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Celebrate Your Now: Awakening Wisdom

We are sometimes under the impression that we are proactively seeking our dreams, and in our relentlessness we are actually waging war with ourselves. We make things much harder than they have to be at times because we do not … Continue reading

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Ginny Scales-Medeiros: Helping Bullies And Their Bullied Classmates

As a child Ginny Scales-Medeiros would show up to school in tattered clothing from her trailer park residence. She grew up dirt poor and bathed once per week. Her mother made her clothes and she was often targeted by school … Continue reading

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My Career Journey: How to Ask for the Experience that You Really Want

Those who go to work every day needing less are inevitably the ones who end up earning more. – Russell Simmons Yesterday, I was feeling a bit drained. It felt like an emptiness that was falling between my fingers.  It … Continue reading

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