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Five Myths That Keep Women Single

“When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them!” – Dr. Maya Angelou Are single women too picky? Let me save you the suspense, the answer is YES! As a woman for more than thirty years, I do get to … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Polygamy, Barack Obama Exits Funding For Child Sexual Abuse: Is Acceptance Next? Is Their A Candidate Whose Agenda Will Include Programs and Funding Specifically For Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, Prevention and Healing?

In my last post about Barack Obama on Same Sex Marriages, I asked a question. I wanted to know if the liberty that is being given gradually to same-sex relationships will open the door for the acceptance of child sexual … Continue reading

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Rock Bottom: A Poem About Life And Death

This poem was written years ago when I was asked by a friend of the family to write a piece that would be befitting of a funeral homegoing. I sat down after a few days and the following poem spilled … Continue reading

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A Love Poem: Unpack

UnPack Unpack so that our journey may begin. You have arrived at your destination. Life has started over it seems, please…unpack. Let your heart out, wear it on your sleeves for me. Allow me to see so far into you … Continue reading

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A Year Alone: How Self-Intimacy Can Heal Your Soul

A Year Alone The human body is at once marvelously complex and straightforwardly simple. Most of how it functions we can only hope to grasp intellectually yet a lot of how it functions, in a general way, is simple to … Continue reading

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Family: The Foundation Of All Things

May is a busy month. My daughter has turned sixteen and we surprised her with a day trip to New York for shopping in Times Square. Family is so important and in the momentum of reaching personal life goals, we … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Supporting Same-Sex Marriage: Is It Paving The Way For Child Sexual Abuse To Become Accepted In Today’s Society?

Was My Friend Relating A Prophecy? I remember back in or around 2002-2003 speaking to a woman on the phone who was a friend at the time that spoke about how the world would end and Jesus would return at … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Today's Honoree is The #1 Blog For Recognizing The Works of Others:
Dr. Ressurrection Graves, Pastor, Author, Poet, and Conference Speaker is a matchless student of what extraordinary has always meant to be; engaging in feats that…

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Arlington CPS Condemns Foster Child to Inadequate Care and a Life Without Her Loving Mormon Family

Arlington CPS Condemns Foster Child to Inadequate Care and a Life Without Her Loving Mormon Family. I am from Arlington, Virginia and part of my story is that I had a similar experience with the education system. Please share, and … Continue reading

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The Unapologetic Visionary Leader

Thoughts Of The Day…. Know yourself. I am not a loose cannon. I do not do anything without a purpose – seriously. If I clean the kitchen, there is a purpose! I am knowledgeable about what I know, and what … Continue reading

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Foster Care Awareness Month: Antwone Fisher

I wrote about my mother in my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey To Love. I identify her as someone who is emotionally absent, and this was an extremely difficult reality to absorb. In talking to someone about … Continue reading

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Junior Seau: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and David Russell Duerson

This February 17, I could not put together words that would pay homage to Dave Duerson, my friend. So, I did not speak. I published a poem on leadership that I read at the Nation’s Capitol last year in honor … Continue reading

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FILM: That’s My Boy – A Comedy Starring Adam Sandler Or Sexual Assault Of A Minor?

Adam Sandler is starring in, That’s My Boy, a movie about a thirteen-year old who has sexual fantasies of his teacher, and gets to fulfill them. He has sex with her, she is sent to prison, and he becomes a horrible … Continue reading

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Moving Forward: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Month in Review 2012

I want to start May 2012 with a virtual gratitude to every person who has liked, re-blogged, commented and shared their stories because you have found inspiration in this blog. The above picture is of someone who came to my … Continue reading

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