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Are you really ready to receive money?

I spent the last nine days at CEO Space and there is this part of me that can’t shake the need for us to change. This is my blog, where I get to honest. Somewhat of an online diary of … Continue reading

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Giving Birth

Fifteen years ago, I laid in a hospital bed with labor pains, without knowing what would come out of me. I was in labor with a baby, that was the extent of my knowledge. And with the level of pain … Continue reading

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Come to work with our children…

I get the title of this blog a lot. Since the book has been released, before I can get a word out, people are already pairing me with alternative schools, and students who may be struggling at home or at … Continue reading

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What should I do with my Haters?

What is a Hater? I have heard the comments of hype-men, co-signers and bystanders who rally together in protest of a so-called “hater”. A hater is someone who does not like someone else to possess greatness physically, mentally, or spiritually. … Continue reading

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VIP: LIVE POETRY EVENT THIS SATURDAY!!! 12pm Arlington Central Library

Ressurrection was planning to facilitate a double-header workshop to teach aspiring authors How to write a book (self-published or not) and How to market it. Ressurrection is in the process of launching an online bookstore at: . The success … Continue reading

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Generational Curses: Emotional and Psychological Abuse

“Ressurrection, I have to tell you that your speaking today was meant. There was a reason why I was supposed to be here today! You touched me at the core.” – Anonymous Visitor Deer in Headlights My girlfriend was talking … Continue reading

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How to write a self published book, and How to market it (Double Header) This Saturday May 14th

Greetings, We are exactly one week away from your life changing experience. May 14th at Arlington Central Library, 10 AM … Ressurrection will cover a lot of material in the Q and A platform. Speaking from an author, and NOT … Continue reading

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Rape Event By: Bradley Downing

I was just on facebook for no good 1:45am purpose in the morning when I decided to look for places that I could put my poetry link for my Youtube video, Identity Crisis Poem. I decided to keep it simple … Continue reading

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Chocolate Day Dreams: Food For Thought

I was walking through the grocery store the other day and because I was really day dreaming as I thought about chocolate, I don’t remember if I was talking to and accompanied by my mom or my daughter. Either way, … Continue reading

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Convesations with Mom

Every since the book came out my mom and I have been in periodic conversations about our relationship. She insists that I was an angry defiant child who never mined or took her suggestions. She is right. She just however … Continue reading

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May 1, 2011 was questionably the most frustrating day this side of the sun, in the world of book sales. I was a walk-on vendor at Eastern Market this morning. I was completely unprepared but thanks to fellow vendors I … Continue reading

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