Jerry Sandusky: Guilty Of 45 Counts Of Sexual Abuse and What We Can Do To Prevent This From Happening In Our Own Lives

Jerry Sandusky is found guilty of 45 for the original 52, down to 48 counts for the sexual abuses and assaults of ten boys who were in his mile high charity. He was acquitted of three of the charges.

Tipped off by a parent who reported abuse to a high school that her son attended, a huge investigation lead to his arrest and these charges.

People have been abused, and fired because of one man. A man who is now sixty eight years old, and whether people want to feed into my theory and statistical evidence on other cases or child sexual abuse, this man did not wake up fifteen years ago and decide to be a sexual abuser.

I have a really hard time believing this to be the truth. In fact, I found an article that shares Amendola’s plea to the jurors and he said just that. Only, he wants us to believe that Sandusky is innocent because he did not wake up fifteen years ago, in his fifties to become a predator.

His attorney who in my loose opinion is going to hell for defending him has conjured up an angle to say that Sandusky’s child sexual abuse grooming was something that he was unable to help because of a condition called Histrionic Personality Disorder which Amendola argues is what makes Sandusky unaware of personal boundaries like showering with and hugging boys in the shower. Sandusky does admit to these actions.

On my facebook page last night, I sent out congratulations and an encouraging comment to Matt Sandusky who is the adopted son of Sandusky who at the very last-minute requested a meeting with prosecutors, and others involved in the case to admit that he had been sexually abused by his adopted father. Matt Sandusky’s mom was also in the audience.

On my facebook page, a man responded with contempt to my well wishes. He stated that Sandusky is not the only predator in the Penn State scandal and said that this is the only beginning. He says that he is a former collegiate athlete and had two friends who attended Penn State.

According to him, the entire school knew. He showed no sympathy for my comment and began victim blaming Matt Sandusky stating that he knew and should have come out earlier.

My response to this commenter was that if he (the commenter) knew, why didn’t he as a citizen come forward? It is unacceptable to blame the victim.

Histrionic Personality Disorder

While one “doctor” stated that he had diagnosed Sandusky with this disorder, there was another doctor there to dispute the findings. This also goes to show that prognosticators are not the end-all-be-all to our destinies.

Of course, they may fail to mention that the showers took place in a locker room that Sandusky was not supposed to be in, during non-business hours and often when others were not around. Where were his lack of personal boundaries in choosing a location for his alleged disorder that makes him unaware of personal boundaries?

Just Checking! According to new reporters, and articles that seem to be published and updated every few hours, Jerry Sandusky seems very distant from the whaling expressions of painful recalls from victims on the stand. He even said that Victim 9 would not have done poorly in school if he had continued to be a part of second mile. The child’s mother contends that his lack of desire for education had to do with the abuse that he experience and the trauma that resulted from it.

Sandusky does not seem to acknowledge anything said on the stand that would reference his actions as inappropriate. He doesn’t even identify with the idea that these children are in what is showing up as real pain that cannot be masked or disguised.

This trial is absolutely not about money. In my efforts to Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony, I have to address the Sandusky case and the fact that his defense attorney is trying to use a personality disorder which means that he is uncomfortable if he is not the center of attention, to defend is grooming tactics.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual, also known as DSM or Histrionic Personality Disorder, is characterized by pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking, is not something that he is currently diagnosed with however, they are seeking diagnosis to assist him in his trial.

If you ask me, they are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that he does not spend the rest of his natural-born life in jail. Unfortunately, at sixty-eight and as a rich man, I believe he will not be sent to a normal prison where there is the highest risk, and his brawn may be required to fight off some men that may see him as a mere boy.

He may be sent to a lush prison whether wealthy people are given resort like standards for living and the only punishment really is that you cannot leave.

Instead the realization is that he is another abuser who has been caught in all honesty too late. He will not suffer in his natural life for all of the pain that he has caused or that his actions may cause to victims who have not been fully healed yet.

Some people are praying for his death, and others are in shock. In this case, we could forgive his debt and ask God for vindication. Some believe in karma, and whatever you call it, he is indeed due a harvest.

Sandusky is not the only sixty-eight year old pedophile, rapist, narcissistic predator. There are many who have been sexually abusing children for many years. This is not an old man, young man or middle-aged man’s choice.

We cannot continue to have visuals of what we think predators may look like. As you see with Sandusky, he raised six foster children which would to some appear to mean that he is a giving and loving man, and football coach.

There is an unfortunate misconception that predators (who like little boys) are homosexual. I hope that not only this case but other stories that I have written clear this up for you. A person who is a predator is not homosexual if they like little boys, they are a predator!

Everyone around Sandusky ignored the signs, and out of fear allowed young boys to be raped. According to my angry facebook friend, the town was aware and we are talking about a culture of abuse where there are multiple predators involved.

We are responsible for one another, and this entire situation serves as a how-to and how-to-not lesson for every citizen that gains access to this article.

By the way, Histrionic Personality Disorder is being discussed among the medical community to be dissolved as a standalone diagnosis.

Now more than ever, citizens and all mandatory reporters including policemen, individuals and government agencies who work with children, non-profit organizations and educational institutions should learn Ten Ways To Safeguard Your Child From Sexual Abuse. It is a guide that could help parents, and the above mentioned to identify children who may be susceptible to child sexual abuse, and predators who prey on them.

We can take action; we are not helpless or uneducated. Everyone must get involved.

For the first time ever, I am making my DVD on Ten Ways To Safeguard Your Child From Sexual Abuse available. It is important that parents, mandated reporters and clergymen have this information so that we can better prevent and protect children from child sexual abuse predators.

In one of the articles, they shared that Sandusky had quoted scriptures from 1 Corinthians 13 about the subject of love in a letter that was given to one of the boys. My focus is talking about Child Sexual Abuse Grooming which is why I have a petition to make it a felony.

Child Sexual Abuse grooming often involves using scriptures to gain trust and then manipulate children as a way to prep them for abuse. Jerry Sandusky is also guilty of child sexual abuse grooming, and for and spiritual abuse.

In the Ten Ways To Safeguard Your Child From Sexual Abuse DVD that was first shown on television, I do not talk about spiritual abuse deeply as that is a separate presentation. This recording was done in one take, and took a little over two hours. The producer and audience felt that this information was such a powerful tool that it should be shared.

Please use this Sandusky situation to promote awareness, prevention and healing. This is not just news, he does not get to become a household celebrity name for ripping the life from others. Allow this to be your invitation to get involved by watching and sharing the videos in this blog.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse conference speaker, creator of Ten Ways To Safeguard Your Child From Sexual Abuse and Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony.  She is a relationship mentor, child advocate and healer.

She offers speaking topics on spiritual and child sexual abuse, grooming and related topics on awareness, healing and prevention. She is currently accepting speaking engagements nationwide for conferences, churches, keynotes and media interviews.

About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on
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