Ex-Offenders Program

Victim of Child Sexual Abuse (Predator Eddie Long), Jamal Parris, Charged Felony Drug Charges

This program is designed for individuals who are exiting the penal system with drug related felonius convictions that may prohibit them from being employable. Our program offers entrepreneurship training as an alternative to life skills, and employment support.

We offer classes on how to start a business, writing a business plan which will include updating your resume, a career assessment, how to speak and write professionally to attract investors, and providing support to help you to re-enter society to be a contributor to your community and your immediate families.

Due to the nature of our other focuses, we are especially sensitive to support victims of child sexual abuse who may during their release decide to receive healing from trauma.

We offer private and group sessions from beginning to advanced level entrepreneurship classes, and/or coaching in the Washington DC Area. For more information, please contact us here.

If you are considering our support please make sure that you watch this informative video!

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