Mitt Romney Polygamy, Barack Obama Exits Funding For Child Sexual Abuse: Is Acceptance Next? Is Their A Candidate Whose Agenda Will Include Programs and Funding Specifically For Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, Prevention and Healing?

In my last post about Barack Obama on Same Sex Marriages, I asked a question. I wanted to know if the liberty that is being given gradually to same-sex relationships will open the door for the acceptance of child sexual abuse. There were several people who came on my page and commented, without even reading the article. Because of the title (which was supposed to be strong enough to make you open it), people assumed that the article was my own thoughts when in fact, I spoke from various sides, providing unique perspectives for a wide-bodied dialogue. Instead I was accused of having an inflammatory focus, being discriminating, and even called an oppressor.

As a result, I would like to further the discussion. In that article I spoke of one group of people who make up the homosexual population who want the right to have a same-sex marriage. While some of the gay population were excited by Obama’s personal admission, others felt that it was an effort to gain voters. Another group of people do not agree with same-sex marriage at all; Christians (who are not homosexual). These Christians are in various sects of Christianity. And, there is a group of people who do not believe in the institution of marriage altogether and are hoping that same-sex marriage can be a right so that the next argument can be to abolish marriage at once.

Some believe Marriage to be an institution while others believe it to be a ministry.

Still, there are more thoughts on the same-sex marriage debate and as a child sexual abuse awareness, prevention, and healing advocate; conference speaker, I wanted to know what of the prediction that homosexuality may pave the way for the acceptance of child sexual abuse. While there are many groups with many views on the issue, even in the Christian community, the vantage point that I chose for my theory was that Leviticus 18 is the chapter which focuses on sexual immorality. According to the bible, homosexuality is sexually immoral. Leviticus 18 is not the only place where this is shared.

After reading on a predator’s website who was promoting his book which had a cover photo that included a man and a boy with an inappropriate view of their connection, where he proclaimed confidently that after homosexuality is accepted it would only take one hundred more years for men to love boys and for them to engage in a relationship to be perceived as normal, I wanted your thoughts on this matter. Since, his statements were clearly what we know to be child sexual abuse, this is a topic that I want to deal with, without people calling me what I feel are inflammatory and judgmental statements. Instead, focus on the content in the article. I have provided a free space for everyone to comment and to say whether you agree or disagree and why, not to find issue with me personally.

I’m not apologizing for asking this question because although uncomfortable it is a matter that deserves deep introspection, and whether you believe it or not, this topic is relevant right now in the current election, and my articles could be predicting what lies ahead. If anything, this is a way for us to consider what presents itself.


With that said, Mitt Romney is a Mormon whose father (also a politician and former presidential candidate), was born on a Mormon community where polygamy was practiced. In the last blog, I shared that according to an article in the Baltimore Sun, Obama has cut all funding for child abuse in 2013.

The significance of Mormonism is the religious indoctrination. Also called the Church of Latter Day Saints, I am not going to call them a cult, and I am not interested in focusing on anything other than child sexual abuse. What child sexual abuse you may ask? Polygamy. Many people are unaware that polygamy is not just having multiple adult wives, it almost always involves young children; girls in their pre-teens who are taken in as first “spiritual wives.”

Before people say that Mitt Romney may not believe in the ideology of polygamy and child sexual abuse, we must examine key principles of the doctrine. Mormons use four books which guide them. The bible is the least of these.

In an article by a former practicing Mormon entitled, The Fourteen Fundamental Articles Or Beliefs Of Mormons the writer says that Mormons believe that GOD was a physical man who lived on another planet. He says that this is the most important teaching of Mormonism. Their belief is that GOD died a physical death, resurrected and then evolved to become a God. In the Mormon religion, GOD was and is still married, and many in their faith believe that he was or is (not sure) a polygamist.

In his third “article” or number three on the list, he explains the origin of Jesus Christ which is believed by Mormon people that he was conceived through a physical (literal) sex between GOD (who was first in the flesh) and Mary. I do not know if you are aware of this, but Mary was around twelve years old when she was pregnant with Jesus.

This means that they do not believe in immaculate conception as they believe that GOD himself sexually abused a child. Many non-believers say that this was a non-consensual experience, i.e, God raped Mary and then came Jesus. According to the bible, she was in fact consenting and felt honored to be chosen for immaculate conception.

