Tara Y. Lewis of the Sisterhood Reality Show Assaults Viewer with Scriptures via Twitter

Tara Y. Lewis, cast member for the Sisterhood, a television show which appeared on TLC January 1, and already has rumors of its cancellation was BLOCKED yesterday by child sexual abuse expert, Ressurrection Graves for scripture bullying and character assassination tweets.

The child sexual abuse expert wrote a blog about the advice Tara gave a friend to withhold sex as punishment. The author of Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey To Love whose new book entitled, Sexual Discipleship: The Strategic Plan to Legalize Sex with Children will be out in April, also addressed Tara’s confusing pornography comment during the show’s taping.

Ressurrection Graves had this to say: 

I was not alarmed at the response that I received by Tara. She has assaulted others using scriptures on the show. I call it spiritual abuse when someone deliberately uses bible verses for their personal weapon to esteem themselves, manipulate, coerce or minimize others.

As a minister and child sexual abuse grooming® expert, my speciality is helping the church to understand what pedophile behavior looks like, and to offer my Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Abuse teaching to the congregation. In a roundtable or one-on-one format, I work with ministry leaders to know how to handle child sexual abuse situations in the church.

My program prevents the child from being abused, the insurance companies for churches usually offer programs concerned with legal liability only. Background checks and the buddy system are not enough when a predator is in the same room with you,and you can’t identify them.

With that said, Tara could have invited me to bring my roundtable for pastors to Atlanta to discuss these issues, to her church or on Phenomenal Life Today, as a guest speaker. There were other options than spiritual abuse. I pray for the viewing audience who believes that this is entertaining, and will become fans with a false sense of what it is like to really live for God.

In retaliation, Tara Y. Lewis who calls herself a pastor, said that she was anointed and Graves would be judged. The twitter beef ended when Graves threatened to block Tara if she did not stop tweeting her. In her last words for Tara, she said

“Praise God. We will all be judged and you’ll still be blocked! BE. Extraordinary! – Res”

Congratulations for her integrity and example of true sisterhood, blocking Tara in order to resolve the matter.

Here is the link for the blog that made Tara so heated. Please click here.

Here are a copy of those tweets which are not arranged in order, who Graves says, only validates the article that she wrote in the first place:

Tara tweet 1 done

Tara tweet 2 Done

Tara tweet 3 done

Tara tweet 4 Done

Tara tweet 5 Done

Tara tweet 6 done

Tara tweet 7 Done

Tara tweet 8 Done

Tara tweet 9 response to 8

Tara tweet 10 Done

Tara tweet 11 Done

Christina Murry Retweet

christina no unforgiveness


What do you think of the Sisterhood?

About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on http://www.ressurrection.wordpress.com
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16 Responses to Tara Y. Lewis of the Sisterhood Reality Show Assaults Viewer with Scriptures via Twitter

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  2. devonna glover says:

    I think you both should not have been going back and forth. You wrote an article about her and her husband. You said he was redundant, long winded etc….perhaps you could have kept that to yourself. Somethings maybe true but are they necessary to express. You said she gave the wrong advice about someone’s marriage. To not know the whole story about the person and say her advice was unbiblical could have been viewed as presumptuous. Maybe this lady’s husband was doing other things, we don’t know. So I think that you were guilty of somethings as well. Maybe you should have asked her, what did you mean when you gave this advice? Or what else was going on in that marriage? But when you say negagtives about a person they will become defensive.

    To be truthful, I think that you putting this out in the open and showing everyone is not making the situation better. As christians, we all have issues and she was defensive but you were wrong too. I pray that you receive this in love. Let it go and if anything look at yourself at pray and ask God, what could I have done differently? What could I have said to diffuse the situation? Put yourself in her shoes, because when you talk about someone’s family, they become defensive. Take the whole twitter beef off of your page. Take that you tube beef off of your page too! Take responsibility for ANYTHING that you did, whatever it is. Let it go and step away! Because when you step away, people can’t agrue by themselves.
    Peace and Blessings My Sister!

