[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]: Domonique Scott of the Sisterhood Reality Show on Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, Foster Care and Prostitution

The church itself is a place where people have determined based on culture and personal revelation the heart of God. We know this because there are different sects and beliefs about paths to salvation. In every faith or religion there are people who are conservative or extremists in their thinking and the only way to know if actions are truly aligned with God is to ask him.

The Sisterhood is a reality show appearing on the TLC network formerly the acronym for The Learning Channel. I’m not sure how you officially drop the meaning behind an acronym for a network but I think that given the line-up of shows that they are now promoting they may feel a bit awkward with this self-identification of themselves.

While many well-known church entertainers have spoken out about their contention with the reality show, the real response is coming from the viewers – whether they watch or not, determines the shows stickability.

Brian and Domonique Scott, Good Life Church

Brian and Domonique Scott, Good Life Church

Domonique Scott is perceived as the “bad girl” of the group. She has been called a lot of names, and portrayed in the commercials as the one who is most unholy but I saw something else. I saw something deeper – this woman has a serious story that the camera is either not capturing or not showing us.

After Domonique saw my article about me being scripture bullied by Tara who is also a cast member of the show, and my focus on spiritual abuse she said this:

You called us [the entire cast] to the carpet.

In her above statement she explains, “we have all missed opportunities to minister during this show, not just Tara.” She continued that my article made all cast members have to take a look at the impact that they are making.

While, Tara’s response to my article was to go completely off on me I appreciate the heart of Pastor Domonique Scott, Christina Murray and Ivy Couch who wanted me to be sure to explain that the actions of one member of the cast are not necessarily the thoughts and approved actions of all cast members. Domonique offered me a formal apology on my Twitter timeline, as did Christina Murray in a direct message.

Domonique Scott Apologies on behalf of Twitter Bullying

Domonique Scott Apologies on behalf of Twitter Bullying

We must be honest about the fact that having the Sisterhood as a reality show is dangerous because non-believers and strattling-the-fence believers will have access to some of the issues that are behind-the-scenes in ministry.

Many believe that an inside look should not be available to anyone for an upfront view because like reading the bible, everything can not be understood with intellect alone but by the spirit.

However, many christian leaders are saying that this is not at all how they live and it should not be aired as a representation of how all pastor’s wives handle opposition.

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While Brian Lewis who is Tara’s husband says that reality television is the new evangelism, I highly disagree and after catching up with some other cast members they do as well.

I’m not saying I’m the representation for all first ladies, I’m telling my story. – Pastor Domonique Scott

What could happen off of the television, behind-the-scenes and in their daily lives will be the opportunity to become witnesses of the gospel to those who find them interesting, empowering and role models. However this position is not exclusive to a pastor’s wife. We should all be ministers and examples of the gospel (good news).

Pictured on Left: Pastor and Gospel Recording Artist Canton Jones - Pictured on Right: Pastor Brian Scott, the Sisterhood

Pictured on Left: Pastor and Gospel Recording Artist Canton Jones – Pictured on Right: Pastor Brian Scott, the Sisterhood

Without getting too deep into understanding evangelism, I will say that the primary focus of the calling and position of evangelism is rooted in bringing souls to christ. I don’t mean as a result of developing a fan base created by popularity that you then bring souls to Christ.

I believe that evangelism in the real sense of the call and position is that your primary focus is to bring others to Christ. In other words, if evangelism is the real purpose of this show we would see people evangelizing. Evangelism and Pastorship are not entirely the same although one person can possess within them both gifts.

Since we don’t see them evangelizing as the primary purpose of the show, we can stop assuming that this show is supposed to be a representation of evangelism and move forward to other elements of the show that may be up for discussion.

As a child sexual abuse expert, my priority is helping to prevent child sexual abuse and to support adults in healing from their past. As someone who was sexually abused myself, I get it. I understand how you can be emotionally and psychologically damaged.

I understand how life is more challenging in some areas because of what you have gone through and how child sexual abuse can lead to a life of homelessness, prostitution, drug addiction, and domestic and/or sexual violence.

For people who have been sexually abused, this is a $124 Billion dollar epidemic that people in the church (and all communities) want to continue to silence. – Ressurrection Graves

Interviewing Pastor D

I struggle in knowing how far to go with discipline. Sometimes we as parents who have not been properly trained in how to respond to them didn’t get the soft words, hugs and kisses or compassion.

It’s easy to mix a bad day with parenting and I need a mommy pause. I will apologize if I snap. Although I have passed the stage of nightmares [from child sexual abuse], I still struggle with self-preservation [in my marriage]. They (the men) all had a motive or agenda.

