Dr. John E. B. Myers at Penn State Child Sexual Abuse Conference on Family Court

In this video, Dr. John E. B. Myers offers a ton of information and confirms that it is extremely difficult for women to keep their children if they raise a question or suggestion of sexual abuse within the court. On the other hand, toward the end, he mentions that you can be liable for not protecting the child. Additionally he says this:

It is the family court that is the least effective when it comes to responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.

He was great about exposing the information that lead legal arguments in history. He mentions that early writers blamed children for being seductive. If it wasn’t the child’s fault it was their mother’s fault. In my research, I am going to be looking for those writers with the intention of understanding whether they themselves were perpetrators or supported child sexual abuse through religious beliefs or ritual practices.

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Additionally I found Dr. Myers’ suggested reading an awesome collection. This video is worth the viewing for anyone who is challenged in court with losing their child to a pedophile parent.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse grooming expert who has authored a petition to make it a felony. She writes, speaks and educates the masses on protecting children and healing as adults from past child sexual abuse.


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Sugar Ray Leonard outspoken about being sexually abused

Sugar Ray Leonard bravely shared his experience with being molested by more than one person. These were people whom he trusted. As a result of trying to drown his memories he began to drink too much, and put himself into alcohol anonymous following a show taping with Regis and Kelly.

After watching this video I had a few thoughts:

  • He’s vowed to speak out about his own experiences however this is new, and he is still working through his process even on camera.
  • This has not become a study for him. He has his personal experience but we should know that his speaking is raw. I believe this serves as an advantage to those who are healing from child sexual abuse
  • I like that he talked about how he beat himself up for years, until he realized that he was not in control of others choices.

For someone who is trying to find the strength within to overcome abuse, and to break their silence this may be a helpful watch.

Please Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony by signing our petition here.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse grooming expert who has authored a petition to make it a felony. She writes, speaks and educates the masses on protecting children and healing as adults from past child sexual abuse.

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Sex Education: Is it grooming children for child sexual abuse?

Many people would say that Planned Parenthood and the National Education Association have had a tremendously positive impact on society, backing the push for sexual health education within school systems across the country.

Class is in Session!

Class is in Session!

It is believed by many that since children are already engaging in sex we need to ensure that they have contraception to prevent pregnancies, and a real understanding of sexually transmitted infections. On the other hand, many believe that teaching sex education in school could mean an increase in promiscuity and that this teaching is a form of child sexual abuse grooming.

Sex education as it is designed today fits the FBI definition of grooming by pedophile. – Dr. Judith Reisman, child sexual abuse expert and adjunct law school professor at Liberty University

Alfred Kinsey’s Work

In this country, there are aggressive efforts by well-educated doctors, lawyers, judges and others who identify themselves as a member of the homosexual-pedophile or pedophile communities who want to change the definition of pedophilia from a mental illness to a sexual orientation. The same was done in 1973 when the definition of homosexuality was changed to a sexual orientation based on the book, often referred to as the Kinsey Report.

Alfred Kinsey was a homosexual-pedophile who molested and raped along with his co-conspirators, thousands of children in the name of science. They were testing how many times a child would orgasm. The children were sodomized with and without objects, and were used as experiments.

Dr. Judith Reisman has spent a greater part of her life studying Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s work and his impact on the entire world. My book, Sexual Discipleship: Exposing the Strategic Plan to Legalize Sex with Children will not be redundant in its efforts to reveal the work of Alfred Kinsey however, I will speak from a biblical perspective citing historical beliefs, that have influenced science and Satanists alike who have discipled Kinsey, and who were also discipled by Kinsey.


In short, the founder of the National Civil Liberties Bureau, now named American Civil Liberties Union Morris Ernst, who was appointed by President Harry Truman to the President’s Committee on Civil Rights said about Kinsey’s work:

It is the single greatest contribution of science in my lifetime, more than the brandeis brief.

According to Wikipedia, The Brandeis Brief was a pioneering legal brief that was the first in United States legal history to rely more on a compilation of scientific information and social science than on legal citations.

The ACLU is responsible for working to remove the term “Under God”, and they are against corporate prayer in schools as they call this “government-funded religion”. This is incorrect. The government can not fund something that is free.

Students don’t necessarily have to pray out loud rather a generalized prayer of peace, thanksgiving and overall freedom of expression through the closing of prayer would make a huge difference. It would calm the environment and invite resolution, connection and renewal. I believe it would reduce both bullying and violence.

If you read the ACLU website, you’ll also learn that they are lukewarm; neutral. They will defend the removal of words that include God, and they’ll defend the use of the word God. It is all confusing but here is the conclusion: The ACLU, like Kinsey is for everything. In other words, everything goes, and the idea that we live in a society where everything should be acceptable is how they defend two sides of both coins.

The ACLU  and Planned Parenthood were founded on the principles of a homosexual pedophile who falsified his interviews with criminals by saying that they were the average white woman. It gave the impression that America was engaging in sexually free activities that they were not.

Planned Parenthood has a similar foundation in that Alan Guttmacher who worked with planned parenthood and started his own similar institute was a Kinsey follower alongside his twin brother who said that Kinsey’s data was the boat by which they were steered.

Many of the top organization who support the idea of free sex, sexual health, the entertainment industry who promote adult-child sex, on-screen love scenes with children and other subliminal messages read and live by Alfred Kinsey’s book.

The Kinsey Institute

The Kinsey Institute was established through Indiana University who supported Kinsey during his days in the lab molesting and raping children. Today, this Institute has admitted that they are in possession of child pornography, and journal submissions by pedophiles who intend to continue to submit their crimes for scientific research.

Child Sexual Abuse Education in Schools

I have created a petition entitled Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony in order to allow prosecution of offenders for pre-meditated sexual abuse, as I call it. The grooming process is something that happens to many of the 90% of children who are sexually abused by someone whom they know.

Erin Merryn created a petition online, and has made it her life’s work to include child sexual abuse education as a law in every state. While I am supportive of her healing process and her sense of desire to make sure that children have knowledge about sexual abuse, as a grooming expert and one who studies pedophiles I do not understand how this will help children. I fear that it will only help pedophiles.

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I learned Good Touch, Bad Touch in Virginia schools. Erin Merryn learned Stranger Danger, but most children are sexually abused before they enter Kindergarten. If the focus of her campaign is intervention, then I completely understand how sharing this information we hope, could reduce the number of children who are abused for years.

On the other hand, if child sexual abuse is legalized, and the definitions of pedophilia are changed from identifying it as a mental illness to a sexual orientation like homosexuality, that means that a pedophile could be teaching your child in this child sexual abuse education class, likely applying grooming techniques and making the children vulnerable for abuse. He’ll handpick who will not tell, and if it is legalized he’ll only suffer mild scorn if any because he will not be prosecuted. Is this the world we want to live in?

