Word recognizes Word

The title of this blog was delivered today by Brother Lessel Malbon. I tried to sneak in a very small white church tucked away in a residential neighborhood of Washington, DC.

There was a female pastor present who spoke for two hours before Brother Less began to share.

I have been scouting for a church home. I feel more privileged than many because I came up in a church where the pastor may have been a lot of things but the revelation knowledge from God freely flowed in a way that made him irresistible.

He didn’t like his members to visit other churches, and for good reason, there is a lot of mess out there. His desire for us to stay in the church but not allow people to use their gifts really impacted the church over time, but I wish that I could go back to the days when he stood in the pulpit and illuminated the word.

After 22 years, I was called to another ministry that catapulted me into the change that I want to see in the world.

After 8 years, I left that church for a few months, officially and the journey that I am now on is very interesting.

Today, I wanted to hear a buddy preach. And got some eye-opening experiences that are befitting of my blog.

I have been attending different churches, some small, and below are the following things that I have intuitively perceive.

1. Pastors are speaking like motivational speakers and poets. They are clever and sound good but is what there saying, something that a real pastor would say?

2. I am finding that pastors are grieved and bringing the topic of their issues onto the pulpit. In my experience with pastors, instead of speaking from a place of a motivational speaker, true pastors speak from a place of completion. I don’t know that I can accurately describe what I mean but a pastor is able to hear from God when “it” is over and they deliver to the congregation what they have mastered.

3. Word recognizes word- that is what the brotha said today and what I’m finding is that people are talking good but only some of it is word. This pastor spoke for two hours about married people in prophesy, to everyone. She wanted everyone in the church married and the vein in which she spoke from sounded as if she herself was grieved by being single. I almost walked out but I wanted to support my brotha.

Now, because I know some things, some of what she said was accurate and was a word from God for some of the people in the congregation. Nice lady… Really! She seemed really sweet and someone I could laugh and enjoy dinner with. I’m after the truth, and like God’s music its more than denomination, character, and teaching that we must evaluate. It is the opinion of man too.

The way she spoke about men being married was almost as if they were non-functioning without a wife. At some point she commented on a first lady’s ring and made a statement that you could see how much he loved her through the size of her ring. That was an opinion, and not in the word. And, I know that wasn’t the first lady’s first ring.

I want 2-3 carats with a certain quality and setting but if God sends me a man that has the heart to give me that ring, without the $ for it, I’m not going to forfeit the man that God has purposed for me over a ring. And it doesn’t mean he loves me less. How many people has ten carat rings and their husbands don’t even know what love is?

4. Brotha Less is gifted to preach, I mean really gifted. I get chills when he opens his mouth. I support what God is doing in his life and I pray for my brotha and his ministry. It was refreshing to hear his wife introduce him today. She has a powerful ministry as well.

When brotha Less was speaking he was emphasizing something that really kind of bothered me. I think its a good thing when something provokes you to respond.

He kept saying that when you are called to a ministry, why do you leave if God told you to stay. He preached amazingly by the way from that vein.

I left the small church that I was at not because of people but because of mess. Mature people will understand what I mean by that. We choose to suffer, we choose to stay the same, and we choose our connections.

God may have told me to go somewhere and do something, but where I had an issue is, how do you know that he hadn’t released me? Or, that he asked me to stay? When I say you, its not an attack at Less. Its regarding Pastors.

Creflo Dollar told people from Eddie Long‘s church to leave his church and go back because they weren’t welcome and he defended Eddie Long. Do you any idea how emotionally damaging that was, to tell people of a fallen leader?

Less said something else. He said, “Why are you mad at the leader, when you chose them?” Life is about choices and God gives us free will. God would not allow me personally, me Ressurrection to engage in relationships that are not emotionally healthy or that contradict his heart for me. I don’t care what a pastor behind a pulpit says.

I believe that I was there for a purpose, and that under the guidance of the holy spirit only would I return and that return would not put me in the same circumstances of relationships that I was faced with.

See my calling IS healing AND emotional wellness. I see emotional abuse from ten miles away, even when its disguised by word.

My daughter (babygirl) said something so powerful and I am going to quote her, “Identify who is there on assignment, and who is there because they aren’t whole.”

Often times the pulpit is used to speak faith with unrealistic application, but then pastors say that they are overwhelmed with counseling.

Or, they get upset when people leave the church and tell other members that they are not in the will of God when YOUR leadership will keep your members there.

I am grieved. We have gotten to a point where we live off of one-sided assumptions, and then approach the pulpit with opinions to force the congregation to follow you. That is not leadership.