– Dominique Scott, The Sisterhood

Domonique was up close and personal with me, offering me permission to share parts of her story that were difficult memories to revisit. In this exclusive interview, you’ll read some parts of Dominique’s powerful story that was either uncaptured or edited out of the final version the Sisterhood producers decided to show the public.

Domonique remembers being put into foster homes because her mother was preoccupied with people-pleasing and seeking love from men. We all want to be loved, and when we do not find love in one, it usually translates into multiple counterfeits until we figure out – if we figure out, how to identify “the one”.

Without using the word neglectful, Domonique remembers her mother to be the type of mom who would deny her children (by lying about them) if the man she wanted to be with said he did not like children. She did not meet her father until she was about 7 or 8 years old, and remembers that she saw him once again in 1991. She was born to educated parents who were at the top of their classes, who became drug addicts.

Domonique Scott, the Sisterhood

Domonique Scott, the Sisterhood

Scott who holds a master’s degree in business remembers that her stepfather’s father was a pedophile and woman-beater. She went into several foster homes where it was abundantly clear that the motivation for their care was money, not love or providing a nurturing environment taking on the role of a mother or father.

In her last foster home before becoming a child prostitute, she was passed around for $20 by her foster-father in Miami. She believes that his child sexual abuse grooming® started about a year before he actually did begin raping her. He would touch her in a way that was abnormal or uncomfortable and usually this happens when a perpetrator is trying to get you comfortable with being violated.

For this reason, we should never take a child’s impulses to report that someone touched the small of their back, their shoulder or another part of their body as innocent if they say that they were uncomfortable.

Domonique remembers his grooming tactics as barbaric stating that he wasn’t particularly nice to her. What he would do however was say yes when the wife said no, or offer her $10 instead of the $5 that the wife gave her in response to her request.

There is nothing wrong with being loving, affectionate or providing for a child. The concern is that the behaviors for the sole purpose of gaining the child’s trust is to sexually abuse them.

Domonique was a prostitute for seven years. She was in a relationship with her pimp. He never beat her. Her first “John” bought her first set of church dresses. She married a man who had just come home from jail, that was a part of her church. He beat her brutally for the duration of their marriage.

The church told her to stay and so she did. Ministries as I have mentioned in the other article here, often tell people to stay in relationships that are filled with domestic and sexual violence.

While as Christians marriage should not be an option, we must also understand the complexities of each dynamic situation where God does not desire for us to be beaten – he did that – for us. Wisdom is necessary to determine if a  relationship can be healed from abuse, or will end in domestic violence.

It wasn’t until they [the church] told me [to], that I left. If I say anything to women who are being abused, leave him in bible study. And, I want women to know that they should not wait until they cannot  take anymore beatings. Leave! – Domonique Scott

Domonique left after her ex-husband rammed her car with her and the children in it causing them to spin around seven or eight times. She miraculously walked away from the incident. The day she left her ex-husband beat her face in, to the point where she could not see out of one of her eyes.

The men of the church went on a hunt for him, and he was in the house the whole time hiding. He jumped out with a knife to kill her, and not realizing that one of the men of the church stayed behind in case he came back. She remembers that one night he woke up in the middle of the night saying, “I feel the spirit of murder on me, you better pray.”

I asked Domonique how she believes that the church, and those who are in the church can heal from child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. She said:

Rehabilitation never starts from inside the institution. It starts inside of you. Even if it hurts the church has to be honest. The bible says that if I [God] be lifted up, I [God] will draw all men. Don’t put preachers on altars. Christians are lazy. You want to be a prophetic junkie. You don’t want to study to show thyself approved unto God.

If I may interpret her heart in this interview, her desire was not to discredit other pastors, rather to put an accountability for us all to be more intuned with our personal relationships with God, building that intimacy so that we don’t need a prophet in areas where we can seek God for ourselves.

Domonique met her husband at a famous comedy club in Atlanta. He showed interest. He was different from her DMX – type past attractions and eventually she had a light bulb moment that he was indeed the one.

Brian and Domonique Scott, pastors

Brian and Domonique Scott, pastors

While they have had challenges in their finances, ministry and even their relationship because of the external struggles which come from life-learning, they have maintained their strength, and renewed their love. They are re-opening Good Life Church on February 17th, 2013.