Sex Education In Schools

We would not need sex education in schools if we understood that Kinsey’s research greatly affected the promotion of both pornography, homosexuality and free sex agendas by homosexual-pedophiles who desire to normalize first homosexuality, and pedophilia now, in this generation.

Every school system, agenda and teacher are different. My daughter complained that her Spanish teacher would put his political beliefs on students and argue (not debate) calling them names in the classroom if they were republican. The same teacher was nicknamed as a “pedophile” by students who, unlikely knew what this meant. When I reported it to the school, nothing happened even though I told them that the fact that he was nicknamed this by all of his classes should be cause for alarm.

The truth is, teachers have the ability to do and say what they want in classrooms where children do not realize that they may be experiencing grooming. So, why is sex education grooming children for sexual abuse?

Sex Education is often very graphic. When a child is taught to look at videos or images which show uncovered body parts, it provides an opportunity for the child to be desensitized to those images and videos. One of the biggest problems today in media is the images and videos that children are exposed to in Hollywood, in music videos etc. Many of these sources of visual stimuli serve as sources of child sexual abuse grooming. In many sex health classes children are encouraged to experiment with masturbation and with peers sexually.

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Sex does not need to be a community conversation. In the classroom, children are often in the room with children that they like, dislike, are bullied by or have other unsettling feelings about.

The same confusing type of feelings that can come up in this environment where people say that it is okay for sex to be discussed, is a similar type of anxiety that may come up when the child is being manipulated, and coerced (a part of the grooming process) by an adult.

If you tell the child that it’s okay to feel this way, it reinforces the grooming process and it does not call them to respond to the trigger of discomfort that they feel in a situation where they may be in danger.

Silence Makes You Sick Quote

The easy argument is that parents are not talking about sex at home, and this may be true. I do not believe it is the responsibility of a teacher to do the honors, especially when the teacher may be teaching from their own personal experience. Yes, there is curriculum but not every teacher will follow them. I have never been to school where history was taught the same way.

Most professionals are concerned that they can reduce the sexually transmitted infections data, and pregnancy statistics if sexual health is taught in school. The statistics pre-Kinsey and post-Kinsey are alarming. There has been no reduction in violence, std’s or pregnancies since his report was widely spread and adopted as normalize sexual behavior.

By the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s definition of grooming, sex education in schools promote the grooming process in the classroom. Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Not all abuse is the result of physical violence. Perpetrators are not always mean. They are nice and often gain the trust of a child through casual conversation initially.
  2. 20-30% of teachers are pedophiles and other kinds of sexual offenders.
  3. A child who is exposed to pornographic video or images is being groomed for sexual abuse as a part of the “breaking down inhibitions” process.
  4. It is not healthy conversation to talk about sex  explicitly with children, in a way that teaches them how to engage in sex – even if your intention is right.
  5. Although there are children of the same age in classrooms, juvenile offenders who have not yet been identified can take a child’s vulnerabilities into account before choosing to commit rape of some of type of sexual assault.

From a parent perspective, when I talk to my child who is 16 about her value system, I have always made it a point to talk about how her spirit, soul and body will respond to advances from peers wanting to have sex with her, or adults who may be seeking to groom her for sexual abuse. I have also talked to her about the feelings of desire or confusion that may result from certain advances.

While I understand that many children are sexually active, I believe that instead of teaching them how to protect themselves while having sex, we can teach them about their personal value, what healthy relationships are, and look like, and we can teach them that while sex is beautiful, it is not something that a child can consent to, and why.

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Neuroscientists have confirmed that children are unable to make rational decisions without risk until the age of about 24 years old. If this be true, it seems counterproductive to teach children about sex in detail, in a way that may break down inhibitions, entice them into further questioning, position them from abuse, or outright groom them for a sexual predator.

Parents should be able to opt-out of the sex education classes, and have another class for their children to opt into. Another way to put this is that parents should be able to opt-in to the sex education class, which gives them the option of choosing the class. No class, child sexual abuse education or sexual health education classes should ever be required by the government.

Before Planned Parenthood and many of the other changes which have resulted in less faith-based identity and the promotion of free sex for all, including children, we had less cases of violence, abuse and teenage pregnancy.

I do not agree with the shame associated with teen pregnancy like being forced to give your child away, but I do believe that the pre-Kinsey laws supported an environment that did not create a rape culture, or a “sexual revolution” that has left a $124 Billion dollar health care epidemic. Please help me to Make Child Sexual Abuse A Felony

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse grooming expert who has authored a petition to make it a felony. She writes, speaks and educates the masses on protecting children and healing as adults from past child sexual abuse.

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Is Child Sexual Abuse apart of a Government-Funded, Satanist-Organized Plan?

One of the things that I like least is Science. I have always felt detached from Science, and this could be because of my personal beliefs in the spirit world according to the Trinity. I was taught as a young child that every answer that I needed was in the bible, and though some may argue that it is full of contradictions and that the bible is not exhaustive, it is where I have always found my answers.

As a child I has a spiritual encounter with whom I believe to be the God of Heaven and that intimate relationship has been paramount in my life. Again, I haven’t the need for science.

In fact, my Bishop growing up would always answer questions that he felt were exploited by scientists by showing us the same answers in the word of God. For example, he told us where in the bible to find the answer to whether the world is flat or round. I remember that distinctly.

I am writing a book focused on child sexual abuse. And in so doing, I began to ask some really deep questions like, “Why do people abuse children?” I believe that for every situation that is natural, there is a spiritual parallel in explanation. In this case, I wanted to know what is trying to be achieved by sexually abusing children from a spiritual perspective.

As a cover people will tell you that it has something to do with the victim’s family dynamics, or that sexual predators who engage in Pedophilia,  Hebephilia or Ephebophilia are sick people – end of story.

During my questioning, I was able to locate shocking answers to my most delicate questions. I was uncomfortable with how much God and Satan played a part of my revelations and the responsibility bestowed upon me in this literary offering.

In the book (that has an unreleased title), I will take you back to O.T.O otherwise known as Ord Templi Orienti. I will not go back to the Illuminati but I think it is clear that this is a Satanic organization with intent to take over the world to which many entertainers are converts.

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I will however talk about Aleister Crowley and how he admitted to having homosexual experiences as a boy. During one of those experiences he had a visitation “an encounter with an immanent deity” as he describes. This visitation led him to live a life of satanic worship believing that children were to be used as human sacrifice. He created a form of Black Magic called “Sex Magick” and was promoted in O.T.O as “The Great Baphomet” because of this “knowledge”.