5. Mess, I confess- I have heard too many preachers say that their church is a mess (and it starts at the head), but when you call it what it is, you’re casting judgment.

I am not judgmental. I love…period. I have friends that will correct me, and friends that I have liberty to correct out of love. If you come to me insecure and say, “Well you better be ready for me to correct you”, I know I can’t trust you, pastor or not. I’m called to do what I do, and I know that but people with wrongly aligned intentions can be smelled a mile away.

See as friends I don’t have to look for your issues. People say that they aren’t caught up in titles, but just wait til you make them upset.

My point is, as I say in my leadership poem that I shared at the capital, if you are a leader you don’t have to exert energy into convincing others of your authority.

And, when there is mess that you know exists, I am not judging you by encouraging you with options to fix it.

If you can’t receive from me, then that doesn’t make me stop loving you, but I’m not wasting my breath or energy.

I am called to live an extraordinary life and part of my calling is to push those around me to do the same. I’m not trying to fix YOU, I’m trying to encourage you to go deeper, higher, wider, stronger. And my true friends, who are also mature people don’t despise my encouragement neither I, theirs.

It doesn’t have to be me but if you’re going higher God is going to give you a few folks that will celebrate you, and push you. If you don’t want to be pushed into greatness, I am not the friend for you.

I’ve said a lot, all related to relationships, church and emotional abuse. We have got to stop accepting the Wordsmiths of the pulpit as God and look for the word of God.

Brother Less says that Word recognizes word, and he encourages us to know the word for ourselves. When we do we’ll know God’s voice over opinion.

BE. Extraordinary,


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Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on http://www.ressurrection.wordpress.com
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7 Responses to Word recognizes Word

  1. Lessel says:

    First let me say i appreciate you coming out to support a young preacher, I dont take it for granted. Now about the blog, I think you understand what I was trying to say. We need everyone to get the Word. See if the man of God is lined up with the word. Study it for yourself and then ask questions to get clarity on the matter in question. Everything after that is friendly conversation. Which has its place, but when you deal with issues in the word, you must have a level of understaning in the word and how it works in order to recieve properly concerning any specific situation in question, thus birthing the statement, word recognize word. Now this is touchy so pray for me as I deliver this next revalation. In the body of Christ we do deal with alot of ISSUES. Alot of HURT people working out thier soul salvation. What I would like to suggest if I may is that we as believers get to the point where we dont label each other based on our ISSUES. Just because I have ISSUES, does not mean Im not Holy, or actively

    • Hey Brotha Less! Thank you for reading it, and thank you for your input. I hope that you understand that my blog was absolutely not to call anyone holy or unholy. In fact in the blog I mentioned that I seperate the mess from the person. Pastor Tony Brazelton says it this way, and I put it in my book: “If you see the person, you’re not seeing the enemy.” Alot of hurt people do have issues, and I can only speak for myself, I want to be connected to people who are open to changing, growing and living what they “preach”, no pun intended. Even I have “issues” that are in my life. Not one of us are perfect. I want things to be a certain way however, I understand that it is my walk that determines when the clouds will be full of rain and empty themselves, you know. In the case of Creflo Dollar, as I am referring to pastors, his statement was very damaging to members that were in search of a safe haven after the devastation of a fallen leader. In the body however, not speaking of leadership, I understand that we all have things to overcome. In fact, whether you’re a titled leader, or not. I think I want to encourage people to have a more intimate walk with God, and to stand firm in whatever they are called to do, and to be. The people that you are supposed to be connected to will align themselves. It’s not a judgment, it’s not right or wrong, it just real talk. We can’t be connected to everyone though I try lol… At the end of the day, we are ALL given an assignment, some are ON assignment and some haven’t clocked in yet. But who we are connected to does matter with relation to where we are going. Thank you again for reading. You’re the bomb.com with words as usual! TD Jakes in the making lol… (no pun intended- I really look up to him as a spiritual leader and business man)

  2. Lessel says:

    Persuing relief or healing from my ISSUE. I know I have ISSUES, but dont deal with me out of my ISSUE, pray for my ISSUE, and push me into my glory state. I know ive got ISSUES, and Im still holy. ( that was tough) Finally, i would like to remind us that HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE.
    I would like for us as believers to get to a place where we pray for each others healing and if it be possible, to help where ever to assist in the healing process. And watch this, I would that we would cover one another while we go through, and expose each other. And thats the WORD in full ministry. Thank you sister for this platform you have created. Im proud of you and in support of your ministry. Be blessed all.

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