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A Year Alone: How Self-Intimacy Can Heal Your Soul

A Year Alone The human body is at once marvelously complex and straightforwardly simple. Most of how it functions we can only hope to grasp intellectually yet a lot of how it functions, in a general way, is simple to … Continue reading

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Truth: A Poem About Sexual Abuse

TRUTH The truth burns inside me As though it were lies That’s the thing about abuse It has its own life Your life Is its life But no one sees it Save you And you walk about All normal Until … Continue reading

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My Career Journey: How to Ask for the Experience that You Really Want

Those who go to work every day needing less are inevitably the ones who end up earning more. – Russell Simmons Yesterday, I was feeling a bit drained. It felt like an emptiness that was falling between my fingers.  It … Continue reading

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