Aleister Crowley affectionately named, “The Great Beast” and “The Great Beast 666”. He was often referred to as the “Anti-Christ” and “The Prophet of Pedophilia”. This man, a practicing Satanist was a British “Intelligence” Officer working for the American Government.

In a time where the media prints out a new article update about extramarital affairs within  military leadership like Patreus, it is overwhelming to me that the media seems to be quiet on MKUltra, Project Talent, The Philadelphia experiment, and other government-funded experiments that use children to train them into assassins and super-humans.

My book will reveal information that will help you understand why sexual abuse is such an epidemic – the only form of child abuse ignored altogether. It would no justice to share all of the information here but the book is not offering theories. Much of what you do not know is hidden in plain sight.

My hope is that you will join forces with me and tell the Government to stop using sex with children and calling it experiments; Scientists to stop using sex with children and calling it research; Satanists to stop using sex with children and calling it ritual.

The answer to the question of this blog article is yes, absolutely. I have names of people, projects and homosexual pedophiles that are behind missions to exploit and harm children. While these people may not be a majority, they affect the majority. They influence your decisions, and teach your children to be groomed for sexual abuse.

Please subscribe to this blog so that you can be informed. ————–>

Ressurrection is a child sexual abuse grooming expert seeking to make it a felony.  She is an author and speaker on topics surrounding emotional wellness, relationships and child sexual abuse. She is available for interviews and speaking engagements by phone or nationwide. 202.717.7377 and ressurrection(dot)wordpress(at)yahoo.com She maintains a blog on www.ressurrection.wordpress.com and has authored several books available in all major bookstores, and Amazon. 

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Child Molester Nets 40-Year Sentence Under New Federal Anti-Grooming Law

Child Molester Nets 40-Year Sentence Under New Federal Anti-Grooming Law

U.S. Attorney’s OfficeJuly 15, 2009
  • Middle District of Alabama(334) 233-7280

MONTGOMERY, AL—In a first-of-its-kind case, Chilton County, Ala., resident Jerry Alan Penton, age 37, was sentenced today to 480 months in federal prison under a new federal law that targets the use of child pornography to break down a child’s defenses to illegal sexual contact—a practice commonly known as grooming.

The sentence is the culmination of a multi-year investigation by agents of the FBI into allegations that Penton sexually abused two children, ages 6 and 8. Ultimately, agents took custody of nine computers from Penton’s home, along with CDs and other electronic storage media. A forensic examination by the FBI’s Computer Analysis and Response Team Laboratory revealed thousands of images and movies containing child pornography and child erotica spread over three computers and two CDs. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was able to identify many of the children depicted in the illicit images as known child victims from other states and countries.

A federal jury sitting in Montgomery, Ala., found Penton guilty on all counts on Dec. 12, 2008, after a four-day trial.  According to the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, this was the first case to be tried to conviction under Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 2252A(a)(6), which is the anti-grooming provision of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. Penton was also charged and convicted of knowingly distributing and possessing thousands of images of child pornography over a period of several years.

In handing down the sentence, the Honorable W. Keith Watkins, U.S. District Judge for the Middle District of Alabama, found that Penton had engaged in a pattern of activity involving the sexual exploitation of minors, that he had knowingly distributed child pornography to a minor as an aid to illegal sexual activity, that his victims were particularly vulnerable, and that the images Penton possessed included sadomasochistic depictions of young children. Judge Watkins also noted that Penton had not yet demonstrated any repentance for his crimes.

The judge also took into account statements from several of the child victims depicted in images found on Penton’s computer. According to one such victim, now 19, the feeling of continuous exploitation on the Internet is terrifying: “When I was told how many people have viewed these images and videos I thought my pulse would stop. Thinking about all those sick perverts viewing my body being ravished and hurt like that makes me feel like I was raped by each and every one of them.”

As part of his sentence, upon his release from prison, Penton will spend the remainder of his life on supervised release, with tight restrictions on his ability to use a computer or to have contact with anyone under the age of 18.

This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood. In May 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice launched Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse. Led by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state, and local resources to better locate, apprehend, and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit www.projectsafechildhood.gov/.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Christopher A. Snyder and Nathan D. Stump prosecuted the case.

Note: This article was originally published on the FBI’s website HERE

I decided to re-publish this article as a resource for readers to begin to understand why MAKE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE GROOMING A FELONY must happen. The laws that do use the word “Grooming” in them do not make the process of child sexual abuse grooming illegal. I break down this understanding in my new book, Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Abuse due April 2013.

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Zhang Muyi a 24-year-old pop star in China is Child Sexual Abuse Grooming a Child from Canada with millions of approving followers


When I was 12 years old, I thought that dating someone who was 24 years old made you cool. For the record, I never dated anyone that old at 12 but 19 on the other hand, that was my number. Boys your own age can’t seem to afford the finer things in life, they have no job. I sound pretty ambitious don’t I? As a mother of a sixteen year old however, I understand the misconceptions that materialized my convictions about dating.

As someone who was exposed to sexual abuse at an early age it seemed that my sexuality was awakened well before it’s time. For children like the one in an article that I wrote about why child sexual abuse grooming should become a felony, it was not sexual abuse that caused her to be enamored by her dad’s friend.

At first it was her favorite chocolate bars, and then conversations about God which often questioned whether she was remaining a virgin indicative of his desire to be her first. His “god-centered” questions led to inappropriate conversations which escalated to full out sexual innuendos that by this time, left the child believing that he was going to leave his wife and child to marry her.

The problem that I have with finding out that 24-year-old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi has openly professed his love for a 12-year-old child whether she is a model or not, is that collectively they have millions of fans who are watching their blooming love and are equally dazzled by his charm.

Someone on YouTube said that he is not a “pedo”, a shortened name for pedophile. This user is correct, he is not a pedophile. A more accurate name is called a, Hebephile.

Hebephilia is defined as a chronophilia in which an individual has a sexual preference or exclusive sexual attraction to individuals who are of early to mid stages of pubertal development, generally aged 11-14, although onset of puberty varies. – Wikipedia

The sole purpose of creating a petition like Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony, is for cases like this, where the child victim may not feel victimized or the adult may not have actually had sex with the child. Admittedly, Zhang Muyi is grooming her for sex. It is unrealistic to have the same things in common, famous or not as a child and an adult.

Neurologists have confirmed that you are able to make rational, less risky decisions at age 24 and believe that this is the age of full maturity where you can be called an adult. This further confirms that his choice is a purposeful one. He can be found on his “Weibo” account affirming their “Intergenerational Love” and tells Akama that he can not wait until she can have sex in four more years.

