Life is Temporary

Walter Rossie

I read a Facebook status today written by Walter Rossie, an author I met in Las Vegas whose memoir tells a story of Walter as a member of a Mexican Mafia. Walter’s status said that he was talking to a friend one day who asked him what he was up to. Walter responded that he was working and that where he was working was temporary. The friend’s response was so poignant and so deep. His friend said, “Walter, Life is temporary.”

Many of you who read my blog know my story. Some of you may have read my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love. When I realized that my memoir was not only about my past, it was a story telling of my present, I searched for deeper understanding. I became a two year old tugging at her daddy’s robe saying “Why Daddy” over and over again.

Calm, Cool and Collected

Now, I’m dating a wonderful man whom I’ve already claimed as my forever love. He is a fantastic example of things that I remember my pastor describing years ago as signs of maturity. It seems that he never let’s anyone see him sweat. Truthfully though, I don’t think he sweats anything. He’s not playing calm, cool, and collected, he actually is. He is not phased by what some people would see as disaster.

Walter was in some way feeling ashamed. He may have felt ashamed at where he was working because it may have indicated low-pay or communicated job, instead of career. Job usually does mean temporary, and career is seen as stability in the workforce. It’s an unwritten law that these definitions describe certain things about the person, or job/career path.

The other option for Walter is that he was ashamed that he is not where he wants to be in life. After all, there are plenty of people in positions that they are perfectly content with while others would prefer a different level, perks, salary, position or title.

My thoughts are that Walter’s friend wanted to encourage him to be confident and content at whatever level he is on. His words still ministers to me. Life is temporary, so you may as well do all the things that wake you up in the morning and push you to make a difference in this land.

I, Myself have been going through a few things that after a while, did not “feel” temporary. And then, I went and got a job which I committed myself to 1000 percent as I always do, but to all who know me, they say, it is temporary!

Outside of Time

I can not shake the fact that William McDowell said prophetically at a private concert that “God is outside of time.” We think we know what temporary is but we often have no idea.

I believe that we must learn what we learn about ourselves in each situation, leaving flexible room for growth.

Life is temporary. The bible says it is but a Vapor. With that, you would think that anything else with a time on it has a specific hour. Even in time, we learn that everything is subject to change.

I want to support you today, and pull from your strength in supporting me to remember and act as if life is indeed temporary.

Love God.
Love Yourself.
Love People.
Write a List.
Write a Plan.
Call yourself to Action.

If life is temporary, there are no excuses, no pity parties, and no exceptions. There will be no self-hatred and the only disappointment allowed is the healthy kind that helps you to find out what you did imperfectly so that you can be more accurate in the future.

If life is temporary, then in everything we focus only on what matters.



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