Rapper Meek Mills’ Rape Lyrics

Meek Mills is a rapper from the Philadelphia area. A pastor who planted a church in the same area that Meek Mills is from decided to boycott is new song “Amen” citing that the song is sacrilegious.

One of the outbursts during a heated rant made by Mills during an interview with Pastor Jomo K. Johnson was a result of Jomo’s comment that he has lyrics that promote raping women.

I wrote about the religious content of their argument in a previous post that can be seen by clicking here.

At the time, Pastor Johnson did not have the opportunity to say that the song he found the rape lyric in is called, “Scared Money”.

The line in the song says, “have my nigga snatch yo bitch and rape yo honey”.

I grew up listening to Tupac Shukar and Scarface. Tupac was convicted of rape, and in 2011 reports by XXL and other sources indicate that Scarface has four separate Federal cases against him regarding his failure to pay child support.

Although Scarface’s charges do not mean that he has been sexually violent toward a woman, it does clearly state that he has failed to honor women who raise his children. There is an obvious disregard.

I was very detailed in that last post analyzing lyrics and intention so I will be brief here by saying that anyone who would encourage rape could be the one to be silent about a perpetrator or be a perpetrator themselves.

In my experience, perpetrators often have zero regard for female peers.

For men rape lyrics that show you to be the hardest give you the most respect however if by being hard among your boys you must devalue a woman, I challenge that you are no man at all.

Meek Mills

In closing, as I stated in the previous blog, there are many types of musicians and music defined by the sound. There are white supremacist groups who have bands and make music for your children to hear so that they can commit hate crimes against a race, gender, or religion. There are rock bands who spew the same lyrics that gangster rappers do, sometimes more graphically and they say that they will cut your mother’s throat, and things like that.

Black people often feel attacked, that or they manipulate the cause of your concern to be anything but valid when truthfully the warning should be that all hate messages through music be banned.

It is not a personal attack on the artist, it is a personal attack on the lyric that tells someone’s son in my neighborhood that it is okay to rape me.

The chorus to the song says:

“Scared money don’t make no money,

If I ever go broke, imma take yo’ money.”

And in the process of taking someone else’s money, I or some other woman could get raped?

I’m not thinking too deep. I’m writing this post because Meek Mills denied Pastor Jomo’s allegation that he had made a song that including lyrics about raping women.

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I love hip hop, and amazing lyrics make the heaven seem like an open sky for me but words that promote the rape of women only desensitize men to the idea that respecting, loving and protecting women are important.

I wonder if Meek would feel this way if someone he knew ran up in his house to take his money, and raped one of his family members.

Think About It.

As he says, it’s not just music, “It’s Life!”


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