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What To Do If Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is Sexually Abusing Your Child

Search Terms and Key Words Each day, I review my site stats for and the search terms that people are using to find me. Many times people are asking a question. I receive the most questions about child sexual … Continue reading

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Is Eleven-Year-Old Willow Smith Too Young For A Fake Or Real Tongue Ring?

Is Willow Smith too young for a tongue piercing? Whether it is real or fake, parents of daughters understand that modesty is important regardless of your spiritual beliefs. Tongue piercing to my knowledge has always been directly related to sex, … Continue reading

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Jerry Sandusky: Guilty Of 45 Counts Of Sexual Abuse and What We Can Do To Prevent This From Happening In Our Own Lives

Jerry Sandusky is found guilty of 45 for the original 52, down to 48 counts for the sexual abuses and assaults of ten boys who were in his mile high charity. He was acquitted of three of the charges. Tipped … Continue reading

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Relationship Tip: Friendship With The Opposite Sex

Originally posted on Creating Healthy Relationships Blog:
The question. Last week I had a phone interview with a feature writer for a magazine. She wanted material for an article on platonic relationships with opposite sex, (opposite gender) adults. The interviewer…

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Can Homosexuality Be Cured?

HOMOSEXUALITY: Some Facts And Observations News articles, TV commentaries and research studies about “hotbutton” issues surrounding homosexuality almost always stir up personal prejudices and strong opinions. The thinking person, however, will want to have facts, not just opinions. To obtain…

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Mother Father’s Day Greeting Cards: Is This Male Bashing?

As we approach Father’s Day, it seems that the tyranny from women has begun early this year. I have been a single mother (parent) for sixteen years and to be quite honest, I am not a fan of my daughter’s … Continue reading

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Taking A Stand: How To Keep Your Commitment To God and Yourself

One of the hardest things that you could commit to doing is hearing God’s voice more than anyone else. Sometimes what seems illogical is actual something very powerful. In learning and growing I realize that the spirit of control is … Continue reading

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The Jennie Withers Story: How An All-Star Became A Survivor Of Spiritual And Child Sexual Abuse

Jennie Withers was raised in a close-knit two-parent household where her parents were very happily married. She and her brother have a host of family members who were committed to the Mormon faith. “Basketball was incredibly important for my self-confidence”, Jennie … Continue reading

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