Can Homosexuality Be Cured?

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HOMOSEXUALITY: Some Facts And Observations

News articles, TV commentaries and research studies about “hotbutton” issues surrounding homosexuality almost always stir up personal prejudices and strong opinions. The thinking person, however, will want to have facts, not just opinions. To obtain the facts about homosexuality, two highly qualified psychologists, Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse,1 undertook a study that meets today’s professional standards in ways that other existing studies do not. Their work resulted in a book entitled Ex-Gays: A Longitudinal Study Of Religiously Mediated Change In Sexual Orientation (Intervarsity Press, ’07). Reading it prompted me to write this article in the hope that it would be useful to readers.

The Problem
With little hard evidence, most psychologists have concluded: that people who try to change their sexual orientation are actually mentally ill; that “homosexuality is not changeable”; and that “any attempt to produce change is necessarily harmful” (pp. 36,16).2 On…

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2 Responses to Can Homosexuality Be Cured?

  1. ogomeziem ogechi says:

    I comment to God,to give me grace to stop all my bad behaviour,

    • You have the grace! Grace means to be and do something that you can not be and do without God. Essentially, it means to be SuperNatural. When you understand why your “bad behavior” in your words impact you and your relationships (including with God) I’m sure that you’ll be able to replace it with a positive behavior. You can do it! Blessings to you. And please keep coming back to this blog. Blessings, Res

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