Life List: 120 things to do in 1231 days

120 things to do in 1231 days

You have to keep reading to learn about my favorite combination!

One Hundred and Twenty things to do before One thousand, two hundred and thirty one days inspired by one of my followers who has a blog entitled Life List. I must admit that I took a few of her ideas, and you are more than welcome to take a few of mine. I am making up my own categories as I go along the way. I chose the number 120 because in the bible that number means the end of something and the beginning of something new. In other words, it is the number associated with Resurrection. And, I chose 1231 days because 12-31 is my birthday, also signifying the end of something and the beginning of something new.

I am putting an end to not living a full life of adventure and excitement. I want to have the opportunity to enjoy this life I live, with the one that God has given me to live it with. I promised myself that my next relationship would only be with someone who is open to taking day trips, traveling, having dates outside of the state, visiting parks, and if money were no option, going to eat in Italy for lunch and dive off of a cliff into beautiful waters in let’s say…. Greece!

My strategy is simple I write everything that I want to do without the thought of money or time being available to me. You may choose to write things that you want to learn how to do like sewing and cooking, or things that you want to unlearn like ridding bad habits such as smoking cigarettes. You may choose to take a class, or go skiing. Perhaps on your list you put that you want to be married or that you want to have a child. It’s not my list, it is completely yours.

My Sweetheart!

My husband-to-be as he calls himself (though I am not engaged-yet), has been sucked in to this project with me. After all, if we are going to live our life together this is a great way to get an inside look on the things that would really make us feel accomplished and full of joy. Some of them we shall do together, and some of them not-so-much!

Just in case my list is too girly, I wanted to make sure that the fellas who come to my page feel equally inspired so I’m listing a few that my love put on his list.

  1. To become a black belt in a martial art (Tae Kwon Do)
  2. Brew my own beer

    How to Brew your own Beer

  3. Defeat Dark Knight on Xbox
  4. Go Hiking up a Mountain
  5. Karaoke Night
  6. Back up to bench pressing five hundred pounds
  7. Breed a Presa Canario dog
  8. Be buried in healing soil found in Africa
  9. Go 200+ miles an hour in a race car on a race track

    Take this baby to 200 miles per hour on a race track of course!

  10. Drive a motorcycle across country

The one thing that writing this list does for a relationship or for a single person is keep you actively seeking opportunities to live the life that you are truly here to live. To help you out, I am putting my own list here for your comedic enjoyment and inspiration.

If you have any suggestions, resources or advice on how to get any of our goals accomplished, please feel free to share by leaving a comment!!!  And here is where I encourage you to look to your right and subscribe to my blog.

My 120 things to do before 1231 days


Travel with Purpose

Tasting Room at the Callier Chocolate Factory

  1. Go on a Mission Trip to Papa New Guinea (They have the worst sexual abuse in the world)
  2. Go across country to promote child sexual abuse awareness and homelessness awareness
  3. Go on an educational trip to Africa (visit ancient caves and artifacts)
  4. Go to Thailand to study Thai Massage under a master teacher
  5. Go to China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine under a master teacher
  6. Go to a Spanish speaking country and learn a new language by immersion- spend summer
  7. Go to the Holy Land and walk where Jesus walked- with Perry Stone
  8. Go to Switzerland to visit chocolate factories
  9. Stay on an American Indian reservation (my tribe) 

Leisure Travel

  1. Go Whale Watching
  2. Go on a beautiful vacation- no work allowed
  3. Go to Fiji and make love by the water
  4. Go to Hawaii- Get a Lomi Lomi massage
  5. Go to Jamaica- Get a massage
  6. Go to Africa to see Israel and New Breed in concert
  7. Go to Yosemite National Park
  8. Make love under a waterfall

    Make Love under a Waterfall. Live a Little!

  9. Go to Italy for a date
  10. Scream from the top of a mountain to hear my Echo
  11. Go to a club in NYC
  12. Go to a club (again) in Las Vegas
  13. Go to an outdoor concert
  14. Go to a healing spa in another country
  15. Go to Rio de Janeiro

    I would love to Hang Glide!

  16. Go to Greece and jump off a cliff into the water like Sisters of the Traveling Pants
  17. Go to Europe

Family and Friends

  1. Get married to my Love
  2. Professional pictures taken of me and my love
  3. Throw my daughter a huge party
  4. Have a beautiful healthy set of twin boys, or boy and a girl (however God sees fit).
  5. Throw a party and invite all of the dope people that I’ve lost contact with over the years.
  6. Go on a relaxing vacation with my inner circle.
  7. Take my mother on an African Safari
  8. Make dinner for my in-laws
  9. Go on a family camping trip

    I want to make a Camp Fire!

  10. Look up my genealogy in Washington DC with my mother and daughter

Water Fun

  1. Go Jet Skiing
  2. Go Snorkling
  3. Go Hang gliding
  4. Swim with Dolphins
  5. Go Skinny Dipping


  1. Get myself into top physical condition
  2. Take a Pole Dancing Class
  3. Take a Yoga class for six months
  4. Hot Yoga Classes for one month

    I asked, and he agreed! Couple’s Yoga is going to be an awesome bonding experience!

