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Clayton Griffin – Child Rapist And Five Ways To Know You May Be Dating A Child Predator

I was contacted by a friend who witnessed Clayton Griffin, a Federal Police Officer who was just sentenced to 55 years, pursue his interest in me while at work. When she told me what happened I quite honestly did not … Continue reading

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Is The Government Authorizing Rape ‘Sexual Assault’ and Child Sexual Assault In Public Restrooms?

A friend mortified by the recent paperwork that she received from her job stating “Guidance: Gender-Specific Facilities” contacted me immediately to express her concern that allowing Transgendered individuals to use the restroom in whatever bathroom they choose, namingly a restroom … Continue reading

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Five Frequently Asked Questions About Religious Spiritual Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

What Is Spiritual Abuse? Spiritual Abuse is a type of abuse used within a religious context to manipulate an individual or group of people to do what the abuser wishes. In this case, we will show how predators often use … Continue reading

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Life After Herpes: Implementing Steve Harvey’s 90-Day Dating Sex Rule, Shirley Strawberry of The Strawberry Letter and Accepting STD Diagnosis

It is about that time again ladies and gentlemen. Students have graduated high school and are heading to their post education destinations with angst and a sense of freedom. The collegiate experience for freshmen or upper-classmen provides an opportunity for … Continue reading

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