I do not want to baby my audience. I am asking that these posts be read maturely. I am not commenting on this religion, I am sharing with you what their Journal of Discourses (one of their books) says. I am sharing information so that you can make an informed, enlightened decision in the voting booth.

Here is the reality, presidents are no different from judges. While we want to keep the church separate from state, there is a reason that if Obama is a secret Muslim he would hide it (because it is unlikable to the majority who may vote for him he may believe) and if Mitt Romney believes in Polygamy whether he is a polygamist or not, he would also hide those details.

Judges are people and they make decisions based on their experiences, perceptions, likes, and dislikes. They are not machines and sometimes that may work in someone’s favor, and for others it could be the end of their natural-born life even in their innocence.

What this post is attempting to do is bring back the question again, Is Same-Sex Marriages paving the way for the acceptance of child sexual abuse? When I first asked this question people kept saying, No but they do believe it will open the door for polygamy. Forgive me for being confused but I could not figure out why that was the opinion. And then I thought that maybe people were saying this because of the liberality that would come with same-sex marriage. And, then the light bulb came on.

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Polygamy, Polygyny or plural marriage, was founded by Joseph Smith Jr. in the 1830’s and was defended in 1852. Polygamy is said to be responsible for the Utah War, and although Polygamy was made illegal in 1890, still today, there are rallies, and polygamists’ families that protest for the opportunity to engage in plural marriage.

Mitt Romney has openly shared that he is a Mormon. The doctrine of their beliefs states that GOD is married, and some Mormon followers believe God to be a polygamist. They believe that GOD had literal sex (because he was a man first), with Mary who, was around twelve years old when she conceived Jesus.

Warren Jeffs a polygamist with the Fundamentalist Church Of Latter Day Saints fathered a child with a fifteen year old girl, has spiritual wives as young as 12 and is facing life in prison.

These are all considerations. What a man believes in his heart so is he, and while we are not perfect and always growing one of the things that has made Mitt’s campaigns for 2008 and today very difficult is that even his teams do not always know his stance on certain issues. He comes across to them and others as fickle. While both candidates have taken an unwritten oath to avoid religious debates as a part of the race, I can understand why many people may choose to examine a man’s beliefs. We are what we believe.

How important is child sexual abuse in the debate? We always talk about war, economics, and such, and people always debate that they have the better plan. I want to know the plan that will protect children. It is fine to talk about everything else, but here these questions are raised so that we can become informed and sensitive to issues that may be overlooked.

Dr. Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Conference Speaker, and Pastor. She writes about child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and healing She is currently accepting both national and international speaking invitations on topics that include Spiritual and Child Sexual Abuse. Please join our petition: Make Child Sexual Abuse A Felony


About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on
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11 Responses to Mitt Romney Polygamy, Barack Obama Exits Funding For Child Sexual Abuse: Is Acceptance Next? Is Their A Candidate Whose Agenda Will Include Programs and Funding Specifically For Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, Prevention and Healing?

  1. I find it fearful how we have judges that have beliefs that contradict not just christian beliefs but overal moral standards of belief. It should go without saying that child sexual abuse should not be tolerated under any circumstances…but people fail to see that one law seemingly insignificant opens the doors to build a precedent for further laws that promote immorality and perversion. i fear the state of the USA at this time…but I think that this is just the beginning…only God can intervene and stop this madness. We need leaders that are not self-contradictory and stand for what’s right without apology. i am disturbed by the general state of affairs. people need to wake up.

  2. victoriapendragon says:

    “We always talk about war, economics, and such, and people always debate that they have the better plan. I want to know the plan that will protect children.’
    Amen to that!

  3. I am no fan of Mormonism, but I have to point out, some of your information about them is questionable. The 13 (or 14) Articles of Faith referenced are not quoted, not even really tied to the actual article. I would know, I memorized all 13 when I was 12. Some of the things pointed out in the article are right, but others I never heard of.

    Growing up as a Mormon, I was always taught Mary’s was an immaculate conception. The teachings of the King James Bible are used, including Genesis. The Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants are the other three books in the Mormon Church. The Book of Mormon tells the story of Jesus’ visits to the Americas. The angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith and gave him the plates to translate, although he wasn’t to show them to anyone. The Pearl of Great Price and The Doctrine and Covenants are guidelines for how to live life as a good Mormon.

