Family Separation: Insanity or Sound Mind

In a rather disturbing set of events this morning, I have choices to make. I brought my daughter to school, with my gas light on. The gas tank was UNDER E and I put my last $4.50 in there. It didn’t help, which is explainable since gas was $3.49 per gallon.

The publisher’s are very frustrating because a few years back, the owners of the company began to hire people from Asia. They all sound alike to me, they have extremely high turnover, and they don’t understand the english language well enough to produce a book. It has been a constant tug-of-war to get them to do the work the correct way.

And, much like going to the Chinese carryout, even if they mess your order up, or you don’t like what they have given you, you do not get your money back. I have learned a great deal from publishing this book which is why I am so excited about sharing it with you on May 14, 2011 at the Arlington Central Library.

My latest work, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love is about my life. It is a personal memoir that really recants my life and deals with how we learn to love and maintain faith in unloving and faithless situations.

For example, my mother’s actions have really come to a head for me. I have no desire to connect with abusive relationships any more. I have no room for them and although I love my family, I will not be able to continue to be in situations that promote insanity.

Sometimes people’s actions against you can be so breaking that they don’t bend, and therefore though time heals wounds, relationships won’t mend. It is a plunge to walk away completely and totally but I sure that my full separation will be worth it.


About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on
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