    • With all due respect you sound like you’re a fan of Tara and that is fine but I have done nothing wrong. Tara used scriptures as “spiritual abuse” and that is my only point. I have no issue with Tara. I have not been presumptious and other cast members have confirmed that what I “sensed” about her and wrote in this article was on point. I have also received apologies from other members of the cast.

      In addition, I haven’t gone “back and forth”. I am a child sexual abuse expert, this is what I do. It was an opportunity to share how ministers use leadership to promote domestic and sexual violence, whether they mean to do it or not.

      I wrote an article and it was honest. It wasn’t intended to go against her and her husband but after all of the research, what I found was used in the article because I was overwhelmed with the information.

      It is my job to show abuse so that others can beware of it when they run across it, and learn how to handle it in church. I did what I am called to do. As a woman, and minister she could have humbled herself regarding the article and asked for help as other cast members did – not knowing facts about child sexual abuse, domestic and sexual violence etc.

      She did give advice that would harm marriages. And, she was out of order to associate the woman’s husband with pedophilia. I’m not judging her. She could have been anyone, and if the same information was shared, and I caught it, I would have written an article to correct it. I don’t have an issue with Tara but for you to excuse her behavior is bewildering.

      There is never an excuse to tell someone that they do not know God, and God does not know them. I never used any article or any communication that would seek to harm someone with scripture.

      Thank you for commenting.



      • Daniel says:

        I’m not a fan of Tara, but shame on you for taking sides and further persecuting Tara. She stood out on the show and was an example of holding on to the truth despite what this corrupt society believes. I know you are doing your work but please don’t take it out on her. Thank God the show is over. I’m disgusted with the portray of Pastors and ministries on this show. And I’m sick of these your excuses that you have nothing against Tara. You failed to understand her as she also fails to understand people. I believe Tara is a genuine born again Christian. We all have problems based on past experiences. She has had to make bold decisions in the past that has made her stand out and look weird to the general public and she is bold on her stands. Yes she might have some personality issues, but if you are more mature than her then you should know how to handle it. I pray she will find Real and mature believers that will help and counsel her and her family and get them back on their feet. They met the wrong crowd. I know God has great plans for them. I pray Dominique will find healing in Jesus name. She’s a great person and she has a great husband.

        • Daniel, you too sound like a Tara fan. I am not going to continue to respond to these comments. I took an issue and spoke on it. As I’ve said before, it did not matter who said it, I still would have taken the time to address the issues. Have a blessed day.

    • FYI- I also wrote an articele on Domonique and Christina from the Sisterhood. Here is Domonique’s article: https://ressurrection.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/exclusive-interview-domonique-scott-of-the-sisterhood-reality-show/

  3. Sharon C. says:

    I do appreciate the articles. I don’t necessarily disagree with what you said, but it’s the tone you presented. Your article on Tara seemed harsh and lacked the compassion you showed in your article on Dominique. It is very hard not to “retaliate” when someone is commenting unfavorably regarding your parenting, family, spirituality, etc. You sort of came off as more of an attacker than an advisor. For the record, I have only watched the show once and am not a fan.

    • Hi Sharon. I definitely did not come off as an attacker. Her name could have been “Joe Blow” and the same article would have been written. This was not about Tara, it was about the comment she made about pornography and pedophilia. Only after I began to do research on her and her husband did I find “Spiritual Abuse”. I did not call her one name. I gave my thoughts on the use of her scriptures and the advice she offered others. I never gave a personal attack on her. I am entitled to write articles that I believe will help others to understand spiritual abuse, domestic and sexual violence and of course child sexual abuse. I really do appreciate your comment and your thoughts about the article. To be clear, I have no issue with Tara. And regarding Tara and Domonique, I have nothing to do with their feud on the show. The difference between the articles is that I wrote about a specific subject matter that happened to be around Tara. Domonique I interviewed. Tara could have called me instead of acting as she did. She can still call me. And after an apology, I would be open to discussing sharing her story. Peace, Res

      • Sharon C says:

        Thank you for responding. I read the article again and I do recognize your passion in exposing abuse and your purpose in trying to educate people. There is some really good information in there. I so appreciate that. I will be praying for you in your future endeavors. God bless you!