  5. Fast from Chocolate
  6. Buy and Ride a Bike


  1. Get booked for a speaking engagement at a college or university
  2. Get booked for a major television or radio program interview like Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Russ Parr etc…
  3. Get on the New York Times Best Seller’s List for Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love or Sexual Discipleship: The Strategic Plan to Legalize SEX with Children
  4. Get 15,000 downloads of Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love
  5. Be a relationship columnist for major newspaper or magazine, or recurring radio guest.
  6. Increase my blog subscribers to 10,000 (right side)
  7. Make a new 120 List on the 1232nd day.
  8. Become a National Speaker’s Association Official Member
  9. Write about each of my 120 things that I have defeated
  10. Get 5,000 followers on
  11. Get 5,000 followers on www.linkedin/in/ressurrection
  12. Get 5,000 followers on
  13. Get book and/or distribution deal (offers)
  14. Speak to a Mega Church congregation (on a Sunday morning) to talk about healthy relationships and /or child sexual abuse awareness
  15. Invent a system or product
  16. Speak at a high school assembly about emotional abuse and the impact of not supporting each other.
  17. Get a branded website and matching marketing materials that highlight my speaking, awareness campaigns and books ( and other products created exclusively for sale)
  18. Get a journal made with the Ten Ways to Safeguard your child from Sexual Abuse on the back, and the pledge on the front.
  19. Take five college courses (related to business and social work)
  20. Give a talk to as many educators, social workers and faculty to talk about discrimination among teachers with children; discuss the use of Individualized Education Plans, Medical and Private records’ misuse or Ten Ways.
  21. Write a new volume (book) of poetry
  22. Get 250,000 views on my website 


  1. How to sew a button on a shirt
  2. How to tie my husband’s tie

    I think this is a dope thing to learn for your man!

  3. How to fold a fitted sheet
  4. How to make my mother’s pies (apple, pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato pie)
  5. How to make my mother’s pound cake
  6. How to make my mother’s Mississippi mud cake
  7. Make a smoothie recipe book of all my concoctions
  8. How to make a candle
  9. How to fly a kite
  10. How to play the Djembe
  11. Get a Passport
  12. How to play the drums


  1. Take a pottery class
  2. Take an art class
  3. Read fifty books
  4. Write a review of what I learned from each of the fifty books and put it on my blog
  5. Build my personal library
  6. Write a poem a week for six weeks
  7. Start a small garden with herbs and spices (rosemary, thyme, basil, etc..)
  8. Take shooting lessons at a fire range
  9. Go paintballing
  10. Go Laser tagging (again)
  11. Sing a song or dedicate a poem to my love at an open mic
  12. Coach Basketball
  13. Beat a kid in the Wii Dance games
  14. Train as a boxer

Clothing and Accessories

  1. Buy or receive a pair of bad black “Sexy Mama” boots
  2. Buy  or receive a new pair of Nike Boots
  3. Buy or receive a new wardrobe
  4. Buy or receive  a beautiful blue diamond ring
  5. Buy or receive a beautiful chocolate diamond ring
  6. Buy some new bras to hold me up right *wink*
  7. Roberto Cavalli perfume
  8. Tiffany perfume
  9. Get individual eye lashes put in- just to try it.
  10. Get a celebrity makeover stylist to try to guess my style

Romance and Art

  1. Go to a Nude Beach
  2. Have someone to paint a picture of me naked
  3. Rent a King’s Presidential Suite to have a romantic evening with my husband filled with Rose Petals,  gourmet food and perfect music.
  4. Wash my locks in clear waters

    I would love to wash my locks in this water!

  5. Write a love song
  6. Write a love poem
  7. Buy a beautiful painting from an art gallery


  1. Read my bible more frequently
  2. Find a new church home
  3. Write more blogs that address the bible and child sexual abuse
  4. Take a Tai Chi Class (I like to pray while I do this)
  5. Take biblical classes with concentration in healing

Write a Letter to:

  1. 7-Eleven and M&M Mars to tell them that I invented eating peanut M&M’s in my Slurpees, and would love to be one of their faithful consumers featured on a commercial with 10 cool things to do with a Slurpee! They can have customers talk about their mixing formula and anything different that they do to Slurpees. I think I should be the presenter in the commercial- nobody loves a perfectly mixed Slurpee with Peanut M&M’s like me!

    Home-Made Fantasticness!

  2. Hyundai to tell them how much I love my car, and that I should be on their next commercial where they feature consumers who can’t get enough of their brand. I also think that since I’m driving my car across the country to help in safe houses, and shelters for the homeless and domestically abused population, that they should be our featured sponsors!
  3. The Eighty percent of alcohol and narcotics abusers who have experienced child sexual abuse and encourage them to open their hearts to overcoming the pain and memory of abuse.

This journey begins January 8, 2012 at 2:00pm and ends on May 23, 2012 at 2:00pm. The significance in the finish date is that the number of days chosen is related to my birthday December 31, and my lover’s birthday is May 23. That’s right! The number five means grace and his birthday is May (5) 23rd (2+3=5) so he has double grace and so do we to complete this list. Grace means, to be and do something that you cannot be and do without God. So, this is our motivation to do it, we have the grace to complete the list and so do you. To get your own start and finish date go to but remember to subscribe to our blog before you go! Thank you for journeying with us!

BE. Extraordinary,



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