Does God Forgive Child Molesters?

Does God forgive child molesters?

Does he forgive rapists, or anyone that commits sexually deviant acts? The truth is, God is God. He loves us no matter what our sins and does forgive us of all unrighteousness however there are two very important factors.

There is only one thing that God will not forgive and that is sacriligiousness. He does not forgive blasphemy. Some people think that blasphemy is to say his name in an interesting tone. Blasphemy is the denial of Christ, period. Blasphemy is to disbelieve in the holy trinity, and in the significance of Jesus coming to the earth as the Son of God and the Son of Man.

When someone is blasphemous, they clearly denounce who God is, and they do not acknowledge Jesus as a savior or that he rose again for our sins. There are many people who are in different religions who do not blaspheme the name of Jesus. Some people may claim to be Christian and take on the culture of other things as a tradition, but they will not blaspheme the name of Jesus.

I forgive you god

Blasphemy again, is to denounce God. If when you die, you have not asked for repentance for denouncing God, you have essentially removed yourself from his care. There are people who have a total heart change, after living life as an atheist or agnostic. There are people who switch from a Buddist religion and become Christian, and many people who were into Pagan forms of religion that become born again, and repent.

And then, there are Christians who, lose a relative or has some tragedy happen in their life, and they become mad at God, so mad in fact that they began to live a godless existence. Blasphemy is when someone goes from living a godless existence to actually receiving a godless existence as their belief system.

Ultimately, I am not god. I do not wish to put worldly fear into your hearts as if you are unable to go to God in all things. Instead, I am setting an understanding for my valid point that child molesters can be forgiven. Since 93 percent of child molesters are religious, the question is not whether child molesters know that there is a god, fear god or have some kind of relationship with God, whatever that may be.

The real question is, What is repentance? When we were young, repentance presented itself as this word that would get you another chance to be in right relationship with God. Unfortunately, repentance is often to us, what abortion is for contraception among some people who abuse it.

Repentance means to turn away from. When you repent, you are taking your sin to god, and asking him to forgive you of all unrighteousness. There are times when we struggle as Christians to overcome a certain sin in our lives, however in that struggle we are asking god not only to forgive us but to take the taste for the sin away that we may not indulge again.

For many single men and women, fornication is a struggle and many choose to fornicate without repenting because they have no intention to stop, and others do become successfully abstinent after fighting the battle of faith to be relieved of the desires that tempt fornication. Another example would be smoking cigarettes. People don’t quit smoking because they don’t want to. Actually, this applies to anything, especially addiction.

So in the case of child molestation, predators are less likely to repent because in the psychology of their mind, they do not feel that they’re unnatural affections are sinful, and quite frankly, they do not want to stop molesting children. This applies to all forms of sexual perversion.

To answer your question, does God forgive child molesters the answer is that God will forgive anyone who will come to him in repentance. The exception may be Blasphemy. Child molestation is identified in the bible as an abomination which is something that God hates. He speaks of sexual perversion in Leviticus 18 citing that anyone engaging in this behavior should be cut off and separated from their community. See verse 29.

If a child molester however, does not ask for repentance he can’t be forgiven. God has given us free will to develop an intimate relationship with him and to maintain that relationship. For some people, who do not believe in God, who will say it plainly, the bible speaks of them not entering the kingdom of Heaven.

If you are a child molester, who typed this question in your search engine, and found my blog, I pray that God would began to speak to you and that you would hear him clearly. I pray that you would repent and never ruin another person’s life with the trauma of your sexually perverted abuse. I pray that you would turn from your ways and that you would be overtaken by the spirit of God, especially before you are exposed so that you can have another chance at a normal life.

If however, you know that you enjoy what you do to children, women and or men, whatever your preference, and you have no intention to stop then you will reap the damnation that you have sewn according to the bible text in various chapters and verses.

If you are struggling to tell on someone who you believed loved your child as their own, someone who you have trusted I want to inform you that the predator’s mission has been accomplished.

Update: Many people who have been abused, and became an abuser reach out to me to ask about God’s forgiveness. It is not their desire to be a child molester, and they have questions about reconciling with God. If this is you, I am always available to support you.

Ressurrection Graves

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16 Responses to Does God Forgive Child Molesters?

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  2. Mr. R says:

    I would like to contact the writer of this blog. Please contact my email if you have time.

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  6. freda says:

    I like. but she often referred to God as little god.

  7. shaun am still a sinner but bathed in the blood says:

    I would like to speak with you if you can spare a moment to email me

  8. Julie says:

    As the mother of a child who was abused for years (undiscovered by us) by a sunday school teacher/youth pastor at our church, I struggle with this question. I held the belief that all sin is forgivable by God with a truly repentant heart, but desperately hurt by this monsters actions and those that took his side. As soon as the abuse came out in to the open, many in our church quickly determined “he is repentant”, even before he fully disclosed all of his victims, or the extent of the abuse. The pastor pressed that abuser was still “our brother” and a soul that needed salvation. The victims and their families were treated as the ones in the wrong, and ultimately, I believe all left that church. I am still a believer in God and his great mercies- I guess my fear is that come judgement day, he will walk into heaven, and I will fail for not yet being completely forgiving.
    To be honest, the hurt of friends and church members, most especially my former pastor who circled in support of this man ( I feel he is still a monster, as the representation of a man he gave for years was a lie believed by so many!) is as difficult to forgive as the sin of this man. I am not a judge of his repentance or relationship with God, but know he didnt admit to anything that wasnt brought out by someone else & I know the sham of a great christian he pretended to be for many years. Hard pressed to believe he is fully repented at the snap of a finger…

    • Julie, you just identified one of the MAIN issues in the church. There is a lack of understanding, of predatory behavior, and there is a lack of accountability for the actions of those who claim to be repentant only to further groom the congregation. This is why teaching church leaders ways to work with both perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse is something that is important to me. It is an important part of my work. You can have the heart to forgive someone (speaking about church members and leaders), without handing over trust. You can hold someone accountable for their actions without that being unrighteously judgmental. With that said, I’m disappointed to hear what has happened to you and the families involved. I will be praying for you, and please feel free to reach out to me should you need to create some positive strategies for overcoming this traumatic experience. Blessings, Ressurrection

  9. Sharon says:

    Very helpful

  10. robert says:

    asa child of 5 i was seriously abused and at age of 14 a nervous wreck . i lived in fear and without love. Abuse after abuse by friends . at 18 i was married . not knowing love i abused . was this what i was taught . Now i am a christian and have new family that i love very much. I belive in God.

  11. Pearl Smith says:

    Can a child molester who got saved, but won’t admit what he did, still go to heaven?

  12. annita says:

    Is it ok to judge someone if they are an offender.

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