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[MEDIA RELEASE] ‘We Found Love’ in a hopeless place: How a Veteran and Entrepreneur crossed paths in a homeless shelter – their wedding celebration and the launch of their non-profit organization to end homelessness with housing in America

WEDDING CELEBRATION: DEVEN AND RESSURRECTION Ressurrection Graves is a serial entrepreneur and like many Oscar winners (Martin Sheen or Halle Berry), businessmen and women before her, homelessness was the path least desired. This experience has developed and shaped the emergence … Continue reading

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One Horrible Myth About the Homeless

I recently attended a writing group near my home. I wanted to meet some new people who are gifted in writing, who also share my involuntary desire to tip-toe  and tap dance on my computer keyboard, for long periods of … Continue reading

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Frankie and Alice starring Halle Berry and how to overcome painful memories

Frankie and Alice was an excellent movie. Halle Berry is indisputably one of the most amazing actresses to date. The movie depicted by Berry as Frankie, Alice, and a little girl nicknamed “Genius”, told of a true story involving a … Continue reading

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