Is Church feeling a bit redundant???

I found today to be quite interesting. Last Saturday, myself and three other ladies got on the phone and prayed as a group. It was a powerful call, and I lead in prayer. At the end of the prayer, by the spirit of God I said “For the next two weeks, especially the next two weeks if you are asked to go somewhere that you don’t want to go, go anyway. There is a blessing in this.”

Well, sure enough an opportunity to reschedule the appointment for this morning was there. For the first time, the contact who was meeting with me did not respond to the request.

My friend reminded me of the Saturday prayer, and immediately I couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to go. And God said to me today, “The money is where your anointing is.”

We are going to volunteer in a facility that has more AIDS in it than out on DC streets, so says the Health Department. These children are homeless, prostitutes, lost, angry, aggressive and to some may seem without possibilities for a renewed life.

I walked through this center with such a big smile. I don’t know why, because if I were in their shoes, I probably would have addressed me. I just felt a sense of it being a “new day” full of the blessing of God on this opportunity.

There is something significant about a group working together to accomplish something powerful.

The lesson for today was that your gifts exist to be servant to others. When they are kept hidden or used partially, you still hunger.

I went to church. The word was good, and the guest minister was good. It was all good. I ended up walking out and calling a friend. And the revelation was, that I feel like the word is redundant. I grew up in church, there’s only so many times that I can hear the word on faith before I start teaching with him.

Now understand, my issue is me, and I’m fully prepared to show you how I got free last night. And this principle can be used in any of life’s challenges or turning points.

I should add that the church house was anointed and palpable. The pastor is always great. I just felt like, I heard this before.

For some church-hopping Christians it may very well be that there is some immaturity that dwells within. That is another blog post for another time. However for some who hear God’s voice, know word, and know the presence of God, you may ask, “How can you feel that the word is redundant?”

Well, I’m tired of church as usual. I’m tired of being told that I have to go to watch night service, and its turned into a church service instead of a celebration. I don’t want to go to church on December 31st. This frustration started because it is my birthday.

I’m tired of people telling me that I should be convicted when Watch Night Service has NOTHING to do with Jesus. It was when all the black people came to church to pray in hopes that the Emancipation Proclamation would be passed so we blacks could be free. While they came together to pray, it has nothing to do with Jesus. They were praying over politics, for a bill to be passed.

I kind of went left field there but my point is, I’m only interested in God’s Presence. At church what I realized was that it wasn’t the church, or the teaching on faith, that unfortunately did not do anything for me.

I have been training for what God has called me to do. And when I consulted God on my feelings, he said that its because I am supposed to be walking in my calling. We’ve been in deliberation about this over the past week, and he has brought me all of the training materials. In the meantime, I can no longer hide and do what is comfortable.

Why am I sharing this? Because someone out there is a bored Christian and rather than try to find the right church, God desires that you be the church.

Instead of depending on the supernatural to happen in the building, take the gifts, creativity, power and authority, proposals, unctions and word from God about your life and do something with it. For people who feel “ignored” at church whenever you offer ministry suggestions, or excluded; who offer proposals to leadership and they use the ideas but tell you, that you aren’t “ready”, or “qualified”, or sometimes they don’t respond at all. For all of you, In the words of my friend Treona Kelty, when you say, “Who me? God says, Yes U!”

Let it all hang out, in full obedience to the Lord of course. If God has spoken and you’re mature enough to hear his word, and obey it with wisdom, knowledge and the supernatural movement. GO!

If you have read my book, you understand that many people will have opinions of you and your calling but here’s what is so exciting, THEY ARE NOT GOD!

What was so liberating last night was that God has helped me to understand why I’m bored out of my mind.

I heard my pastors say one time that right around the ten year mark of marriage, these wedded couples get bored and start to analyze their relationships. They begin to discover that they are feeling complacent in some area of their life.

So, I have been feeling this way as it relates to my relationship with the church. What advice would we give them? We would encourage them to find out their purpose and/or walk in what they are called to do. We would tell them to set some new goals to ignite fire. It may be something new, something old with a fresh spin on it, or something you know you should be doing and would like the support of your spouse to step out.

I am excited to say (although I’ve been with God much longer than 10 years) that this is exactly what’s happening with God and I.

What an exciting adventure! Stay Tuned!

BE. Extraordinary,


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