Teen Dating Relationships: Manipulating the Situation

I broke up with my boyfriend but he keeps trying to manipulate his way back!

I never realized exiting a long relationship would be so difficult in a sense it seemed pretty easy but after doing it things began to back fire on me. When we broke up I was expecting for him to be mad of course but never for him to make it hard for me to move on. By  saying things to other people causing them to believe that I was the bad person when in fact I was just the person who wanted the best for the both of us.

When I came back from winter break on that Tuesday he was in school and things for the most part were ok. His friends did approach me asking if we were ok and I simply replied with I am ok and as for him I don’t think his number has changed.

Later on that day one of our mutual friends approached me saying did you see what he put about you on a networking site? I told him no and then I went to go see what he had said about me. He said something’s that were kind of interesting and false , but the only problem I had was that he put all of our business out there and I have never exposed our relationship .  After finding that out I waited until I got home from school and I asked him if I could call him to straighten some things out and he agreed that it was ok for me to do.

When I got on the phone the first thing I told him was if he still had any issues or concerns he should of called me first hand instead of writing about me and allowing everyone to see it . Once we talked for about 45 minutes I knew the question was coming he asked me if this was what I really wanted and if I still wanted to be with him. I let him know that I didn’t want to be with him but a friendship would work.  Of course he didn’t agree to that but it was worth the thought.

After getting off the phone I thought everything was good until he didn’t come to school for 2 days. He didn’t answer anyone’s phone calls not even his friends and I was extremely concerned. We finally found out that he was apparently at home playing sick.

Then he texted me back in class after several attempts  and let me know he was ok. He called me later on that night and when we spoke he kept asking if this was what I really wanted to do and I let him know “Yes, right now it’s unhealthy for us to be together”, and he just said “Ok”.

If you’re struggling with going back with your ex boyfriend but you’ve already made the decision he isn’t who you should be with , I suggest you stay strong and stand up for what your believe in because someone with wisdom said, If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything

– Dae’Jah Cymone

Teen Contributor

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