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COPYRIGHT POLICY: When you fall in love with my writing- and I hope that you do, you cannot take it and copy/paste it without asking first. The exception to that rule is Reblogging on WordPress. You must hit the reblog button so that the material is properly reblogged by WordPress to include the link back to my post. If you would like to make the work available for others to view please click the share button. Please do not take my work without permission.

When you do have permission and share my work, you will need to use the link that will take others back to the original content. You will also need to quote me, or put my name as the Author on the material. We will discuss further requirements if any apply during a phone or in-person meeting.

Quotes: You may use not more than one paragraph without contacting me, and not more than fifty words. This means that you will be required to put the quote into quotation marks, and credit me with the quote at the end like this (-Ressurrection Graves, Author and Speaker)

ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. Copyright Protected.

*My work is like my baby; my child. Have you seen the movie TAKEN. My favorite movie. Let’s watch this scene together shall we… *

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