Thank you so much for visiting my website! My name is Ressurrection Graves and this one website is comprised of a few different important causes like Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony. In an effort to help you navigate through the website pages, and to clarify the projects that you have access to, I have chosen to write this page as A Welcome On Your Journey To Love!

I am a professional conference speaker and a professional writer. You can find examples of my writing style by clicking on the Home page and checking out current blogs, or you can also look to your ——–> and click on the calendar. There are blogs and navigators on the right side of the page.

It seems like everyone is an author nowadays so I have to clarify that I write in my sleep. Writing for me is not a marketing opportunity or driven by the need for a product. I actually enjoy it.

In my day dreams I am writing,

captivated by the texture of letters

which swoon me like feathers

caressing the skin of your beloved.

The word- it, covers me;

my writing.

bodied like an ocean’s presence,

its beauty-rhythmically drowned in essence;

the earth’s landscape.


Words keep me intimate;

literally innocent;


Emptying visions running marathons

It is this eagle

inside of me which escapes;

a vagabond

until I found this home

Writing will never leave me alone – separate

it sacredly entangles me into its web of exception;

free form expression

as healing indeed.

The words are the concert

this website is my microphone

to make sense

of the audience in my head which screams.


Like an Alvin Ailey dancer

suspended in air.

Not sure why it chose me.


My fingertips,

 addicted to the sensations of touch

Knowing that words come

from what we believe is enough

to arrest my senses: handcuffs

liberty entirely forbidden by those bound inside

 captivated by my own hang glide.

I love.

Hypnotizing, I using words as my crest;

I straighten my wings and prepare for the turn in gest.

– Ressurrection Graves

Written (as I was writing this Introduction) 

Date: May 04, 2012

Introduction Continued…..

As a professional conference speaker, author of a memoir, poetry and this blog website, I speak out about Child Sexual Abuse awareness, prevention and healing. However, true to the title of this website Love, Life and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse, is that I talk about love, life and relationships from a biblical perspective.

Do not be alarmed, you do not have to go anywhere! I love to connect with everyone. The truth is, I do not resonate with all christian thought and I am not asking you to convert. My spiritual gifting and calling are not evangelism! (joke) This is a place where I get to share my thoughts, and sometimes those thoughts come across as great wisdom, other times it may be mused with frustration. (I am working on the latter)

There will be times when I speak from a spiritual or biblical perspective, however one of my signature speaking events that I have created addresses religious abuse, and child sexual abuse, and that is for mandated reporters, law enforcement and social workers. It can be shared in places of worship as well but is not exclusive for believers, or non-believers.

My philosophy is that I must live a balanced life and to be quite honest not all Christians believe this. You see, when I search the scriptures, I do not look for tradition, I want the truth – straight, no chaser. That is why I developed Seven Steps to Finding Your Mate For Life

I am tired of all the opinions over the pulpit, what does the bible say about finding the one? Are their steps you can follow? Believe it or not, the answer is yes and I have found them.

You May Like: The Rules Of Engagement

Not all of my work speaks from a biblical perspective, and when they do I let you know. For example, I am a licensed minister, and I perform wedding, funeral, baby dedication, baptism, and counseling services. You will find that information on this site as well. However, there is a more professional website under construction that will provide insight on these services.

Do’s and Don’ts

I do believe that you can be healed from child sexual abuse. I do not believe that you need to receive salvation to be healed from child sexual abuse. Jesus did not heal people based on whether he felt they were “qualified”.

I do believe that alcoholism is a sin, and I do not believe that having a drink will send you to hell. The bible advises that we do not get drunk, it does not say that we are not permitted to drink.

This example about having a drink and being drunk is in line with my philosophy about achieving balance in all things. There are many things that can become addictions however, if we focus on living in balance, I believe that we will be able to apply the scriptures to our lives without pressure and condemnation.

I do believe that God will offer conviction when you are sensitive to transforming areas of your life that are a hindrance to your closer more personal walk with him. I do not believe that it is my job to condemn anyone for actions that are believed to be in the absence of wisdom.

Of course, these are just a few do’s and don’ts about me that may help you learn of my work a little more.

So, grab some herbal tea, light a candle or an incense, put on love and take your time through this website. I work diligently to bring information, and thoughts to this space that can offer healing and balance for everyone.

Thank you,

Ressurrection Graves

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. This is an amazing effort to work for the improvement in significant areas. Good to see people spreading the right kind of knowledge. All the best! I hope more and more people understand what your blog wants to say!

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