Relationship Tip: Friendship With The Opposite Sex

Relationship Tip Of The Day: Remember that one of the confirmations which told you that your significant other was the one may have included their attentiveness, making you a priority, being your closest friend, and admiration. There
were people you did not marry who did all
these things for a brief time, but your
significant other is consistent, is the one. You
may think platonically but do they? There are
variables that can often weigh in the opposite favor and having friendships with the opposite sex (not acquaintances but
friendships), can take away from your troubled or intact relationship. There are some things we cannot control or foresee. This is not one of them. Use universal precautions. Develop relationships that serve as positive connections, admired by you both in the relationship.

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The question.
Last week I had a phone interview with a feature writer for a magazine. She wanted material for an article on platonic relationships with opposite sex, (opposite gender) adults. The interviewer began “let me start off with an easy question – is it OK to have opposite gender platonic relationships?”

That’s an easy question? I wondered what the hard ones would be. My interviewer had not considered the variables. Is one or both people single? Is one or both married or in a committed relationship? It was all the same to her. But it is not.

The interviewer was surprised I did not support her belief that opposite gender platonic relationships are largely healthy for married people. They, instead, can put the health of a marriage at serious risk.

What’s the big deal?
I talked with her about the serious risk of opposite gender friendships turning into emotional and/or…

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