Zhang Muyi a 24-year-old pop star in China is Child Sexual Abuse Grooming a Child from Canada with millions of approving followers


When I was 12 years old, I thought that dating someone who was 24 years old made you cool. For the record, I never dated anyone that old at 12 but 19 on the other hand, that was my number. Boys your own age can’t seem to afford the finer things in life, they have no job. I sound pretty ambitious don’t I? As a mother of a sixteen year old however, I understand the misconceptions that materialized my convictions about dating.

As someone who was exposed to sexual abuse at an early age it seemed that my sexuality was awakened well before it’s time. For children like the one in an article that I wrote about why child sexual abuse grooming should become a felony, it was not sexual abuse that caused her to be enamored by her dad’s friend.

At first it was her favorite chocolate bars, and then conversations about God which often questioned whether she was remaining a virgin indicative of his desire to be her first. His “god-centered” questions led to inappropriate conversations which escalated to full out sexual innuendos that by this time, left the child believing that he was going to leave his wife and child to marry her.

The problem that I have with finding out that 24-year-old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi has openly professed his love for a 12-year-old child whether she is a model or not, is that collectively they have millions of fans who are watching their blooming love and are equally dazzled by his charm.

Someone on YouTube said that he is not a “pedo”, a shortened name for pedophile. This user is correct, he is not a pedophile. A more accurate name is called a, Hebephile.

Hebephilia is defined as a chronophilia in which an individual has a sexual preference or exclusive sexual attraction to individuals who are of early to mid stages of pubertal development, generally aged 11-14, although onset of puberty varies. – Wikipedia

The sole purpose of creating a petition like Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony, is for cases like this, where the child victim may not feel victimized or the adult may not have actually had sex with the child. Admittedly, Zhang Muyi is grooming her for sex. It is unrealistic to have the same things in common, famous or not as a child and an adult.

Neurologists have confirmed that you are able to make rational, less risky decisions at age 24 and believe that this is the age of full maturity where you can be called an adult. This further confirms that his choice is a purposeful one. He can be found on his “Weibo” account affirming their “Intergenerational Love” and tells Akama that he can not wait until she can have sex in four more years.

While Zhang is advocating for himself there are groups in place who are working tirelessly to promote sexual abuse and call it “Intergenerational Love”. They would claim that Zhang is just “minor-attracted” and would prefer to be referred to as such, because pedophile or any “phile” name for that matter is casting a negative light.

By supporting Zhang and this child you also support that children are sexual beings who can consent. We know spiritually and statistically that this is false. A child can not consent to sex, in fact child sexual abuse is the silent health care crisis topping $124 Billion over the life time of its victims in the United States alone, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Canadian child Akama Miki and adult pop star Zhang Muyi may have different cultural boundaries as they are not American, however child sexual abuse is a world problem that is not legitimized through a race, class, nation, economic status or other condition. If these two were not in the public eye professionals and anyone who was aware of this case of child sexual abuse grooming would want to intervene before it becomes rape.

In Akama’s mind it would be consensual sex, but Zhang Muyi on the other hand, he knows better. It’s one reason why he’s gained the support of his followers who are also children I take it. Children often say “parents just don’t understand” when the truth is the other way around. Children do not understand adult things, and can not reason as adults do. There is no way that a child can in their right mind consent to sex.

This is child sexual abuse grooming and it needs to stop.

This is child sexual abuse grooming and it needs to stop.

There are several dangers to ignoring this situation and they are:

  • Older men will see an opportunity to follow this example without fear of the law
  • Pro-Pedophile groups will use this as an example that the behavior is acceptable

I’m not sure what I can do to stop this in China or Canada, wherever the children are living but I have a petition in America that you can sign to make sure that someone who is considered a pop star here is not openly dating a child with his or her fans approval.

To give you an image of what that would look like in America, what if Chris Brown was “professing his love” for Halle Bailey of Chloe’ and Halle who are my favorite child singers who just won Next Big Thing on Radio Disney?

The challenge with the age of consent issues that exist within each state are breached when an adult openly preys on a child and gains popularity for doing it online. The entire situation is wrong, and in many states community leaders are fighting to raise the age of consent laws.

They are signing my petition so that I can get an official bill number and present Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony to make it a federal law because perpetrators are getting away with sexual abuse more often that they are prosecuted. This leaves many children scared.

You should click on the above link if:

  • You do not know what child sexual abuse grooming is
  • You think I’m over exxagerating
  • You follow Zhang or Akama
  • You want to take action against child sexual abuse grooming

This topic is not one to consider as funny. I even feel uncomfortable using Chris Brown and Halley Bailey as examples, and I hope that if either of them read this they understand that it was for illustration purposes only. and that my connection was the age difference. Thank you in advance for your signature.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse grooming expert who has authored a petition to make it a felony. She writes, speaks and educates the masses on protecting children and healing as adults from past child sexual abuse.

About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on http://www.ressurrection.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Zhang Muyi a 24-year-old pop star in China is Child Sexual Abuse Grooming a Child from Canada with millions of approving followers

  1. Mme says:

    It’s probably a publicity stunt. He was we music coach and a pop star and she is an upcoming music artist that will get he everyone’s attention. Some will do anything for publicity, good or bad. “Publicity is publicity…”

    • I don’t agree that it’s a publicity stunt. There are many things that they could have done. The age difference shows me that there is something wrong with this picture.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Zhang Muyi is a pedophile, and Akama is a fool as are those who don’t want to cast a negative light on this “relationship”. Stop trying to sugar coat it! Yes! It’s pedophilia! I don’t give a damn if people don’t like what I call it, if he doesn’t want to be labelled a pedophile, then don’t date a 12 year old! I shudder to think what he will do to his children if he ever has any with her.

    Zhang Muyi is a sick pervert…but I don’t think the grooming should be a felony for one reason and one reason only: How do we know if someone is grooming? Maybe I don’t know what grooming really is…but what if the circumstances aren’t totally obvious, then now you’re jailing family friends because they struck up a conversation with your kid. There is a difference between grooming and a conversation right? Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I don’t completely understand what grooming actually is…but from what I know…it doesn’t seem to be always completely obvious.

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