Every woman is a first lady, and every man is a pastor at our church. We’re all in this together. We don’t act like we’re scholars of the word. We’re child-like and passionate in our teaching. – Pastor Domonique Scott, Good Life Church

Scandals and The Sisterhood

As I look at scandals within the real-life church that fill our inbox’s like Jamal Bryant, who impregnated a child and then took a hiatus from the church to do a speaking tour while the dust settled or like Eddie Long who is a homosexual-pedophile according to the allegations made against him by five young men, who sat down for a while and then returned to be crowned as king by some Jewish Rabbi with an unoriginal article of his culture that Long’s congregation sat in amazement to observe in ceremony.

As I look at people who I can be honest that I was disappointed in like Tye Tribbett and his wife, Da Truth who slept with Tye Tribbett’s wife, Deitrick and Damita Hadden, and Isaac Carree who was sleeping with Damita are examples of harmful disclosures to the body of christ.

As an aside, Isaac Carree just came out with a song who sounds just like R. Kelly and Deitrick Haddon who just wants to make it to heaven (sounding like Prince) is remaking everything R&B like “Climax” by Usher and “Adorn” by Miguel.

The report of James Fortune being sued was quickly quieted as people were satisfied with his response to his admission of child abuse. He never mentioned being delivered from anger during all those songs where he said he was delivered from homelessness. The child was so badly burned that he was rushed by helicopters to a hospital that specialized in burns.

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The child is still disfigured which was the complaint of the biological father who was suing for $5 Million. From a ministerial perspective it becomes confusing when people say they have committed to a lifestyle that is holy, but their actions are not parallel.

The list is ridiculous and unnecessary, but the reality is that we did not need a “sisterhood” which would reveal our “secrets” as ministers to discredit the kingdom of God.

People who are making music without the presence of God being experienced through it can be thought of as contributors. People who walk around claiming to believe one thing, having created their own variation of the word can be held accountable. As I’ve stated before, as pastors we should look different from those who are coming into the church to learn how to live for God.

Yes, we do all make mistakes however I believe that there is a preparation for ministry and if you are sincerely struggling there is a way of escape – SIT DOWN! You sit yourself down so that God doesn’t have to expose you.

He will give you opportunities to overcome your personal trials but when you take on the attitude that you are too big and bad to be dealt with, he’ll remind you that he’s God and in truth it is His ministry.  I believe that you must develop both your nine fruits of the spirit (character) and your gifts of the spirit which are carried by the anointing.

The Sisterhood is not to blame for the negative view of any church let alone the black or evangelical church. My hope is that you will continue to find foolishness unacceptable no matter who it is, and where you are, that you would see yourself as peculiar, and that you would begin to line up with that standard for your life.

The benefit of the Sisterhood is not to get an inside view of preacher’s wives so much as it is an opportunity to see women who believe they are called to ministry grow into their personal best while telling their stories.

 They love God, they just don’t love God’s people. Our ability to love and forgive are the only thing that sets us apart from the world. – Domonique Scott, Pastor of Good Life Church

She said of the argument about the name of the Rutherford Plantation home:

The argument with DeLana was edited out. My daughter almost drowned at their house. Her husband got in the face of one of the cast members’ faces. No crops are on their land. They have a swimming pool.

Her comment was stating that the question about the word “plantation” was relevant because they do not have one. In the episodes concerning her tattoo she said:

I don’t have other tattoos. That was my first one and it says “free”. And, the Rutherford (cast members) have tattoos all over their bodies.

During the trip to Miami where she had been a drug addict and prostitute, she heard an overwhelming emotion come over her like, an audible God-voice which said:

You have forgiven. You have released. You have pushed forward but there was one person that you have not forgiven. You still have not let Domonique go. Forgive little Domonique.

This visitation to her old stomping grounds served as a life-changing event. She began to realize that all the child sexual abuse, the conditions of her childhood and her parent’s physical and emotional absences were not her fault.

One thing is true, we as a body of christ must began to understand the difference between opinion and discernment, struggle and living in sin without conviction, culture or tradition and Yahweh. -Ressurrection Graves


Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse expert and H.E.A.L.E.R.® who speaks on topics surrounding healthy relationships, overcoming homelessness, child sexual abuse prevention, adult healing, and awareness. Ressurrection is available for radio/television interviews, or ministry/conference/keynote speaking engagements nationwide by telephone at: 202.717.7377 (RESS) or please email: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com.

About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on http://www.ressurrection.wordpress.com
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40 Responses to [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]: Domonique Scott of the Sisterhood Reality Show on Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, Foster Care and Prostitution

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  2. wow…I have no words…it seems that there are scandals after scandals in the church of Christ…but the bible does warn about those who practice apostacy…it just gets sadder and sadder but it is better that these things are exposed so that the church isn’t caught with their heads in the sand. this is the reality, and we can’t shove such things under the rug just so that we can sleep well at night.