While Zhang is advocating for himself there are groups in place who are working tirelessly to promote sexual abuse and call it “Intergenerational Love”. They would claim that Zhang is just “minor-attracted” and would prefer to be referred to as such, because pedophile or any “phile” name for that matter is casting a negative light.

By supporting Zhang and this child you also support that children are sexual beings who can consent. We know spiritually and statistically that this is false. A child can not consent to sex, in fact child sexual abuse is the silent health care crisis topping $124 Billion over the life time of its victims in the United States alone, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Canadian child Akama Miki and adult pop star Zhang Muyi may have different cultural boundaries as they are not American, however child sexual abuse is a world problem that is not legitimized through a race, class, nation, economic status or other condition. If these two were not in the public eye professionals and anyone who was aware of this case of child sexual abuse grooming would want to intervene before it becomes rape.

In Akama’s mind it would be consensual sex, but Zhang Muyi on the other hand, he knows better. It’s one reason why he’s gained the support of his followers who are also children I take it. Children often say “parents just don’t understand” when the truth is the other way around. Children do not understand adult things, and can not reason as adults do. There is no way that a child can in their right mind consent to sex.

This is child sexual abuse grooming and it needs to stop.

This is child sexual abuse grooming and it needs to stop.

There are several dangers to ignoring this situation and they are:

  • Older men will see an opportunity to follow this example without fear of the law
  • Pro-Pedophile groups will use this as an example that the behavior is acceptable

I’m not sure what I can do to stop this in China or Canada, wherever the children are living but I have a petition in America that you can sign to make sure that someone who is considered a pop star here is not openly dating a child with his or her fans approval.

To give you an image of what that would look like in America, what if Chris Brown was “professing his love” for Halle Bailey of Chloe’ and Halle who are my favorite child singers who just won Next Big Thing on Radio Disney?

The challenge with the age of consent issues that exist within each state are breached when an adult openly preys on a child and gains popularity for doing it online. The entire situation is wrong, and in many states community leaders are fighting to raise the age of consent laws.

They are signing my petition so that I can get an official bill number and present Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony to make it a federal law because perpetrators are getting away with sexual abuse more often that they are prosecuted. This leaves many children scared.

You should click on the above link if:

  • You do not know what child sexual abuse grooming is
  • You think I’m over exxagerating
  • You follow Zhang or Akama
  • You want to take action against child sexual abuse grooming

This topic is not one to consider as funny. I even feel uncomfortable using Chris Brown and Halley Bailey as examples, and I hope that if either of them read this they understand that it was for illustration purposes only. and that my connection was the age difference. Thank you in advance for your signature.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse grooming expert who has authored a petition to make it a felony. She writes, speaks and educates the masses on protecting children and healing as adults from past child sexual abuse.

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Heal Me With Words ™ A National Campaign where Healed People, Heal People for Child Abuse Awareness Month

This year we will focus on our Heal Me With Words™ campaign to offer healing to adults who have been sexually abused. Here is what we know:

  1. 97% of homeless mothers have been sexually abused and/or raped
  2. 80% of patients who have been diagnosed with some form of mental illness have been sexually abused
  3. 75% of prostitutes have been sexually abused
  4. 80% of alcohol/narcotics abusers have been sexually abused
  5. 20-30% of foster care children will be sexually abused before the age of 18
  6. It costs $124 billion over the life span of the collective victims of child sexual abuse for all the care that must be provided for the above problems.

Deven and Res Heal Me With Words 2013

We also know that:

  • People don’t wake up and become prostitutes. They were often sexually abused, left home and was recruited and/or forced into child/human trafficking.
  • Rapists can be rehabilitated
  • There is no “cure” for Pedophilia
  • Many pedophiles hide under the guise of ministry
  • There is no discrimination with this problem. It is in every facet of life where the predator can find children. It’s not a race, or religion issue.

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In honor of National Child Abuse Month we have elected to focus on healing. Heal Me With Words™ offers the entire community to become involved. As a recap we want to share a few of the stories from last year here:

  1. Catherine Portillo who was told by her stepfather that it was normal to be abused
  2. Marko Hamlin was sexually abused by a babysitter and in foster care
  3. Victoria Pendragon who parents were aware that her grandfather sold her to his friends
  4. Jan Williams who was impregnated by her brothers

Here are five articles that might interest you:

We have created a petition on change.org and with enough momentum during April we can begin to attract media coverage and further support for our mission to Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony. Below are two article that I believe explain it all:

Please be sure to click HERE to join us for April 2013. We can’t do this without you! Thank you in advance for your support and your consistency in not only making people take action but requiring mobility in our attitudes, movements and healing.

Ressurrection Graves is an advocate against child sexual abuse and homelessness in the Nation’s Capital spanning the world. Her blog is read in 188 countries, and she offers counseling and support to those who are healing from child sexual abuse. For more information please call 202.717.7377 or email ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

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Judge Judy’s Son Interferes with NY Rape Case?


By JIM FITZGERALD Associated Press
SOUTHEAST, N.Y. March 26, 2013 (AP)


A suburban district attorney who is the son of TV’s “Judge Judy” is being accused of interfering in a child rape case in which the suspect is his personal trainer and recently lived with him.

Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy has recused himself from the investigation of Alexandru Hossu, but the local sheriff claims Levy is still involved.

“He is apparently trying to influence and affect the investigation, which could be perceived as an ethical violation of his official duties and perhaps even as an attempt to undermine it,” Sheriff Donald Smith said.

In a response Monday night, Levy accused the sheriff of making “unfounded allegations and misstatements.”

“My office acted properly in every aspect of the investigation,” he said.

The question of Levy’s involvement in the case has turned into a volley of accusations between the two men, who have clashed publicly before over traffic tickets; Levy also made a veiled criticism of the sheriff’s office in a news release recently.

Hossu, 35, was arrested last week on charges that he twice raped a 12-year-old girl in 2010. The sheriff said the victim, now 15, only recently reported being raped. Hossu made a brief appearance in court Tuesday in and is due back May 7. A call to his lawyer was not immediately returned.

In his initial news release, the sheriff gave the defendant’s address as Levy’s home in Southeast, N.Y., about 50 miles north of New York City. Later, he described Hossu as Levy’s “live-in personal trainer.”

Levy said the sheriff had made a mistake. The sheriff’s office said Monday that Hossu did live at Levy’s home, but “the specific dates” have not been determined.

Levy said he recused himself as soon as he learned that Hossu, “who my family had known for years,” was under investigation. But the sheriff said an assistant district attorney had already made the recusal decision for Levy, so it “was not really his original idea at all.”

