Make Love Again: A Poem

Penciled Art Work By: Sara Meloni

Penciled Art Work By: Sara Meloni

Make Love Again

He kissed me and love returned.

Quenching my thirst with his face, our lips connected.

We met again for the first kiss.

Our eyes closed and we felt the softness of each other’s heart.

Desperately wanting to relive each moment again,

and again I pretended to play a kissing game.

Who could hold their lips pressed against the other’s longer?

Only this time, the game drew me in.

Fun loving became love-making.

Restraining advances until it was time.

I wanted to be touched and held with passion.

Silent breaths of compassion that tickled my body in places.

I wanted this to take longer than usual.

I wanted this to be something I could wrap myself in.

His hands followed my labyrinth

He played my nipples in acoustic.

I kissed his chest like it was the only chest to rise and cave.

I studied his breathing, he wondered where I wandered.

His Johnson spilled its potion on my breasts as we lay,

taking time to let love be made.

And we waited with our wanting, we danced on our sides.

Legs one over the other, it was passionately fragile.

I made the call, he in position; ready to aim and fire,

low-crawled me like his fatigues were on.

He touched where I vibrate.

Within minutes he returned to me; opened my heart.

Deeper he came slowly, he came.

His love was hidden in the moments we created before he ever went in.

This is why women want you to take your time.

All I want now is to make love again.

© Ressurrection Graves 2013

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