Upcoming Events

Welcome to our Upcoming Events Page! We will have a lot of events during 2013 and we want to keep you informed.

Ressurrection Graves is a professional speaker, and is always available for national speaking events and radio or television interviews on subjects pertaining to her work.

EventBrite will be the hosting website of our event information this year. We will try to keep you up-to-date however, here is a link that will list all current Upcoming Events that we will host at the Hilton in Arlington, Virginia or otherwise.

I study a lot of trainings online too. And I
read a lot of books. But…

There’s something powerful about
spending time with people you love to
learn from.

=> You get to feel their energy and see
what they are really like.

=> You get to absorb some of their mojo and
take it home with you (in fact my recent $1.1
Million Dollar product launch came from hanging
out with Mike Koenigs, Lisa Sasevich, and Jack
Canfield in early November – not because they
gave me great ideas per say, but because of being
in their energy).

=> You get to brainwash yourself (in a great way –
seriously, the regular world is filled with non-stop
negativity on the news, radio, even good meaning
friends and family can get negative some times, but
when you get together with powerful people you get
to breath some really clean air, mentally speaking).

=> You learn by osmosis at live events. You
will learn so much just by sitting in the actual
room where the event is even if you never take
one note, just because of the transference of
energy. – Christian Mickelsen

Please Click Here ——–> EVENTS ON EVENTBRITE

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