  3. Reendoor says:

    Loved your article very enlightening. The Church has a lot to deal with these days. The reality show and the members of it had to know before hand that it would receive all the criticism that is what’s goes with doing reality tv. As a Christian you would wonder the original intent of agreeing to take part in a show like The Sisterhood. I think for the most part all the First Ladies have done well with the exception of Domonique. Her story is the most impactful but is shown at the least as she constantly complains about everything in her life. If she’s doing it for ratings she needs to stop! There’s nothing Furst Lady-like about her outrageous behavior she could have easily as fit in the cast of RHOAtl. Say what you want about Tara, she don’t bend for the cameras. The rest of the wives at least show a genuine sincerity for their husbands, church and how they represent themselves but Domonique needs some much needed counseling herself before even attempting to be on tv or in real life as a Pastors wife. It’s sad that she has the potential to show Gods redeeming grace but has hosed rather to disgrace with all the arguing, show-boating and all out foolishness she allowed to shown.

  4. watching&praying says:

    I watch The Sisterhood and I’m curious. Above it is written that Pastor D stated that her car was rammed while she and the children were inside. What children? The children on the show are quite young and I believe she has been remarried for some years now. Does she have other children or were the children that she mentioned not hers?

    OAN: I’m new to this site. Wish I would have found it sooner. Great insight.

    • Hi! That is a really good question. I was contemplating whether to upload the picture of her children, but I guess that would make sense lol. I do apologize. Yes, Domonique has five children. The two on the show are her youngest two children fathered by her husband. Thanks so much for reading. Domonique will come here and read comments if I prompt her to so you can say something to her if you like. Bless you, Res

  5. Pastor V. Renee' Jamison says:

    Thank you for this article, I am a femalle pastor in Atlanta although I have not been priviledged to meet the ladies I bow to them for being CHURCH FACE KILLERS! I am also a PK so the secrets of the church are long and deep. why would the world want to come in? If we all get rid of and kill the church face that we put on on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, the world may humble itself and pray. Domonique I can’t say enough aabout from first airing I feel in admiration of her transparency. Pastor, Prophet, Preacher or Pulpit Aide we are human, we err, and we have a past. I would rather have a witness with a past and that has true deliverance rather than have a glorified scripture qouter. Show me your heart and its ok to allow God to love and heal me, to the Real Queenmaker I bow and continue in God my sister.

    Pastor V.Renee’- Serene Remnant Fellowship Center

    • Thank you for your comment. Transparency and true deliverance are important. Having a past is not the secret, living in the sin is when secrets persist. Great comment. Thanks so much. Peace, Ressurrection

  6. Twyla says:

    I’ve never seen the show, but I can only say that we all need prayer. A Christian life is a constant battle in the mind. We find rest in the Lord ONLY if we constantly seek after the rest which can lead to the peace from Him. I find myself asking for wisdom @ every turn because I’ve secretly back-slidden so many times. His mercy sustains me. His grace keeps me steadfast.

    It still grieves me & I’m sure my past actions have grieved the Holy Spirit. I pray that whenever we see someone overtaken in sin or the appearance of sin, we cover them with the Blood of Jesus & let God’s will be done. After we’ve done our prayer part, we have to entrust them into the Lord’s hand.

    I believe you handled this entire situation with spritual diplomacy & tactfulness. For that I applaud you & all that you’re committed to doing for the Kingdom. God allowed this to come to you & I’m sure it DID NOT happen “just because”. None of this will come back void!
    God Bless

  7. Tanya says:

    Very interesting and compelling article.

  8. dawn says:

    DO not be fooled by Domonique. She does not have a Masters of anything, ask for credentials. Looking at her on that show does she really sound educated. She took some courses at AIU in Atlanta in Fashion Merchandising and that’s about it. She has been trying to keep that botique going but, with not much success. She needs more schooling on how to run a business, including that Church. Six years they had that Church and, also no success. These people are good at using others including you Ressurrection. WATCH OUT. She has gained your trust and will continue to lie and deceived. Lack of money was not the main reason the doors of that Church closed. It was the way they treated people and thought they could get away with it. NOT. She thought she could be a Taffi Dollar. NOT. So, her next try is a wannabe NeNE Leakes. Like I said be careful of her MONEY IS HER GOD. She still has those GHETTO low life tendencies to use at whatever cost .Like I said WATCHOUT.

