Ritual Child Abuse: An 8-year-old boy marries a 61-year-old woman

According to an article in the Mail Online Newspaper an eight-year-old boy was contacted by his ancestors and told that he should marry in Tshwane, South Africa. The boy and the mother who were fearing divine retribution decided that marrying a 61-year-old woman would keep their family safe.

In church Sunday morning a guest minister mentioned a case in the US where a child reported that they were going to church too much and as a result, the child was taken from the parents into child protective custody. He found this article on parentalrights.org. In the end, the child was given back to the parents but with conditions, the court had to monitor how much church the child attended.

I find that amazing since I’ve had to call child protective services on people in various jurisdictions for real cases of abuse, and nothing happened to protect the child from physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse. The child in the case who was complaining about the amount of church they attended was fighting for their own rights to be established.

The eight-year-old child was named in the article about the 61-year-old woman. The only time this happens is when the families and professionals involved do not feel that there was a crime committed, or that the child was victimized. Amazingly, in a previous article that I wrote about Bishop Larry Trotter, most people were smudging the face of his granddaughter under the impression that she was victimized.

In the article about this child Sanele, it clearly states that the act is a ritual. Although they had a full-scale wedding which included family, friends, flowers, a wedding dress and officiant, no papers were signed. Here are my questions for the families involved. Why did you need to make your ancestors happy? Why did a grandmother marrying a child in a ritual to satisfy his grandfather’s dream (because he never had a “white-wedding) signify that this child would one day be married?

Child Ritual Abuse Marriage

Child Ritual Abuse Marriage

This was not an actual marriage however, I disagree. In the bible, it is very clear that a contract constitutes marriage, I submit to you that these families had a contract. It is not clear to me why other blogs and forms of publication are calling this an arranged marriage. It is a ritual marriage and because this is a child it is ritual abuse. In America, any time an agreement is made and either written down or verbal where money is exchanged it is considered a contract. The money executes the contract.

I realize that their marriage will not be recorded by vital records in Africa but the ceremony and the financial arrangement by the family makes this deeply ritual to me. The eyes of the court to do not stand a chance in the eyes of God.

It is important even in a Christian household that we teach our children how to pray, and how to live by the standards and morals that we believe are divine. It is also important that parents are able to teach their children about spiritual aspects of their believing system which may include some things that outsiders would not understand.

However, there is a difference between praying and occult practices which are ingrained within ritualistic abuse. In this situation, the child asks to obey his ancestors request. In order to make that kind of contact, there had to be practices which established his belief that he could hear from his grandfather in the first place. The mother should have been clear that as a child, this kind of ritual would be unacceptable.

A child is not able to make life decisions, and the more that the news promotes the self-sufficiency of children, the more that rights are being taken from parents who are there to guide them. A few misguided parents should not determine how other parents raise their children.

For example, spanking your child is a huge debate, and the church maintains that it is against its doctrine to spoil a child (not spank them) however agree that to physically discipline your child with weapons or out-of-anger is abusive and has negative effects on the child’s development, mental and spiritual growth.

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My anti-pedophile fight is to make very clear that children are not sexual beings. Children do not have the capacity to make decisions about their life or their bodies. Adam came from the dust of the ground and GOD breathed life into him. Eve came from the rib of Adam, and her oxygen was in her blood. GOD chose to create the rest of humanity through the womb of a woman, even bringing Jesus by the same way. For this reason, Jesus is called the Son of GOD, and the Son of Man.

If we begin to promote children as beings who can make their own choices about their life, we will become a pro-pedophile nation. Not pictured here, but offered in the original article is the child and the woman kissing after the exchange of rings. How is this not child sexual abuse? How is this not child pornography?

In my book, Sexual Discipleship: Exposing the Strategic Plan to Legalize Sex with Children, I talk about this agenda which seeks to steal, kill and destroy the youth of tomorrow.

ritual abuse 2

As parents, and adults we have a responsibility to guide and protect our children. There will be people who misguide their children however, I would rather have hope in a child finding their way than to tell children that they can make their own decisions when we know that the child’s careless risk in decision-making does not end until around the age of 24-25 years old. This information comes from the National Institute of Health and other evidence-based assessments.

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If we choose to do anything, it should be to raise the age of consent for sex and other risky behaviors to reduce the opportunity for our children to be taken advantage of by all perpetrators not just pedophiles. Lastly, the article indicates that these families will go back to their normal lives. While I am not an expert in this ritual my question is, why was it necessary in the first place?

How do we know that the child will not be raped by this woman? I used the term rape because a child can not consent. How do you know that behind closed doors he will not be obligated to perform acts with her? After all, she was bold enough to invite 100 guests, gain the approval of her husband and five adult children, and kiss the child in the mouth at their wedding.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse expert in the anti-pedophile movement working to ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse. She is a national speaker, and author who created the curriculum, Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Abuse. To Book Ressurrection for your next event, radio or television interview please click here.

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Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on http://www.ressurrection.wordpress.com
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    I deeply appreciate and respect your boldness and your balance. Keep up the good work!

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