Smith said Levy’s commenting on the case revealed “ongoing and improper involvement.”

“In my view, Mr. Levy’s comments and actions would seem to suggest that, if he could have his own way, Mr. Hossu would never have been brought to justice for his crime and Mr. Levy’s relationship with him would never have been brought to the light of public scrutiny,” the sheriff said.

He said Levy was trying to distract public attention “from what this case is really about: the vicious rape of a little girl by a man whom he housed and hired as his personal fitness trainer.”

The sheriff also said Hossu is a Romanian in the country illegally, his work visa having expired 12 years ago. Without mentioning Levy, he said he has requested a federal investigation to determine if anyone illegally “harbored, shielded, aided or abetted” Hossu before or after the alleged rape.

Levy said last week he had no idea of Hossu’s immigration status.

Both Levy and Smith are Republicans. It’s not clear whether there’s any underlying reason for the war of words, though the men battled last year over how to handle traffic tickets. In one of his recent statements, Levy said his office has been trying “to improve the way law enforcement agencies like the Sheriff’s Department handled child sexual abuse allegations.”

Lucian Chalfen, a spokesman for Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore, would not say whether Levy might be questioned during the investigation. But he said, “Our investigation relates to the allegations of the forcible rape.”

Judy Sheindlin, who is Levy’s mother, a retired New York judge and earns a reported $45 million a year as the wildly popular star of her courtroom TV show, says that’s as it should be.

“The sole focus of this story should be the investigation as to whether a young girl was the victim of a very serious crime,” she said Tuesday through spokesman Gary Rosen.


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If You Don’t Get This Business Lesson You Will Be Broke

Business Tips for Developing Lasting Relationships: Do Not Be Afraid to talk about or receive money for your work.

Business Tips for Developing Lasting Relationships: Do Not Be Afraid to talk about or receive money for your work.

Many people like you for a moment. They are responding with emotion. Many people will flood you with “opportunities” but will not follow through. And when they do not follow through, you cannot follow through. Our connections are fluid.

Every broken promise or lack of integrity that affects our personal or professional relationship will impact the environment for which that connection was supposed to flow. This is why we become disappointed. We have plans for the money and resources that we earn or were promised in a contractual agreement.

Business Tip:

If you have family (who will be affected by your income), do not operate in good faith. People intentionally or unintentionally lack integrity. Here is the reality: The only promise we should put expectations on are those that have been given by God.

To be responsible in business you cannot fear asking for income that makes you feel valuable to yourself when you sleep at night. To be responsible in your personal life, you must put requirements on your income as a business person.

This means that unless you have a “good faith” deposit from THEM, don’t take the time to put together a contract that will be ignored as a piece of paper and not honored as a binding agreement.

In other words, as noble as it is to desire connections from people who have a heart to get your message out, let them continue to share, comment, like, email others as your evangelists. There is a difference in business between an evangelist, and a disciple.

When people call you, they should already expect to pay your fee, they should expect a deposit, and they should want to honor you with payment.

When I go to a restaurant, I expect to tip the waitress 15% because that is the standard, and I know that it is how she is paid. If she’s awful, and I know I would not want to pay her, I call the manager and ask for them to send over the best waitress in the building or ask to be served by someone else. (This doesn’t happen often by the way.) If however the first waitress is more than standard, and blew me away (anticipating my needs etc) I will give her more.

You should have a standard, and if you are finding that your standard is not honored two things happen:

1- They don’t get to see you BE. Extraordinary!
2- They won’t pay you the offering even if they did

The other thing that you should know is that if your standard is not honored by someone well intended you may:

  • Have the right audience but the wrong customer

Using tithes and offering as an analogy only based on the above example, your fee is your standard and based on how blessed someone is by you, anything else is an offering or in the world a waitressing a 20% tip.

While there will be connections that you make where you all agree to a creative financing option on your fee-for-service, if a contract is being drawn up based on your verbal agreement, you should seal it with payment immediately. If not, you will be faced with loads of work, promises and disappointment that yield no income.

Wishing you something different,


Ressurrection is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who offers pre-engagement relationship counseling, keynote/workshop/conference speaking on subjects around emotional wellness, child sexual abuse prevention and healing, and eradicating homelessness.


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If you are a part of a team and you realize that you are compelled to do individual work, not to the sabatoge of another but the greater purpose in you, it may be time to step out.

Secrets Of The Winning Edge

Ready to fly

My assignment right now involves flying between the US and the UK on a regular basis to pastor churches on both sides of the Atlantic. Estrella and I couldn’t do it without the awesome team of gifted people that God has placed around us.

In building a team to accomplish a mission like ours, we have learnt that the caliber of every member is vital. So many teams are hampered and ineffective because they have to slow to the pace of the weakest member. To play at a higher level, each member must commit to lifting his or her game.

Since the 1400s, studies have shown that it takes at least 10,000hrs or 10 years of practicing something before a person can perfect their craft and achieve mastery. That’s why a premature graduation usually proves counter-productive. No wonder an excellent apprenticeship was designed to last at least 7 years.

Any person who…

View original post 256 more words

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Nevermind, I’ll Find Someone Like You


“Nevamind I’ll find someone like you, I wish nothing but the best for you two…. don’t forget me, I beg, I’ll remember you said, sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead.”

This part of the famous Adele song “Someone like you” draws tears from the coldest most concrete-hearted person. There is some part of us that stands up to rejection and saddness in an act of survival, of desperation for controlling our emotions enough to imagine moving on.

In contrast when your heart breaks, this standing-up is only an act. It reminds me of breathing techniques while belting out notes that make you want to cry, self-control is a powerful reaction to the things that want to break you.

As emotionally descending as it is to say “Never mind I’ll find someone like you”, it strikes me as a lie. When our souls are tied to the idea that we’ve found the best, even in the midst of revelation that we have in fact not found the best person for us, we (particularly women) seem to mislead ourselves into this brokenness which tells us that no one else will ever match the intense love that we’ve experienced with the same person that comes to mind when this song is played.

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The lie is this: We are emotionally connected to the idea of finding someone who is familiar but we don’t really want the same person. We don’t want someone “like” the person we’re breaking up with. Who in the tom-foolery wants to experience the level of deep dissatisfaction which comes with believing that we’ve found love when it was a form of love?

Similar to how some people who say they have an intimate connection with God only have a form of godliness. This song is one of the most beautiful, saddest songs we’ve ever heard. It resonates with all of mankind who can reach into their sense memory to capture moments that should be forbidden to remember.