    There is plenty about the Mormon Church that, I believe, contributes to the problem of child sexual abuse. Their history of Polygamy, the power given to men and the doctrine that men will become future Gods of their own planets, and a woman cannot go to the highest heaven (they believe in three) unless the man calls them through the veil are examples. I have done plenty of research on the church during my own struggle to disassociate from them and deal with my own abuse issues. Ressurrection is going to share my story soon. But I never heard or read about some of the things your source is asserting. I am not saying that I could be wrong and your source is right, but I do know there is a lot of false information out there about every religion.

    I don’t want Romney to become our next President, in part because he is Mormon. If religion is going to be discussed, however, it has to be truths, or at least presented from more than one point of view, or his position will be strengthened because his opponents are seemingly grasping at straws.

    I’m looking forward to appearing on your thought-provoking blog in June.

    • TOM says:


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  6. timidlady says:

    Please be patient with my story. I was pregnant at 15, and the law at that time made it rape.

    You moved with me in an interesting way. Around the time you wrote this article, I was raped by a man who was turned on by the fact that I was Mormon. He viewed me through the eyes of polygamy. When he finished, I cried and told him I’m never going to the temple again, am I? And it “inspired” him more. He felt very willing to rape God out of me. One of the first things he talked to me about was Brigham Young. While he had sex with me he said, maybe I’ll have sex with you once a week, kind of some references to having other women and already being married. It hurt me enough I haven’t been back to church in a while. I get angry when I think about my rape, even if this man wasn’t a Mormon. I didn’t grow up being a Mormon, I have only been with the church a few years.

    My growing up is what I really wanted to get at. I was pregnant at fifteen with my oldest son. We had sex for more than a year before we got married. His father and I didn’t stay together. He married another woman and before he did, he would frequently spend the night with her while we were still together and she was married. After I finally had enough (I was working two jobs and not receiving any support) we stopped seeing each other but still remained friends. I even helped care for his newest son and shortly after became friends with his wife. We developed an interesting relationship where we would babysit for each other and cook and eat meals together. These were my friends. It might seem that this arrangement made sense. No child care costs being the major benefit, especially with me working. She even babysat for my 2nd son when I married another individual. Really in the long run I had the short end of the stick. There was no sexual relationship between myself and my oldest son’s father. Many times in my life this aspect was absent and maybe unhealthily so. I rarely received child support. He ended up in jail for failure to pay so we opted out of court because I felt sad about his three other children. I supported my son myself (he’s 19 now) most of his life and struggled most times. I watched them struggle too. He completed only a few weeks of high school so his job prospects were pretty grim. It’s funny because the people that have been in my life so far speak the word Mormon like it is a dirty word. The people in my life are Christian or agnostic and they are closer to practicing polygamy than anyone I know. I didn’t recognize the things around my life as polygamy until I joined the LDS church and understood the history. Since I was raped a year ago (in the name of Obama, no less) I have lost my two friends, my church and I’ve struggled so much. I acted like a polygamist, was raped by a Christian saying he wanted to be my Obama in the name of polygamy and saved by the church that went to war for it, then took it away. It’s been a sad year. I didn’t vote. After my Obama, I’m not interested in voting any more (I had laughed and joked about Obama being fascinated by me, because he drove by my country apartment twice..that’s where that came from with my rape). Any ways, polygamy is nasty. Often a partner is weighted with incredible financial burden. I can imagine a man with his little harem of disabled women working like a sweatshop to support him while he sits at home. Isn’t that frequent in some of the African countries where this is legal? That’s slavery and sex trafficking. It’s hard core poverty.

    • There are so many things I’d like to say to you. I appreciate your candor and I’m really thankful that you wrote your comment. If you are in the DC area, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d like to meet you, and talk. One of the major points that I make about polygamy is that people on the outside imagine a group of women married to one man. Polygamy often involves children being given to one man… who later become women. And, you are right, it is sexual slavery, child trafficking in a sense, more assuredly incest because of the person being a “spiritual father” first, and in the most basic sense it is child sexual abuse. Rape is exactly what it sounds like. It can strip you. I offer my love and support. I am here, if you would like to connect. Blessings, Ressurrection

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