    • Hi, thank you so much for your comment. I need to be very clear that I am in no way being used. I decided to write a story because of Domonique’s past and I believe whole heartedly that God will expose wickedness. I am not the type of person who can be used, and I don’t want to even put that kind of energy out there for someone to believe. And also, she has NOT gained my trust. I DO NOT give that out freely. I have my reasons professionally to write the story and I will say this, whether she is a liar or not, the emotional instability of the story and the representations are very consistent with the lives of many people who have been abused. I am not offering an opinion on whether I believe that she is or is not right, whether she is deceiving people or living for God. I believe that God is big enough to handle that, and if you are apart of his way of handling that – it will be revealed also. I am very discerning and reserve more of my thoughts than people think. I really appreciate your comment and I do not discriminate with others having a voice so I will continue to approve comments like this if people feel that they need to express themselves. I want everyone to be healed and whole. Her interview does reflect me as compassionate but do not misunderstand that compassion and wisdom are different qualities that express themselves differently. I apologize for the long response. Thanks again. Bless you, Ressurrection

  9. dawn says:

    If you interview someone and they are telling you lies, you are being used you just do not know it. Crackheads and prostitutes are some of the biggest deceivers around. They will do anything to get on someone’s good side, then greatly let them down. Thank God I have never had to encounter what she has been through (I came from a loving two-parent family,dad worked two jobs, did not drink) but I have seen how she unnecessarily mistreats people. What she put out there came back to her.Period.

    • Dawn, if you just said that she was a crackhead and prostitute then you also believe that she used to be one. Again, I’m not being used, I shared her past because there are people out there unlike you, who are about to commit suicide – who are at the point of death, and whether you like her or not, they are watching her and finding a reason not to commit suicide.

      I don’t care if you or anyone else likes her. I shared her story because it will help my readers who have a similar background to choose to overcome what they have been through whether it is because they want to be like her, or because they DO NOT want to be like her.

      You do not know me, so leave the insults for her. I know exactly why I shared her story. I study pedophiles and predators for a living. You don’t know what I feel or perceive with this situation.


  10. Yolanda w says:

    Standing ovation !!! To the best actress in the world! This woman has so Many roles. One day she is sweet and encouraging. The next day who knows what personality you will get. Let me tell you about the Dominque Scott I know. She is a thief ! A liar! Backstabber! Fraudulent PASTOR! Selfish and greedy being!! She will play a role in a minute. But unfortunately the real Domi will appear. I met her in 2011. She was very impressed by me. Wanted me to oversee her business well her salon Queen Maker! She used me. Then stole my money that I made for her. Had her husband bully me while I was 4 months pregnant, when she knew my financial state and other personal things going on in my life. Why ? Because I confided in her because she was a pastor . We were becoming friends and having lunch together etc. Until one day she felt like I was beginning to think I ran her salon! Which I did because she made me manager! And the rest is unbelievable ! My purpose in commenting is to let you all know this woman is not the PASTOR you should look to or have lead you in anyway . They are schemers! They play mind games and will robe a homeless man of his card board box!! Beware and find truth elsewhere . Because Dominque Scott is the devil in Sheeps clothing!!

    • Hey Yolanda, I just want to be clear that when you say “they” you are referring to Domonique and Brian her husband, and not all pastors. I am really sorry that you had this experience. I know that Domonique has apologized for how she treated you, and I do not doubt your story. My prayer is that people who are not called to be pastors, or are not ready to accept their calling to be pastors would be honorable not to become one. I also believe that the truth makes us free. Perhaps calling her out will position her to deal with however she treated you, and others – to make ammends. Or, the truth is, if this is her character there will be more stories like yours, and God will expose who she is.

      I do not like to “judge” people. Even in one of the other blogs with Tara (a cast member) people assume I’m talking about her when in fact, I was talking about behaviors. I wasn’t thinking about her per say. I think God is big enough to show us the truth so…we wait. I appreciate you commenting and sharing a piece of your story. Domonique is reading these comments too. I believe that this article has sparked exactly what it was meant to – but I want to allow God to be God in this. I pray that you understand that not all pastors are crooked people, that God does love you and that it is possible for you to connect with people who are positive examples of who God is in the earth.

  11. Godschild says:

    I”m sorry but this show is Satan at his best. Tara does quote the bible a lot, I do believe she is the only real Lady and the other lady whose house they went to and Ms,D insulted . The other 2 who always back D. are very weak laddies and act like little kids following a bully. I’m a 58 yr old grandmother, I’ve seen it all But D.is not mother or wife material Ihow can she say she Love her husband crying to see a former pimp. No she just wanted to be admired and for the wrong reason. the other 2 ladies are led and are followers. What about your husbands rep. as you sniff behind D.