    • I just wanted to add one other thing. If you notice, I did not put Tara’s name in the original article title. Which further explains that my goal was not about “attacking” her but focusing on Domestic and Sexual Violence in Church. Thanks again for the comment. https://ressurrection.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/domestic-and-sexual-violence-in-the-church-a-sisterhood-reality-show-review/



  4. Eyes of TX says:

    My Mom&Sister for years have always bumped heads….they never realized how much alike they were until one day we taped them. This sooooo reminds me of you and Tara. Before you shut me down or out please just be open to listening. Trust me I’m NOT a sisterhood nor Tara fan….I honestly wish it woulda never even made it to television and YES I signed the petition twice😳That being said I agree with the posters above in your approach as well as tone. Anytime we say “I didn’t do anything wrong” or “I have nothing to apologize for” you absolutely close the door for the opportunity of the greater good. Your pride is getting in the way of the greater good. You have a lot of knowledge/information however you have to couple it with wisdom to be as effective as The Father intends. Many need your message but if it gets lost in the menushah of delivery you just lost the greater good. I won’t rehash from the prior comments above but I’ll leave you with your own words from your blog~however everywhere you have Tara or her hubby’s name, insert yours.
    You wrote:::::

    “After seeing that one episode, and listening to the above interview where Brian emphatically denies that they have done anything unrighteous on the show, and openly discredits the other cast members (which may be considered unrighteous to some) I decided to see if what he said was true.

    Perhaps It wasn’t them, it was everyone else who were at fault. So, I watched other episodes and became grieved by more by this couple. If you keep reading, I’ll tell you the evangelism opportunity that I believe Tara missed out on, early in the show with another cast member.”

    I’m giving this in love too and I pray you receive it as such❤

    • I approved the comment because I am open to give you a voice however I disagree that “pride” is even attached to me. For the last time, I didn’t care who said the comments, I wrote the article about spiritual abuse, domestic and sexual violence which were found in Tara’s actions. It could have been anyone and I would have written the article because it was an opportunity for me to highlight these behaviors and share with my audience and example of such behaviors.

      I have no problem with Tara. I haven’t judged her, or called her names. As you can see, that is not the case for her actions above. It is not that serious for me. And, as Domonique said, she believes that all the Sisterhood cast members missed evangelism opportunities. That is not a judgment. My article was written with wisdom that it why it has the tone that it does.

      There is no issue between Tara and I. I do not have a problem with her, dislike her etc. Take HER name out and put anyone’s there and I would have written the same article based on the information that was collected from their own mouths.

      FYI – I want people to focus on the content Spiritual Abuse, Domestic and Sexual Violence. If you disagree with that, that’s fine but that is the expertise that I speak from with this article. I wish to be left alone because the truth is I am not nor have I ever been judgmental or prideful and rather than make this assumption or presumption because of one article, I think people should reserve those kinds of thoughts about me as a person without knowing me. Nothing from the Tara exchange shows these thoughts to even be warranted.

      It is an article. Believe me, friends and family would disagree with this your comment also.

      I wrote the article for professional reasons only, there is no need to attack me. Remove the people and focus on the issue of Spiritual Abuse, Domestic and Sexual Violence.

      Thank you for commenting.



  5. U says:

    I agree with all previous posts. Please try and find space to forgive pastor Tara. You keep saying you have no problem with her but these posted tweets and rants in your article about Tara and husband reveal a lot about your own personnality. It is often easy to point a finger when we are only projecting ourselves into the other person. Clearly both you and pastor Tara need to work on accepting constructive feedback.
    May the peace of our Lord be with you

    • The article is an Op-Ed. I have no problem with Tara. I do not know her. I really feel that the people commenting that I have a problem with her actually have the issue. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone’s opinions without hating them. And if your response to this comment is negative does that mean that you have a problem accepting constructive feedback? I don’t believe that I have “ranted” about anything. I am an expert on a subject who decided to write a wrong that was shared on television. Period. Sometimes people like drama and they like to “fish” for issues when their are none. Thanks for commenting.

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