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Internship Opportunities

I attended a tele-seminar last week that changed my life. Steve Harrison who owns a company called Radio Television Interview Report, was the facilitator. He had a tele-seminar which told us what rich authors know that poor authors don’t. It was a brilliant title really. And, the nuggets that he gave were like an awakening.

Even when we know certain things, we can often forget to implement what we know, leaving us in a paralyzed position. We think we are moving forward, but there are some things that are missing. Well, I had an epiphany and it was his last one – number eight I think, that had me to throw in the towel. He said that poor authors don’t have a team! I know this, every business owner knows that they need help but over the last week, I have been trying to redesign and transfer my website on WordPress. I grew frustrated and angry even. The reality is that I know that I am not good in this area, and the only thing I produced was time away from writing and increased frustration.

In the interest of making a permanent change, and moving forward I have decided to stop trying to single-handedly launch a national speaking tour, a brand new website, write two books, launch three new products for incest survivors, and well…. aren’t you exhausted?

Without further ado, here are some internship opportunities that will help us to BE. Extraordinary!

A Journey to Love LLC is currently seeking highly qualified interns who can fulfill a variety of company positions in the areas of marketing and event planning. Either experience or education is necessary to apply. Each position will provide company training, mentorship and a calculation of internship hours.

A Journey to Love LLC focuses on incest survivor healing, and child sexual abuse prevention. We are the only provider of services in our field who have created an actual program for individuals who seek healing from incest.

Ressurrection Graves is an author and speaker dedicated to turning victims into victors while starving sexual predators by raising awareness about their tactics to commit crimes against children.

A formal job description will be provided during the interview process.

We are looking for the following:

1.       Event Planner/ Marketing Coordinator

Celebrating Survivors-TM is an event which will engage women, men and their families who have overcome the devastation and trauma of incest. This is a lively event full of fun, fellowship and freedom to become extraordinary.

The person planning this event will need to make a three to four month commitment per event and will need to possess the following qualifications:

  • Type at least 50 wpm with 90% accuracy and the ability to use spell and grammatical checks
  • Exceptional communication skills and business acumen when speaking to professionals
  • At least 10 available hours per week to dedicate to the internship
  • This position will include some training over the phone, and in person.
  • One in person meeting per week. A car is required.
  • Have a general knowledge of key words like incest, and child sexual abuse.
  • Must be present at the actual event acting as the go-to person for information and direction
  • Must be flexible; work quickly and efficiently.
  • Must have access to the internet at home (not relying on the library or your smart phone)


2.       Marketing Intern/Internet-based position

We are creating this position to invite additional readership on our blog website. In order to help us with various areas of marketing, you will be required to:

  • Know how to find relevant articles to our subjects of interest
  • Know how to write a professional letter to introduce our company to potential partners
  • Know how to write and edit your work using spell check and grammatical correctness
  • Must have a reliable car for once-a-week meetings with the CEO
  • You must know how to use the internet with ease including email
  • Must know how to use links in every article, email and all professional correspondence
  • Must write at least 50 wpm
  • You will also be required to follow up with business cards and correspondence.
  • Must at least 10 available hours per week to dedicate to this position
  • The length of the position from October 1, 2012 to April 30, 2012.


3.       Direct Marketing Consultant/ Street Team

Direct Marketing is a fantastic way to meet people and to learn the art of business communication. You will need good speaking skills, and the ability to articulate business concepts with ease. This position will involve 2 hours of in person training per week. You are responsible for your transportation. This position begins October 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.

To qualify for this position:

  • You MUST be able to attend 20 assigned events per month
  • You must be willing to go on outside assignments (weather permitting)
  • You will pay for your own transportation
  • Our company will cover the cost of entry to any events
  • Must wear business attire
  • This position is not contingent on a number of hours. You are required to attend and engage in the networking events you are assigned to.
  • You must have good writing skills, professional presentation and business acumen in your correspondence.
  • Must type 50 wpm and conduct both grammatical editing and spell check
  • Must follow-up with contacts made during direct marketing efforts within 24 hours with a thank you and introduction email.

This position can be done nationally, with the two-hour training on the phone ONLY for those individuals who are over 200 miles away.

Individuals who live in the Bowie, Annapolis, Baltimore, Upper Marlboro, Waldorf, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Dumfries, Manassas, Haymarket, Richmond, and Washington DC areas are encouraged to apply.

We are looking for individuals in the following states nationally who would be interested in participating as an intern for this position:

  • Hawaii
  • Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, California
  • Dallas or Houston, Texas
  • Seattle, or Spokane Washington
  • Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada
  • New York
  • Canada (which I realize is not in the United States but I have a following there)
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • Tampa Bay and Orlando Florida

*If you live in any of these areas in particular you are encouraged to apply!


4.       WordPress Website Design

We are switching to .org with a hosting company and will need to integrate systems into the website. We have a list of plug-ins and an idea of the color scheme and functionality that we are looking for. This project is a ONE WEEK overhaul project.