    Mat God forgive you all.

    • It is unfortunate that you think Tara is the only real lady on the show. Just because Ivy and Christina did not handle things the way you would have expected – does that mean that they are followers or loyal? It is very easy to be crying for your former pimp. If you read this blog you will understand why. He wasn’t just her pimp. Not only that Domonique is still healing. I think it’s pretty clear that Domonique is a perfect example of someone who is healing from abuse. I appreciate your comment. If this show has done anything I think it’s asking for EVERYONE to look at themselves to determine how judgmental they really are and to see how strong their discernment REALLY is. Here is an article about Tara. https://ressurrection.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/domestic-and-sexual-violence-in-the-church-a-sisterhood-reality-show-review/ it is important to recognize spiritual abuse. And, here is Tara flipping off on me. https://ressurrection.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/tara-y-lewis-of-the-sisterhood-reality-show-assaults-viewer-with-scriptures-via-twitter/

      • Daniel says:

        I agree with him. To me Tara, Mrs D, and Dominique were the only real Ladies on the show. Tara and Mrs D were the only ones who were serious with their faith. Dominique had an opportunity to be bless by Mrs D but allowed the devil to use her past to blind her. I pray God heals her of her past. And she has a great husband who I believe will help her to overcome whatever she’s going through. Resurrection I don’t like your article on Tara. Stop persecuting her.

        • Daniel, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do anymore than I do you. I wrote an article that reflected my views and observation of the television show. In response, I was treated horribly by Tara. I didn’t write an article for you. I wrote for people who may have been having issues concerning advice that she has given on the show. I have not persecuted her, you sound “religious” with this comment. I wrote an article and guess what? You do not have to agree, and guess what else? That is perfectly okay. Peace, Res

        • For the record, you all are talking about television characters unless you’ve spent real genuine time with any of them.

  12. Unknown says:

    I do not believe a word of this woman’s story. I think it’s all fictional and was created for the sake of this show. I worked for so-called “pastor Scott” in 2010-2011. He ran a tutoring company in Columbus ga which was nothing more than a scheme. This woman talks about how she was harmed as a child but her husband but many children in potentially harmful situations as he gained the school systems and parents trust in the idea that he was providing tutoring services. It was only by the grace of god that Brian hired a good group of people that would never hurt a child but it was obvious that he didnt care one way or the other. He took the governments money for about 5 months and disappeared. With that being said it is 2013 and you definitely cannot trust people in the church like you could in the past…you can’t trust anyone

    • I appreciate your comment. When I asked Domonique about this, she said that they ran the business and are not tutors so it would make sense that they hired actual tutors to tutor the children. Also I don’t really understand what her abuse has to do with her husband’s choice to be an entrepreneur and not the actual tutor has to do with anything. I’m not taking anyone’s side but the way that you have expressed your concerns leaves me wanting more information. Thanks again for sharing. Peace, Res

  13. Rose says:

    There are too many people talking about how deceitful these Scott people are. They took money from people in the metro atl area with this tutoring program and now I am hearing about this went on in Columbus Ga. There is something going on here a bout these people. This woman (Domonique) is 45 years old she knows exactly whats she is doing when she hurts people and They calls themselves pastors. They need pastors themselves very badly. Sooner or later Karma catches up with you. They lost their church, got kick out of their rented townhouse and her boutique is doing lousy do you see a pattern. Healing I don”t think so these people are evil. She was a drug-addict and whore back in the 80″s, come on she has had plenty of time to heal. I hope they cancel that stupid show then opportunist Domonique will have to go dig gold somewhere else. I feel sorry for her kids. Children at school might say to them your mama was a crack-ho after watching that show then who will need healing.

    • Wow. The only thing that I will address is your comment that she had plenty of time heal. That is an extremely judgmental statement and as someone who has healed from child sexual abuse, and who has an audience here who will read your comment and it could trigger something because of “victim blaming”, I will say that you never know when, or how someone heals. It is a decision but many people don’t even understand that they need healing in order to desire it.

      You speak of her, as if you know her personally and if that is so then your thoughts of her may be warranted but it is important for me to say that people heal and different points in their lives and we pray that it happens sooner than later. Even if she is evil, caniving and all the other names she’s been called, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need to be healed or that she isn’t broken.

