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Ten Reasons You Should Attend Family Counseling

Ten Reasons To Attend Family Counseling I must admit that it was a story that I wrote about Victoria Pendragon which motivated me to initiate family counseling one last time. She and her siblings attended a weekend retreat with a … Continue reading

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Life After Herpes: Implementing Steve Harvey’s 90-Day Dating Sex Rule, Shirley Strawberry of The Strawberry Letter and Accepting STD Diagnosis

It is about that time again ladies and gentlemen. Students have graduated high school and are heading to their post education destinations with angst and a sense of freedom. The collegiate experience for freshmen or upper-classmen provides an opportunity for … Continue reading

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Relationship Tip: Friendship With The Opposite Sex

Originally posted on Creating Healthy Relationships Blog:
The question. Last week I had a phone interview with a feature writer for a magazine. She wanted material for an article on platonic relationships with opposite sex, (opposite gender) adults. The interviewer…

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What Love Does: A Tell-All Example to Teens Who Are in Dating Relationships

“I’m going to write a blog after I eat,” I said to my love. He responded, “Aww Man!” This month is the month that single people mourn lost relationships and in recent years have gotten together to crash bars, and … Continue reading

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