You will work exclusively with the CEO of the company preferably onsite. You will gain some training on website content and other aspects of marketing outside of website design to add to your professional abilities. The marketing mentorship that you will receive will help you craft your career.

  • Must have some education in website design. Design students are encouraged to apply
  • Must have experience working with wordpress clients.
  • Must understand how to set up automated marketing systems, merchant accounts, and email campaigns to a website.
  • Must have at least 10 hours to dedicate to the initial overhaul project
  • Must build the website so that the owner can get it and make changes as necessary, adding additional plug-ins and writing blogs.
  • Can continue the internship if additional hours are needed to graduate from school
  • Will received marketing mentorship one hour per week – Website Design takes more than knowledge about design. Understanding the industry and the types of websites that get your future customers what they want are crucial.
  • Will need to have your own vehicle
  • Preference for the Internship will be given to someone who is available now, need the redesign for credits in school, can have an in person mentorship training with our CEO, and has the time to see the project overhaul done even if it exceeds the minimum 10 hour availability.

This position is available to TWO qualified individuals who will collaborate and learn through marketing mentorship together.

5.       Social Media Specialist

The social media specialist is special to my heart. I don’t have much time to sit on the internet and monitor all of our social media accounts. I will usually log in at least once a day. Facebook is where I get breaking news because I don’t watch the news. It happens often on accident. Likewise, people turn to my website for insightful information often about the news, after it has spread.

I’m looking for a social media specialist to set up a Hootsuite or other account to manage social network accounts by scheduling status messages. You will use direct quotes from Ressurrection’s blogs, and books. You will announce events in advance such as: “April is National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Get involved. Go to: and donate now.”

Your primary responsibilities are:

  • Increasing the social network profiles to 25,000 each
  • Generating 10,000 hits to our website
  • Maintaining the brand that we are building
  • Scheduling statuses in advance
  • Creating a Social Media Campaign that will launch the new website, products, and social network pages
  • Writing a press release about the social media launch
  • Must be available 10 hours per week
  • Must have an interest in social work or background education in human services
  • This position is a six month position beginning October 1, 2012 until April 30, 2013


6.       Brand Management Intern

Do you love marketing? How about branding? Do you find yourself paying close attention to how someone markets their business? What colors do they use, and what do those colors say about them or their business concept?

I have marketing materials, some of which can be used, but redesigned. I am looking for someone who works quickly, has an eye for extraordinary marketing, and wants to develop a client portfolio that can help them to make future sales and profits in their own freelance work.

  • You must be familiar with photoshop, Adobe and other software needed to create book covers, bookmarks, and other marketing materials
  • You must have experience with creating marketing materials
  • You must be available for 10 hours per week
  • This position will have one initial meeting and subsequent phone meetings and emails that will include marketing mentorship and trainings.
  • This position will begin October 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012

7.       Conference Coordinator/ Personal Assistant – ONE YEAR Internship Position

This position has the potential to turn into a full-time position. As a conference coordinator you will help Ressurrection to plan a ten-city tour. You will be in every aspect of the speaking tour and will take instruction directly from Ressurrection.

This position is perfect for someone who cannot find employment and who wants to remain active in their field. This position is not taken lightly and the success of the ten-city tour will depend on you. You will take the lead on organizing the tour, and learn tons about sales, marketing and business along the way.

There are many perks for this internship position, and as stated it can lead to a full time position where you will tour with Ressurrection as her personal assistant. Likely this tour will take place during the summer months.

Here are a few things that we are looking for in a personal assistant to Ressurrection:

  • You will have 25 hours per week to do daily tasks as assigned.
  • Work from home 4 days per week – work with Ressurrection one day per week
  • Check with your tax accountant but volunteering your time may be considered a write off.
  • Must type 55 wpm or above
  • Must have exceptional writing and communication skills
  • MUST be able to use ALL Microsoft software like Excel, and Word
  • Must wear business attire at all times
  • Must take initiative; can bring bright ideas to the table
  • Must attend all events and act as the go-to person
  • Must learn about Ressurrection’s cause and share some passion for child abuse prevention
  • Must have a positive, problem solving attitude at all times
  • Must learn about Ressurrection to anticipate the needs of the company and her as a personal assistant
  • Must be willing to make warm introductions
  • Must have some experience with talking about and collecting money. MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH MONEY. Fundraising experience preferred.
  • Must communicate with other interns and collaborate with them concerning events
  • Must be comfortable around wealthy people, and the homeless (Ressurrection is often around both)
  • Must have some experience with networking (even at local business events)

This internship is a one year commitment. You will learn over fifteen years of sales, marketing and business experience from Ressurrection. This position is ideal for someone who lives at home or who has both the time and the financial ability to take on an unpaid internship. This position is also ideal for someone who is returning to work after five years or more, and want to get reacquainted with the work industry and purpose.

Why should you be Ressurrection’s Intern for one year? Write a one-page, single-spaced letter and send it to Ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

A formal job description will be provided during the interview process.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter stating why you think you are the best candidate for the position.

You will be notified within one week if you will be considered for the position.


About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on
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