As you enjoy this song, and the break-up songs that follow I hope that you remember to do a self-check for familiar spirits. Please know that you do not want him to remember you, because you want to move on and be filled with joy as he is with his future (wife). You too, want to find someone who is not like him or you two together.

The truth is the line, “Nevermind I’ll find someone like you” is a bit haunting and if you listen to this kind of self-talk, you’ll find someone like him, over and over again while living in complete blindness to your relationship wish list. You can be proactive. You can sit down and believe God for the relationship he has just for you. You’d have to be honest with yourself first, honest with God and draw the right person close to you. I know it can happen.

You want someone who will say this about you:

“It’s like what Billy Crystal said in When Harry Met Sally, ‘when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.'” –Jared L. 

Want to learn how to find the one? Click Here

Wishing you someone different,


Ressurrection is a relationship mentor who offers pre-engagement counseling to couples who are in a relationship and thinking about marriage. Using biblical principles she offers support in making next step assessments for couples thinking of tying the knot. For more information please call 202.717.7377 or email ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

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Spiritual Parenting: Gentle Goodnight

Gentle Goodnight helps to dance your children to sleep.

Gentle Goodnight helps to dance your children to sleep.

Spiritual parenting to me is treating your baby/kids as you would want to be treated. Not treating them as an inconveniences that need to find a way to self sooth themselves, be obedient at all times and not get in the way of their parents busy lives. It is important to know that your kids are here to be treated with respect. Your job is to help them unfold into who they are to become and not to mold them into who we want them to be.

My religion is kindness as the Dalai Lama said. I believe all religions have truth and although I believe in God, a higher power, Supreme Being or whatever people want to call that energy, I do not follow a particular religion. I feel that if you need a guide to life or if religion makes you a better person then religion is perfect. For me I treat everyone with kindness and as I would like to be treated and that pretty much encompasses a part of every religion.

In 2013 parenting in a spiritual way is necessary to raise your children. How you raise your kids, those experiences become a part of who they are. Even if they can not consciously recall every detail of how you treated them, those experiences become a part of who they become. If we want to have a peaceful world we have to start with our babies and children.

If there emotional needs are met and not just their physical needs they will learn empathy and compassion to carry with them out into our world. I have continuously talked to my kids who are now 5, 10 and 13 about treating everyone with kindness. Always in a way they can relate to and at a level depending on their age where they could understand using the interactions they and we have with people.

I am the author of Gentle Goodnight which was written as an aid to help start parents off in being spiritually conscious with their new baby. It discusses why it is important to choose the sleep method you will use carefully to get this new soul to sleep. Which again, Gentle Goodnights Dancing sleep method goes back to treating babies as we would all want to be treated.

Would we want to be left crying to go to sleep or would we like to relax into sleep with mom dancing us in a way we both enjoy? This baby is like a stranger in a foreign land who doesn’t speak the language and can’t move his/her body to get what they need. Complete compassion for what life must be like for these vulnerable human beings to me will only help the baby to understand they are safe and loved. Gentle Goodnight understands this and will help new moms build that unbreakable bond of trust with their baby.

Author Lyssa with Gentle Goodnight

Author Lyssa with Gentle Goodnight

 Lyssa’s career as an author began as she felt the deep need to share her Dancing Method that she perfected after a decade to get her kids to sleep. Her passion is to keep improving the quality of life of her family and others, Gentle Goodnight can do that for babies and their moms!  Gentle Goodnight is available at www.Gentlegoodnight.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com




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Suicide & How My Brother Saved Me From Drowning

Suicide & How My Brother Saved Me From Drowning.

What a beautiful writing and how amazing to be saved by your brother! This is a must read.

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[MEDIA RELEASE] Heal Me With Words™ Photo Exhibit during National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month 2013

Submit your submissions if you are not going to be in Washington DC at: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

Submit your submissions if you are not going to be in Washington DC at: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

Ressurrection Graves wrote a memoir and released it in honor of National Child Abuse Month April 2011. After penning Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey To Love, her mother reading it called Ressurrection in astonishment. There conversation lead to Ressurrection’s work today, to bring awareness, healing, prevention and intervention to child sexual abuse.

Ressurrection’s instincts about the correlation between child sexual abuse and homelessness were true. She found that 97% of homeless mothers had been sexually abused as a child and/or raped as an adult.

Deven and Res Heal Me With Words 2013

The more that she became involved in awareness she found her own voice – her niche. Today Ressurrection’s focus is making child sexual abuse grooming (a term that she has created) a felony and exposing pro-pedophile groups who intend to legalize sexual abuse.

You will find this information in her new book: Sexual Discipleship: Exposing the Strategic Plan to Legalize Sex with Children. Ressurrection has also created the curriculum: Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Abuse and this information will also be found in the aforementioned book due in 2013!

She is currently crowdfunding for her book project at the above link. She has confirmed that her book cover will be authentically created by none other than the celebrity visual artist Demont “Peekaso” Pinder who was discovered traveling on tour with Raheem DeVaughn about ten years ago.

Last year, 2012 Ressurrection wrote stories about people who have healed from child sexual abuse. Some of those stories included Marko Hamlin, Johnnetta McSwain, Catherine Marie Portillo, Sundi Jo, Victoria Pendragon, Jan Williams and Jason Kidd whose story helped to launch the “Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming a Felony” petition on Change.org.

In honor of National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (what we call it) April 2013, Ressurrection has partnered with Lisa J. Monroe a photographer from Washington, DC to provide a photo exhibit of individuals who are healed, or are healing from the scars of abuse.

We want Heal Me With Words™ to be a place where people can come to and see poster-boards with messages that affirm their healing journey. We want to see the supernatural power of healing and to inspire you with words. The title of this project is a eye-to-eye contact approach to healing through photograph exhibition. Many people want to be healed, and they don’t know where to start. They reach out, and with this campaign, we are reaching back. With that Lisa J. Monroe and I give you The Heal Me With Words™ Project. – Ressurrection Graves

The process is simple. We have several dates and times that you can come and get your picture taken in Washington, DC, Arlington or Manassas, Virginia in April to have it uploaded and added to this website and our Facebook page Heal Me With Words™.

