Homosexuality as Christians I

The title suggests that we will be talking about Homosexuals who are Christians. I am not taking a side in this blog rather, I have a lot of unanswered questions. I want to start out here with a story that I was told when I was younger by my Pastor over the pulpit.

He was talking about spirits, and he gave a few examples of how foul spirits can visit young people and possess them as demons. He gave an example of a child who was tricked by a demon into thinking that he/she was talking to a sibling who had passed away.

The spirit began to tell he/she to kill him/her-self. My Bishop went on to say that GOD would not tell a child to jump out of a window and kill him/her-self as the spirit did, and that because of the kind of conversation this spirit was having with this child, it was clear that it was not Godly.

His stories reminded me of the Exorcist or Chucky, or one of those crazy movies with a child that was demonic and out of control. He talked about how children can see into the spirit realm. They know when they see an angel, and they know when they see something that frightens them.

Spiritual Wickedness

Long story short, if I apply this same thinking to spiritual wickedness and homosexuality, is it possible that people who say that they have struggled with homosexuality since they were five or six years old were influenced by an evil spirit to think this way?

In my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love I talk about being sexually abused and sexually active at a young age. I was absolutely influenced by something that was ungodly, and I know this because of the things that I went through. Leviticus 18 does not separate beastiality, homosexuality, and child sexual abuse. It puts them all in the same category as sexual perversion, and demands that one committing these acts should be cut off.

In a quest for explanation, I wonder if others are exempt from this classification. Rather than come up with answers, I would like to hear from the community. I am not talking about what you do as an adult.

Many homosexuals have chosen to live this kind of lifestyle and will continue beyond this reading but for those who are Christian and do not believe that it is the will of God for us to be homosexuals, how do you work through the process to discover that living a homosexual lifestyle is not God’s best for you?

For me, I have struggled like many to be celibate and wait on “my man of God,” as the lingo goes. It feels like it’s taking forever. I feel like there is so much energy in trying to be celibate that I can’t think of anything else or be happy in any other capacity. When I take the weight off of myself to just live and be, I can actually feel a difference in the pressure. Are gays feeling the same way?

For many people who chose the homosexual lifestyle, they say that they have felt this way since they were five or six and that they don’t feel like themselves until they let go and allow themselves to live in the reality of their lifestyle.

Is it possible to be homosexual and still be Christian? Well, I will take liberty to answer that myself. Is it possible for a straight person to be a fornicator and still be Christian? The answer is yes, of course. Does that mean that you are living for God, dedicating your all to living a life style for Christ? No, I don’t think so. You don’t get an out because you’re homosexual, if I don’t get an out because I’m straight.

Alphab*tch with Princess of Controversy

When I went to Alphab*tch, a one-woman play performed by Princess of Controversy, she made a statement that took me back a little. She said, “Some women like to have sex with other women. Some women love other women.” Until she said that, I didn’t get it, or understand that there was a difference. I have trouble understanding how women are considered to being having sex when their is no penetration, but that is a whole other confusing topic.

My point is when she said something about women falling in love with other women, it took me to a whole other place. How is it possible that someone could love the same sex, the way that I have known love before? Here is where my thoughts stop, because I don’t want anyone to try to tell me who I loved, why or how. I can’t explain love, as it is a spiritual experience.

One other thing that my Pastor/Bishop taught me was that everything has its parallel in life. For every spiritual, there is a natural. For every evil, good etc… So according to this principle, and the fact that Satan is an imitator, it is possible that a woman, or man could love someone of the same sex because love is a spiritual thing, but what spirit is controlling this connection?

I’m just asking the questions that I have had in my head and my spirit when this topic comes up. I think that we are so gay-sensitive that we don’t want to ask the real questions.

Original Publish Date: Febrauary 20, 2011 @ 2:31

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