For Colored Girls: Has Tyler Perry gone too far?

I am one of those movie-goers who will not watch a movie if the preview or a person tells me too much. For me it absolutely ruins the spontaneity of the film.

My friend and I were slated to attend a movie as an outing. We usually hang out with a bunch, but this night we two girls were taking the town- to the movies!

About For Colored Girls

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf is a 1975 experimental play by Ntozake Shange.

The play came from a Choreopoem which has twenty poems that weave together like a thousand count blanket. Have you ever wrapped yourself in a blanket during the cold of the night? Can you imagine the snuggly soft cocoon that your blanket provides? How the blanket tucks you into the bosom of the midnight?

I was so sickened by this movie that I literally wanted to throw up, and start casting out demons. My head felt heavy, I was nauseous and I felt this deep loathing heavy depression fall over me. And that was how I felt at the end of the movie.

This movie, I needed some warning about. My swift turn to prayer before I left the theatre wasn’t enough.

I am not familiar with the play or the adaptation of her poems into publications.

Why does Tyler Perry make these movies?

This blog is not however about the movie, it is about Tyler Perry however who has produced much of his work around the pain of black women.

At some point, his work has become more insulting than entertaining to many, although I don’t think he sees it.

I purposely did not go see and will not go see Precious. I am proud of Monique for overcoming her own trauma with being sexually abused by her brother, but I will not see that movie.

I hate the Color Purple! I saw it as a child, part of it- once that I can remember and all I remember is the girls singing, “me and you must never part” while they clapped hands and then one of the sisters were dragged away. I hate that Tyler Perry quotes that damn movie in every play. I don’t get the funny. Bill Cosby says, “Catch the funny.” Call me slow, but I didn’t catch it.

Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, both have openly shared their experiences with child sexual abuse with the world.
At what point are we making people relive the pain and torture of their experiences?

For Colored Girls left me high and dry. I was waiting for a spiritual reconciliation, and the movie ended without any resolve. I was looking for a healing cry at the end, but it was just as painful as in the middle. I thought I’d be wrapped in that blanket I described earlier, that I’d be cocooned and that we would leave the movie theater as butterflies.

Was the original author Shange, pleased?

It was Godless to me. I am not saying that Tyler Perry is Godless, but the work to me was not a finished work. The confirmation came today.

“When asked if she held reservations about Perry’s adaptation of her work, Shange responded: “I had a lot of qualms. I worried about his characterizations of women as plastic.” In reference to the film post-production, she stated that “I think he did a very fine job, although I’m not sure I would call it a finished film.”

I can not confirm that Shange saw what I saw but I do know that there was a theatre full of people, mostly women who felt lost, disoriented, and incomplete with the message. Women were taken on a roller-coaster ride through the emotions of loss, betrayal, and dis-ease only to have no real answers or rectified solution.

As many of my peers assess Mr. Perry’s view of his tribute to the black woman, I wonder if he has healed through his own childhood sexual abuse trauma, and the emotional abuse by his father?

If you are not healing, can you “finish the movie?” Can you take people to a place that you are not ready or unwilling to go.

Cleansing takes effort and time

I was really angry that I saw For Colored Girls. The weight I carried for days, and I had to stop and put time in prayer and cleansing.

My friend felt the same energy but she didn’t like the movie because the Choreopoem structure of the movie was confusing to her. I am a poet so I caught on, and even I still didn’t like the weaving. I certainly had no expression of comfort during one bit of this movie.

But again, Tyler Perry, are you healed? I mean we all are at different stages of healing but with millions of people watching is it irresponsible to take on work that could leave others enthralled in years of pain, again?

And I ask you, what would you like to see from a Tyler Perry film? What would show the healing process? What could have ended some of his movies on a positive note? Do they all have to possess dysfunction to be funny? Are they even funny anymore? Are you laughing at the screen or with it?

When he first came out, I thought it was too lustful. I thought the portrayals of the relationships and the naked-chested men were a deviation from the expectation of a good story line. And then he remade a few plays that were okay into a movie that was awesome. But to me its more of the same.

I love Tyler Perry! I admire his perseverance and his ability to overcome anything. People have often told me that I remind them of him because he was once homeless and now has such influence. They say this of Oprah too, but I think there just encouraging me.

At the end of the day, I want to know what you think, has Tyler Perry gone too far?

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