Below are the dates and activities:

***Please bring your poster-board and preferably a BLUE Sharpie (because that is the color that represents Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month).***

You can choose to take a creative picture that covers, or does not include your face and submit it to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

You can choose to take a creative picture that covers, or does not include your face and submit it to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

April 5th Arlington, Va: is the Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Abuse Seminar in honor of National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. It is our campaign kick off. Heal Me With Words™ will not be present to take pictures but we ask that you support our mission to prevent child sexual abuse by learning from Ressurrection’s presentation. You can take pictures of your own here and then email them to us: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

April 5th Arlington, Va: is the Somebody Say Word Open Mic Event. Co-hosted by 13 of Nazareth, you will get the very best in poetry, music, vocalists, and other performing arts from the Washington DC area. Heal Me With Words™ will not be present to take pictures but we ask that you support the open mic and the amazing artists who do come. You can take pictures of your own here and then email them to us: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com

April 13th Manassas, Va: is Arts Alive! is a free festival put on by the Prince William County Arts Council. Ressurrection will perform poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. The event is held at the Hylton Performing Arts Center and serves as the largest arts event in the area. The event is scheduled from 12pm-8pm. Lisa J. Monroe will be present from 12pm – 4pm to take pictures for Heal Me With Words™

April 22nd Washington, DC: is the Million March against Child Abuse  headed by Domonick’s Warriors and held in Lafayette Park. We will join their efforts in numbers. Lisa J. Monroe and Ressurrection will be outside with the Heal Me With Words™ project. You can take a picture with your poster-board in Lafayette Park during this historic event. Ressurrection Graves will be a speaker at this event as well.

Here are the steps:

1. Grab a blue sharpie
2. Grab a posterboard (like the picture)
3. Write a revelation you had while you were healing (from anything)
4. Take a Picture!
5. Call with questions 202.717.7377 (RESS)
6. Send it to: ressurrection.wordpress@yahoo.com
7. Heal Me With Words

And here is the writing prompt: Remember a time when you had a deep revelation during your healing process. What was this transformational revelation that helped you heal?

Heal Me with your Words!

National Child Abuse Month can be used for awareness, prevention, intervention, healing and education. Our photo exhibit is designed to spread healing far and wide. Please join us.

National Child Abuse Month can be used for awareness, prevention, intervention, healing and education. Our photo exhibit is designed to spread healing far and wide. Please join us.

Would you like Ressurrection to add your organization or event to her Itinerary for April? If she is a speaker at your event, Heal Me With Words™ can also participate with their photo exhibit to bring healing to others. If you are interested, please see the “BOOK ME” page above, or call: 202.717.7377 (RESS) **All of the links in this article are live and can be clicked on for more information**

Heal Me With Words™ is a trademark of Ressurrection Graves. The pictures are copyright of Ressurrection Graves and Lisa J. Monroe. All Rights Reserved.

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Love and Relationships: How to Develop Good Communication

I think people have a misconception that when you get married, you have arrived. In fact, I think we believe that about everything. We don’t see life as a constant but as a destination. So, we want to get out of high school. Some aren’t encouraged to go to college. But for those who are, you want to go to college.

After getting your degree, you imagine you’ll do that forever. But things are always improving and to BE. Extraordinary! you need continuing education classes, connections with other innovative people who empower you to be strong and amazing. We are single, and decide that marriage will be the end of something we feel void of, and this is your lie to yourself.

Marriage is absolutely awesome, adorable, lovely. Being married to my husband brings me joy and I can only liken it to my decision to live for God. I believe that marriage has a doctrine and in that first year, learning how to understand the covenant created between you two, and the choice to walk in it, is a challenge for anyone.

Married 18 years - Anthony and Christina Murray, Oasis Church in Atlanta, Georgia

Married 18 years – Anthony and Christina Murray, Oasis Church in Atlanta, Georgia

It does not change your love, if anything marriage should rekindle the fire that you have for God as your mate serves as an example, a tangible expression of your divine relationship with the most high. Also, your love should grow as you handle discrepancies with care. In the first year, you will learn:

  1. When to fight
  2. How to fight
  3. What communication really is all about

When emotions are high, and tension makes you impulsive, you can raise your voice or argue in front of children. When you get married, whatever you were able to hide is exposed. Whether you struggle with pornography, poor eating habits, or are irresponsible the first year of your marriage will require you to examine yourself beyond what your single preparation for marriage may have done for you.

It is important that you don’t blame each other, or try to parent one another but that you truly develop a love and partnership. Create an atmosphere that inspires the other to heal, grow, mature and BE. Extraordinary! There is nothing wrong with having non-negotiables but remember that God gave us free will to serve, and choose our relationship with him. Our relationship with our mate is not about power and control.

The relationship tip is:

Do Not Abandon Your Communication Skills

You could say that at some point in your life you’ve felt abandoned by God. Whether the statement of your feelings are true or not may be different but understand that there have been times where we’ve felt like God was not hearing us. We have to learn in our intimacy with God, how he talks to us. For me, he speaks directly at times, through people (who do not know that they are conveying a message), and in dreams. How does God talk to you?

I would have never said that anything was more important than sex before getting married. I may have put them on the same level but I venture to say that communication is necessary for anything else to work. God speaks, but he also listens. I believe that one way to learn effective communication is to examine and develop your communication with God.

Spiritual and Emotional Abuse

Sometimes the way we communicate with each other can feel like we’re being punched in the face. Is this how you want your mate to feel?

And, as it relates to your mate, use wisdom. Know when to speak, when to listen and when to decide mutually to be silent agreeing to come back together in a short period of time to work it out. Consider communication the percussion section of your marriage.

Ressurrection Graves is a relationship mentor who loves love. She writes and maintains her blog, is an author and national speaker on topics surrounding healing, love, relationships, entrepreneurship, child sexual abuse and homelessness. To check out her speaking topics please click here.

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Maine Karate Instructor Charged with Child Sex Assault

Wade Robert Hoover faces federal charges after investigators allegedly found photos and videos of him sexually assaulting a boy who appeared to be asleep.

The Associated Press

BANGOR — An instructor at a Lewiston karate studio has been charged in federal court with producing child pornography in connection with an alleged sexual assault on an 11-year-old boy.

The Bangor Daily News reports that Wade Robert Hoover of Augusta was originally charged in state court after child pornography was allegedly found on his laptop.

He was arrested Oct. 3 at the office of the Maine chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, where he worked.

He faces federal charges after investigators allegedly found photographs and videos of Hoover sexually assaulting a boy who appeared to be asleep.

According to court documents, the boy was the 11-year-old son of a law enforcement officer Hoover knew. It could not be determined if Hoover had a lawyer.


Originally published here.

Ressurrection Graves is from the Washington DC area and created a term entitled, “Child Sexual Abuse Grooming” which is different legally than “Child Grooming” which is associated with “Child Trafficking”. She is working diligently to “Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony”.

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Ritual Child Abuse: An 8-year-old boy marries a 61-year-old woman

According to an article in the Mail Online Newspaper an eight-year-old boy was contacted by his ancestors and told that he should marry in Tshwane, South Africa. The boy and the mother who were fearing divine retribution decided that marrying a 61-year-old woman would keep their family safe.