      As for her children, come on, you know that is a low-blow. My child is aware that I was sexually abused. Also,part of parenting is teaching your children how to avoid some of the mistakes, and pitfalls that you’ve made like poor business or relationship choices.

      Call me optimistic, but we all heal from something.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. Rose says:

    I do know her and my comments are correct. This is a middle-aged woman and she needs to grow up. She willing made those comments about her past on TV. Nobody put a gun to her head. She sat in that white woman’s house who she latter criticized about some stupid “plantation” sign and told people about her wild days. If you put your stuff out there in the media people will remember, talk and make all kinds of comments behind your back and, in your face, including your family might be attacked. Her kids are only 4 and 5 what kids you know this young can handle sordid adult topics like the ones describing their mother. Kids at school can be cruel. Whatever someone is going through I hope they heal but, it does not justify hurting others whlie you are healing if, that is what she is trying to do, which I don’t think she is. Tomorrow is not promised, By the way that church she had in Lawrenceville Ga. she never mention anything about her past to encourage other to stay strong through their trials and tribulations. She just wanted you to fill that collection plate. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Her husband bulling a pregnant woman what a COWARD!!!!!

  15. ab says:

    I would rather comment on the episode of the show that I saw last night. I don’t know how long ago the show was taped, but what was shown was quite questionable. I completely understand people needing to heal because of their past, but this process requires humility, and recognizing when to stand down. In the past 2 episodes of the show, she was the one who was out of line. This woman should have realized that going to visit her “pimp” would have been considered controversial. Especially to someone like Tara. She should have expected questions, and she should have been ready and willing to provide answers to the “what” where’s and why’s?” of the situation instead of taking offense. Tara had a right to ask those questions so that she could make an informed decision as to whether or not she should go. That is the obligation of a true christian. Just because the other 2 were ready and willing from the jump to go without giving the matter any forethought doesnt mean Tara should have automatically followed suit. The Bible says we should never excuse (or go against) our own conscience Romans 2:15. That would be a sin within and of itself, and if others try to “talk you out of” following your conscience, then they in fact are the ones being JUDGEMENTAL. If someone chooses not to involve themselves in something for thier own personal reasons, regardless of what it may be, you should let them be. You may not like it, but in the end you are both following bible principles.

    • Hi, Thanks for commenting. You are right we all have a choice. I don’t think anyone was wrong for their decisions. If Tara wasn’t comfortable she should have went home. I would have went with Domonique though in support of her gaining closure. I’m sure that other women have accompanied their friends at some point in their life when they needed to find closure from someone. If you read the blog you’ll find that her pimp is her child’s father, he’s not just her pimp. All that aside, what Ivy and Christina are saying is that as women of God we have to understand people’s various healing processes. They were there to support her overcoming her past. I don’t understand why that is bad. Nothing wrong with Tara leaving, and nothing wrong with them staying. The obligation of a true Christian is love, and Tara wasn’t the center of attention in this situation. I’m not really sure why any of their choices were so “controversial”. Domonique did not need to face that alone, and in the end she didn’t.

  16. U says:

    After watching the entire show, I thank you for providing such a space for discussion. First, after reading this entire article, I sense right from the start that you clearly hold grudges against pastor Tara. You seem to take sides condemning every of pastor Tara’s behaviour while being protective of Dominique whom, in my opinion, does not really deserve the tittle of a pastor. While pastor Tara apprears to be direct during discussion, I dont feel she intends to hurt anyone. For instance whe she told Dominique she wasn’t in convenant with her, she was just being honest but I can see how this may be hurtful to someone else. Pastor Tarais not a Bully! She quotes the scriptures, she does not invent them! Yes, pastor Tara had absolute right to refuse to accompany Dominique to meet her pimp. I found it disgusting for a “pastor” to expect her friends – preachers’ wives – to make a trip to meet her pimp. That speaks to the level of spiritual maturity of the other ladies who agreed to go. I also found it ridiculous that Dominique obliged her husband to publicaly confess he loved her more than he loved his failed church. How many first ladies sacrifice alll they have for the church? It seems Dominique’s motive is very selfish and she is an attention seeker. There are several former prostitutes saved from the street into the church; they don’t need to keep up with thier pimps to feel whole. As women of God, we each have responsibility to represent the body of Christ no matter our past ill experiences. I am curious to see how many souls are willing to sit and listen to pastor D’s preaching now that we understand who she is. I was pleased with Lady Christina and pastor Murray’s casting. I would have loved to see more of pastor Delena and husband; I think they are wise & god fearing. They found a way to deal with the drama. Lady Ivy, well, another follower to wherever she is led. I am glad God answered her prayer for a second child.

