Love and Communication: Trusting Your Present Instead of Your Past

I woke up this morning with this feeling that I was trying to pinpoint. I could not figure out if it was fear or frustration, if I was being spoiled and unreasonable, or legitimately concerned about the intrusion of my betrothed husband’s work impeding on my quality time.

As I looked deeper, because you know I take this self-examination thing to the cellular level, I realized what was prompting me to involuntarily fill my eye lids with bite sized water puddles for my eye lashes to dance in.

My sense memory took me back to moments of change in my relationships of old where sudden changes seem to also change the level of commitment of my suitor. There is the ever so egregious cliché’ which says that people break up during the spring and summer months, and find someone new for the winter months. More specifically that unwitting banter is usually directed at thick women for the winter months so that men can keep warm.

Here is what I learned about myself this morning. Sometimes, no matter how secure we are in our relationships, things that we have come through will try to cause us to lose our footing. This morning was not a misstep, it was a reminder that I have to continue to examine whether I am responding to situations in fear, or with intuition.

Today’s love lesson is to keep the communication lines open even when it seems like you will be perceived as foolish. I was acting distracted, and even a little short with him. I never want him to feel that I do not honor his work or his efforts so, I called him. I explained my thoughts and guess what?

He understood, reassured me of his love that I never once doubted, and reminded me that he was sensitive to my past and that I could be sweet, or be upset and it would not change his love and commitment to me.

By: Amy Kelly, That Winsome Girl with Julie Hasson’s Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Sometimes, even when a woman doesn’t doubt the love of her life, his words are like sweet morsels of the finest dark chocolate. They hit your mouth and your heart with a flood of emotions. You can taste the richness in its texture and the truth really does make you feel liberated to expand your love in width and depth. Your love becomes heated with intimacy.

May you and your love choose depth to uncover personal stories that may be hindering your ability to be fully intimate and open.

With Love,


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2 Responses to Love and Communication: Trusting Your Present Instead of Your Past

  1. Razel Rull-Navarro says:

    Loved reading this. Thank you! 🙂

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