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One Hundred And Twenty Four Billion March

Months ago, when I heard about Penn State, I was alarmed and ready to fire. I wanted the world to know about Jerry Sandusky, especially after his interviews because he reeked sexual predator to everyone in the free world. In … Continue reading

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Profiles for Child Sexual Abuse Awareness April 2012

Greetings, My name is Ressurrection Graves. You may have read my blog for a while in passing or have taken the plunge to join my blog family. You can join us right now by adding your email address on the … Continue reading

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Love and Communication: Trusting Your Present Instead of Your Past

I woke up this morning with this feeling that I was trying to pinpoint. I could not figure out if it was fear or frustration, if I was being spoiled and unreasonable, or legitimately concerned about the intrusion of my … Continue reading

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My Open Letter to Christian Entrepreneurs

  To be or not to be Christian is a conversation that has been drowned by flaming Christians who do not reason, and Non-Christians who do not care about your God and quickly move on to the next project like … Continue reading

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The Gospel In Four Minutes

I needed this today. I appreciate this Christian perspective about G.O.D. I first saw this in a church service and it is one of the best spoken word deliveries that I have ever heard. Please enjoy, and by all means, … Continue reading

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Eight Grade Student Publicly Embarrassed In Assembly and Excommunicated from School due to Pregnancy

An eighth grade student in Wingate, New Mexico was kicked out of school, and after re-entering were made a mockery of via public announcement of her pregnancy. The Bureau of Indian Affairs have received phone calls from press, and based … Continue reading

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God Is Not Impressed With Stress

Sometimes you can hear a song for years and it sound magnificent as if the God of Heaven came down and wrote it for himself. There are some songs that in its simplicity arrests the very resistance that you possess … Continue reading

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Taking Risks: Shrink Back or Press Forward?

“His palms are sweaty; knees weak arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his shirt already; mom’s spaghetti. – Emineum” Have you ever lost yourself in a moment? Have you ever taken a risk so serious that others around you think … Continue reading

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The Rules of Engagement: The Biblical Truth About Dating, and Marriage

  Being Single Today Are you a single Christian woman or man confused about what God says about dating, courting, or the process of becoming engaged and married? How many seminars, church sit-ins, counseling sessions and peer discussions about fornication, … Continue reading

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I Will Wait for You: One Woman’s Decision to Date for Marriage

There is a blog coming about singleness, dating for purpose, engagement and marriage. Have you wondered what the process is? Enjoy this video and please make sure you subscribe to: so that you do not miss this important piece. P.S. I … Continue reading

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When I Became A Man

This poem, from a male perspective is absolutely fantastic. This is a video, worth rushing to your computer, preparing to pause for hand claps, and quieting any noise around you. Enjoy! “I became allergic to showing any form of compassion.” … Continue reading

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Lil’ Mama: A Leader Among Women

Lil’ Mama is a hip hop female artist from Brooklyn/Harlem New York. Her first album was released when her mother was dying of cancer. She came out strong with that album and took a break in order to accept lucrative … Continue reading

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Goal Achievement: How to Celebrate Your Now

For months, I have been anticipating the moment when I log into my Word Press Blog Account and find 20,000 views! I set a few goals approaching the new year that I would have more than one hundred views per … Continue reading

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