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My Journey To Chocolate Responsibly: One Hundred Days Without Chocolate

I wrote a post awhile back about Sundi Jo. She is a woman who was sexually abused as a child and began to eat as a way of literally building a wall to keep out attackers. After weighing 330lbs. and … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Now: Awakening Wisdom

We are sometimes under the impression that we are proactively seeking our dreams, and in our relentlessness we are actually waging war with ourselves. We make things much harder than they have to be at times because we do not … Continue reading

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Relationship Tips: Raise Your Voice

For anyone who has ever been silenced, it is always difficult once you have found your voice, to be quiet again. When you are being attacked by the ferociousness of someone else’s internal ills, there is a part of you who … Continue reading

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My Adventures In Healing: It’s A Family Affair

We have started family counseling. All of my siblings are invited and only one showed yesterday. I think God has an elaborate plan that he is not totally sharing with us. It is kind-of-like how we as parents withhold information … Continue reading

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I have heard all too many times from the system that being homeless does not make you an unfit parent, yet we hear of these stories where well-meaning and well-able parents are threatened with having their children taken if they … Continue reading

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