the new book, “Super Rich”, Russell Simmons I almost had to pull over my car. Russell Simmon’s interview was so good that I was disappointed that I had no pen and paper in sight. My initial thought was, “Now that is how you do an interview.” Steve and Russell had fantastic chemistry, and there were some things that Russell said in the interview that we so on point, that I knew that I had to attend his book signing. I have a book coming out and I wanted to know what the process was like for people waiting to get their book signed. I couldn’t remember everything that was said in the interview but I quickly facebooked, @ “The Secret is GOD.” – Russell Simmons

Russell Simmon’s Book Signing at Capital Centre BLVD.

Across from my old massage center location was the Borders that Russell Simmons would hold his book signing. When they say book signing, that is exactly what they mean.

I was there on a mission. I decided against giving him my resume for fear of utter embarrassment but I knew that I could write this blog, and it would be my gift to him and the world. I came armed with cameras, and videos (none of which I knew how to work). I brought my niece and nephew because I wanted him to say something inspirational to them, but I’ll get to that later. We got in line at about 4:15pm for the 7:00pm book signing. There were about 15 people waiting.

As time went on, we noticed that the line had gotten longer but by no means did we see the store overcrowded. This was one time that black people should have known that it was ridiculous to be late.

As I waited in line, I think we all had the perfect idea. We have three hours, let’s read. There were people who were reading and chuckling at times, including myself. I knew that I wanted to remember what Russ said on the Steve Harvey show, but who knew that it was right in the beginning of the book?

Jesus had two Sermons

I will not spoil the book for you so I will try to paraphrase what I understand of the sermons and relate it directly to me. Russell was talking to his brother, Rev. Run and he mentioned that Jesus had two Sermons. He said that Jesus had a sermon for the masses, and he had a Sermon for the disciples. The masses were concerned for the things of this world while the disciples had already stripped themselves and wanted something deeper. They had a closer more intimate walk. They were ready for some deeper understanding spiritually and of the text.

In my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love I talk about how the last two years have impacted me. I love God. I don’t necessarily want to go to church right now. I don’t want to be a part of the masses. I want more concentrated understanding of the word as it applies to me. I want to learn whatever I need to in order to walk out of this situation.

What he said was so profound because I have been saying the same thing as it relates to me for the past at least one year but feeling like I may not be articulating it the right way. It’s not that I don’t want to ever attend church again, but I have had a desire to draw closer to my pastor and in fact I feel for disengaged from them, from church people than ever. In a funny string of events, many of my friends have become ordained ministers in the last two years.

I used to use the example of how the President, and often Presidents of companies have spiritual leaders that they connect with directly. It may sound high and mighty but that is by no means my intention. I know what I need. I am a president in fact. Entrepreneurs carry tremendous responsibility and spiritual guidance is more important than any other type of meeting that they could participate in.

Becoming a FAN of Russell Simmons

About an hour before his arrival, people started getting antsy, including me. I started looking up from the book, and my niece and nephew were around me making me laugh. People were putting their books away and began networking. Some were talking a whole lot, and saying absolutely nothing, while others seem to really be having genuine conversation.

I began to ask people why they were willing to stand in line to wait for Russell for three hours. I was with the three-hour people, but honestly by the time we were leaving it was so hard to get out of the door that their were probably people who had to wait longer than we did.

People did not seem to have an answer. This caught me off guard. I had my Blackberry and my Flip camera ready because I thought that surely these people would have some profound thoughts as I did.

There had to be some deep reason why you would show up and wait for him, but nothing. No one could even make up a reason for spending their evening in a bookstore, standing in line to meet a man who they would get two minutes with, if that.

With the interview, Jesus having two sermons, and my experience in the line, some things began to become real to me. I was in line as a fan! That was not my intention at all. As an Entrepreneur, I have had the incredible opportunity to break bread with multi-millionaires who have built hundred million dollar companies. I have had counsel with them on the phone, they know me by name. Their money doesn’t mean anything to me but their wisdom does. I love the opportunity to connect with elite individuals who think differently. You don’t build a hundred million dollar business with a poverty mindset.

Part two is tomorrow… stay right here! Now is a great time to subscribe so that you don’t miss it!

Thank you for reading.

BE. Extraordinary!




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