In church Sunday morning a guest minister mentioned a case in the US where a child reported that they were going to church too much and as a result, the child was taken from the parents into child protective custody. He found this article on parentalrights.org. In the end, the child was given back to the parents but with conditions, the court had to monitor how much church the child attended.

I find that amazing since I’ve had to call child protective services on people in various jurisdictions for real cases of abuse, and nothing happened to protect the child from physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse. The child in the case who was complaining about the amount of church they attended was fighting for their own rights to be established.

The eight-year-old child was named in the article about the 61-year-old woman. The only time this happens is when the families and professionals involved do not feel that there was a crime committed, or that the child was victimized. Amazingly, in a previous article that I wrote about Bishop Larry Trotter, most people were smudging the face of his granddaughter under the impression that she was victimized.

In the article about this child Sanele, it clearly states that the act is a ritual. Although they had a full-scale wedding which included family, friends, flowers, a wedding dress and officiant, no papers were signed. Here are my questions for the families involved. Why did you need to make your ancestors happy? Why did a grandmother marrying a child in a ritual to satisfy his grandfather’s dream (because he never had a “white-wedding) signify that this child would one day be married?

Child Ritual Abuse Marriage

Child Ritual Abuse Marriage

This was not an actual marriage however, I disagree. In the bible, it is very clear that a contract constitutes marriage, I submit to you that these families had a contract. It is not clear to me why other blogs and forms of publication are calling this an arranged marriage. It is a ritual marriage and because this is a child it is ritual abuse. In America, any time an agreement is made and either written down or verbal where money is exchanged it is considered a contract. The money executes the contract.

I realize that their marriage will not be recorded by vital records in Africa but the ceremony and the financial arrangement by the family makes this deeply ritual to me. The eyes of the court to do not stand a chance in the eyes of God.

It is important even in a Christian household that we teach our children how to pray, and how to live by the standards and morals that we believe are divine. It is also important that parents are able to teach their children about spiritual aspects of their believing system which may include some things that outsiders would not understand.

However, there is a difference between praying and occult practices which are ingrained within ritualistic abuse. In this situation, the child asks to obey his ancestors request. In order to make that kind of contact, there had to be practices which established his belief that he could hear from his grandfather in the first place. The mother should have been clear that as a child, this kind of ritual would be unacceptable.

A child is not able to make life decisions, and the more that the news promotes the self-sufficiency of children, the more that rights are being taken from parents who are there to guide them. A few misguided parents should not determine how other parents raise their children.

For example, spanking your child is a huge debate, and the church maintains that it is against its doctrine to spoil a child (not spank them) however agree that to physically discipline your child with weapons or out-of-anger is abusive and has negative effects on the child’s development, mental and spiritual growth.

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My anti-pedophile fight is to make very clear that children are not sexual beings. Children do not have the capacity to make decisions about their life or their bodies. Adam came from the dust of the ground and GOD breathed life into him. Eve came from the rib of Adam, and her oxygen was in her blood. GOD chose to create the rest of humanity through the womb of a woman, even bringing Jesus by the same way. For this reason, Jesus is called the Son of GOD, and the Son of Man.

If we begin to promote children as beings who can make their own choices about their life, we will become a pro-pedophile nation. Not pictured here, but offered in the original article is the child and the woman kissing after the exchange of rings. How is this not child sexual abuse? How is this not child pornography?

In my book, Sexual Discipleship: Exposing the Strategic Plan to Legalize Sex with Children, I talk about this agenda which seeks to steal, kill and destroy the youth of tomorrow.

ritual abuse 2

As parents, and adults we have a responsibility to guide and protect our children. There will be people who misguide their children however, I would rather have hope in a child finding their way than to tell children that they can make their own decisions when we know that the child’s careless risk in decision-making does not end until around the age of 24-25 years old. This information comes from the National Institute of Health and other evidence-based assessments.

You May Also Like: Parents demand rights for transgendered child

If we choose to do anything, it should be to raise the age of consent for sex and other risky behaviors to reduce the opportunity for our children to be taken advantage of by all perpetrators not just pedophiles. Lastly, the article indicates that these families will go back to their normal lives. While I am not an expert in this ritual my question is, why was it necessary in the first place?

How do we know that the child will not be raped by this woman? I used the term rape because a child can not consent. How do you know that behind closed doors he will not be obligated to perform acts with her? After all, she was bold enough to invite 100 guests, gain the approval of her husband and five adult children, and kiss the child in the mouth at their wedding.

Ressurrection Graves is a child sexual abuse expert in the anti-pedophile movement working to ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse. She is a national speaker, and author who created the curriculum, Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Abuse. To Book Ressurrection for your next event, radio or television interview please click here.

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57-Year-Old Man has Sexual Relationship with a 14-Year-Old Child

Francisco Alcala

Originally Published By Fox591:47 p.m. EDT, October 30, 2012

Questionable text messages led a father to uncover a possible sexual relationship between his 14-year-old daughter and a 57-year-old man.
text messages reveal possible sexual relationship between 14-year-old girl and 57-year-old man According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the father found the messages and asked his daughter about them.
According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the father found the cell phone and asked his daughter about it. The girl said the man–57-year-old Francisco Alcala–had given the phone to her, the report said.

Fox59The father tried to confront Alcala at his southwest side home but called police when he couldn’t find him. Officers arrived at the home and interviewed the 14-year-old, who told them she’d had sexual contact with the man on more than one occasion.Detectives from the IMPD Sex Crimes Unit arrested Alcala Tuesday on preliminary charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and child molesting.


Ressurrection Graves is from the Washington DC area and created a term entitled, “Child Sexual Abuse Grooming” and is different legally than “Child Grooming” which is associated with “Child Trafficking”. She is working diligently to “Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony”.

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I thought that this post was exceptional. You don’t see it coming, but it ends powerfully and I knew that it would be the kind of story that would fit well in this blog space.

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog

Marie, who is profoundly deaf, came to live with us at the age of 7 years old.  At first she appeared to be your typical “tom boy”, but then she began to exhibit symptoms of being something more…symptoms of being an actual boy.  Quite simply, she TOLD me she was a boy.  She would only wear boy clothes, (including boy’s underwear.)  She refused to use the Ladies Rest Room so we found the family and unisex restrooms if she had to go to the bathroom in public.  She begged me to let her get her hair cut short, but her birth mother’s rights had not yet been terminated and she would not give permission for Marie to get a haircut, so Marie would pull it up in a pony tail on top of her head and wear a baseball cap everywhere.  She looked like a boy and she acted like…

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WOW. No words will express my thoughts about this.

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