The Super Bowl and The Long Shots

There is a media frenzy over the Super Bowl. I personally think that the Super Bowl is a bigger more recognized day of partying than my birthday New Year’s Eve. Many people do not party for New Year’s Eve but they will party for the Super bowl. Take me for instance I haven’t watched one football game the entire season. I appreciate a good highlight of a running back for 95 yards, and I absolutely love an end zone dance from a running back who, has broken three tackles and razzle -dazzled his way up the field to a victorious touchdown.

I know the game of football from an elementary perspective I couldn’t tell you the name of plays. Thanks to Ice Cube and Akeelah and the Bee star, Kiki Palmer  (Jasmine Plummer) in The Long Shots, I understand what a Beyonce, Foxy Brown, and Tyra Banks are.  Now basketball is something completely different. It is the great athletic love of my life. Even still, I do not get together for the NBA Championship games. That may be some kind of psychological inner soreness that I haven’t overcome, or it could simply be that there is not one person that I know who doesn’t go somewhere to watch the National Football League Superbowl, whether your team or your city is represented or not. Men of great brawn cry at the Super Bowl. Even during a time of innovation that makes commercials less visible and tolerated, we look forward to the commercials that will be remembered like the Doritos commercial where the little boy slaps the taste out of his mother’s date.

The Super Bowl is the perfect excuse for a party, lots of screaming, overeating and social relaxation. Unlike environments where the best clothes are required, even women where team jerseys, a pony tail and slap high fives during good plays.


The truth is we all like to win. Whether we are watching movies, reading autobiographical content like memoirs or personal blogs, we love to see the end of the story as a happily ever after entry. Unfortunately, things do not always end this way. Someone has to lose the Super Bowl but the effort spent in the gambling industry to psychically predict the winning team prove that we all want to be on the winning team. After all, the gambling industry isn’t betting on predictions of the losing team right?

The Super Bowl fills us with hope, and in true American spirit, we all believe that we can be winners too just for one moment at the end of a good game where the score is close and the time is tight- next person to score gets the limelight. Winning provokes an involuntary response to one’s emotions. Every fiber of your being can relate to the overcome unrelenting message that winners inherit the kind of breath of life that makes us believe in the supernatural. Whether it is a Pop Warner Super Bowl game that took Minden to Miami, or the real deal that costs millions, and attracts players, pimps, sports enthusiasts and, the sex trade who take advantage of such misplaced school spirit.

We all need something to believe in. My hope is that your spiritual beliefs are in God, but I know that your Sunday- this Sunday will be in a natural win. You’ll be concerned with colors and screaming the loudest. You’ll be among friend-enemies (frienenemies) for the afternoon with lots of Doritos, and drinks to go around. I know the feeling that one gets by seeing someone else win and that is why I’ll join you on Sunday. I’ll route for someone to win so that I can be overtaken by the same feeling that made me shed tears when the Minden Pop Warner football team got off of the bus last night as winners- even win they lost.

The truth is, the mirage of winning is that you have to walk off the field with the highest score. Sometimes winning has more to do with the lives that you change around you than your score. For Minden, Ice Cube (Curtis) who was the Uncle to Kiki Palmer’s character (Jasmine Plummer) was changed, taken out of a drunkenness induced by depression, and given his own life back by sharing his gifts with someone else.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that several of my latest posts have been dedicated to gifts. When you share your gift, you create a platform for change that will go on without you. They changed the town and the Uncle that Ice Cube’s character played, gave his niece more than she ever expected.

Public Service Announcement: The Super Bowl Sex Trade

Watch the Super Bowl Sunday, and remember that your character is who you are when no one is looking. Think before you act. Remember that the Super Bowl is the largest sex trafficking event in the world, and choose to impact the lives around you by standing for what is right. You may not always win, but you are always a winner when you are a person of integrity. As I quote myself from my leadership poem that I had to honor of sharing at an event where I was a guest speaker and poet inside of the Nation’s Capitol building. “Leaders have followers!”

If you see someone who is traveling with an under-aged girl or boy and you feel that the non-verbal communication is suspicious please call the police immediately. This warning is not only relevant to the Super Bowl, the entire world can choose to be more aware of abduction, child sexual abuse, rape and forced relationships that mirror children who are in the sex trade being sold to men as prostitutes for a “good time.”

Happy Super Bowl!

Ressurrection Graves

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