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My name is Ressurrection Graves. Welcome to my blog and website. I have several pages that you can check out, and a ton of blogs. Thank you so much for stopping by. Below you will find out who calls me the most for help. Even if you do not see your reason for needing support call me anyway, and if there is anything that I can do to support you, I will.

I have readers in 188 countries, and thousands of subscribers on my blog. In addition to blog articles that I have written, I offer support to people who fall into these areas privately:

  • Women fleeing domestic and sexual violence
  • Women who lost their children through court to a pedophile parent
  • Grandparents and guardians who lost children to a pedophile parent
  • Men and women who as adults are overcoming child sexual abuse
  • Entrepreneurs at risk for homelessness (living paycheck to paycheck)
  • Homeless Entrepreneurs who need marketing support to launch a product
  • Homeless men and women who are in need of resources and housing
  • Women who want to know if they should marry their current boyfriend

As a speaker, I offer speaking topics surrounding these topics:

  • Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention, Intervention-professionals/parents/pastors/clergy
  • Child Sexual Abuse: Awareness and Healing for adult survivors
  • Healthy Relationships: Teens, Single or Marriage Meetings, and Conferences
  • Homelessness: How to end homelessness in your area as a provider
  • Homelessness: How to overcome homelessness (to empower homeless people)
  • Entrepreneurship: Building your brand without working capital
  • My Story: My personal journey as a keynote to empower you to succeed

If you need a more detailed view of my signature speaking topics or need ideas for an event you would like me to be a guest speaker please click here.

If you would like to contact me because your are in need of a private session with me to ask questions, gain resources, request prayer or make another petition, please contact me at 202.717.7377 (RESS) for a

15 minute-free consultation.

I no longer offer free mentoring sessions. During your free phone call, we will assess your needs to determine how I may best serve you as we continue forward.

7 Responses to 15-Minute Consultation

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  2. joy says:

    I rily appreciate wat I read, like myslf am aving issues in relationship, I get betrayed and av prayd 2 God I dnt wnt to continue in fornication anymore, dat I need a husband, but am nt getin anytin, only men who re deceivrs. Wat wil u advice me 2 do.

  3. NELSON says:

    Am realy blessed by ur writeups…am a 20 year old university student here in nigeria and desire to uphold my christian faith especially in the aspect of teenage sex….plz i need ur advice. Thanks_Nelson

  4. Confused says:

    Hi Ressurection, my name is Lana.. I’m a practicing catholic Christian who loves GOD more than anyone or anything in the world. I’m engaged now for one year, I have to wait for a annulment process to go through in order to get married in the church. I have been intimate with my fiancé this past year. I am going to marry him as soon as we get the paperwork . I’m going through some issues right now of guilty feelings when I make love to my fiancé that I am sinning.. Can you help me please or tell me if I am sinning? Thank you. , Confused

    • I would love to help you. Can you send me an email address? I will NOT publish it here, I’ll be able to see it and erase it so that it won’t be approved for visibility.



  5. Suzan says:

    Helo ma’am,am in a relationship for jst 3month and the guy is askin me 2 marry him,he is a minister of God,atime i dnt lyk the way he handle sum issues ,and am afraid cos i dnt want 2 marry outside d wil of God

    • If you have enough concern that it would stop you from saying yes, then definitely don’t get involved deeply. One of the biggest mistakes people make is staying longer than necessary. You know if he’s not the one. Praying for your good success… Res

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