    • I have to be honest, I disagree with most of what you said. First of all, I have not chosen a side. I don’t “like” anyone “better” than the other. I am a writer and if you would pay attention to the articles, there is one very specific difference. I am a child sexual abuse expert, advocate on subjects around what I have spoken about. In Tara’s article, I wrote an Op-ed. It was an opposing view in order to correct something that she mentioned incorrectly as advice on National Television. Secondly, my article on Domonique was an exclusive interview, therefore it was not an Op-ed but an INTERVIEW. It was not based on my analysis or opinion but a profile of her. As for Tara, she does often use scriptures to bully others. People who understand and have experienced forms of spiritual abuse recognize her behavior. It sounds like you’ve formed opinions about them all, but I don’t understand why you’re putting that on me! You are welcome to feel how you do, and I have provided a platform for that but trying to assume who I like and don’t like as if we are in high school is something I do not understand.

      You were happy with the Murray’s casting. I wrote an exclusive interview with them as well. If other cast members had contacted me, I would have written an exclusive interview with them. I was contacted for the exclusive interviews because people who knew Tara thought that my article was very discerning and spot on. There are other people who don’t seem to like the Murray’s or the Couch’s for whatever reasons. Everyone has their perceptions. I think what I took away from the show was that people were picking their favorites, and that was something that I did not quite understand.

      As for Dominique, she was broken. There is no way to hide that. She shared her story and prayerfully has received healing. As for the ex, he is not just her ex. There is more to the story than was shared on television, and if you read in the article I believe I revealed the missing puzzle piece. My angle for the article was simply to show that some people who have experienced horrible abuse do respond in this way. It is supposed to make people who say that they love God more available for ministry because they can find compassion, and love in order to support someone in their healing process.

      I have no opinion of Domonique either. I do not live in Atlanta and we don’t hang out every single day. I haven’t chosen sides, I wrote an article. Lastly, I REALLY don’t understand why people are so caught up on why Domonique went to go see her pimp. Most women feel like they need “closure”. I even talked to someone the other night who told me that she is calling all of her ex boyfriend’s even the ones who were abusive, to tell them that she forgives them. It makes sense to a woman, but a man does not care about that. He does not need closure. Meeting her pimp was a huge step in her finding closure to her brokenness.

      It really does surprise me that WOMEN are judging her for needing closure. You’ve known at least one woman who has gone back. And, most women have helped said woman to overcome the hurts associated with their past relationships, whether they agreed with their approach or not. I don’t understand the Murray and Couch’s being followers as opposed to showing the love of God and being there for their girl who was broken.

      But you’re right all of this is an opportunity to discuss how we perceive things, and how to better walk with God. I have not judged any of these women and I encourage us not to do so rather, take from situations and ask ourselves how God would want us to see them.

  17. nel says:

    This is a very touchy subject. I am a pastor and if the truth be told, many people have bad things to say about the show. I did at one point. As I watched the show and thought about many things that happen and were said I realize this is life. Yes we are supposed to show the love of Christ and act like we have everything together. We are in a season of :Unveiling of the Mask”. This is what goes on each and everyday of everyone life. We all have short coming and fall short of the Glory of God. As a victor of sexual abuse and things, I am very transparent with those I witness to. We are living in a world when people need the hard core truth. I have bashed the show and put it down. God stop me and made me realize where I come. The issue come in when you are still dealing with things and leading a people, in the spotlight. Yes the whole cast has issues and so do we. We work toward getting it right each day. Many people that has posted their comments are agents of the devil anyway. Yes sexual abuse need to be taught more in the house of worship. It happens in the church so why can’t the church talk about it. Throwing someone past in their face is of the devil, so to all the devils “The Lord Rebukes you”. Yes we should display a standard of Holiness and live a holy life in Christ. Yes this how have displayed some things that was not of God, but it goes on in the church. The difference is, that theirs a on TV and many are still behind closed doors. Let them put a camera in your house to see hat they find out. Every time judge, God judges u to that same measure.

    • Hi, Thank you for commenting. I think people are so fired up because they feel like it is a disgrace but you’re right, it is important that we live lives that if recorded would still be honorable. Blessings, Res

  18. Felicia M. says:

    I was sad when I found out The Sisterhood was cancelled. I believe most Christian women are not ready to be truthful about their own story so they are not ready to see the truth about another Christian woman. I pray that the ladies from The Sisterhood continue to bond as sisters in Christ and minister to women everywhere. They certainly ministered to me. God bless!

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