P.O. Box 7594
Arlington, Virginia 22207

Dear Constituents:

As we move closer to achieving literary goals, and creating a platform for books written by and the brand that is Ressurrection in and for the marketplace, we want to implement some of the important resolutions Ressurrection has created and emphasized through her writing and advocacy work.

We are giving 10% of all book sales, and 100% of all donations toward creating a non-profit organization that will bear Ressurrection’s name. Additionally, we are seeking donations of Hair Clippers and the below list of toiletries for men or single-parent mothers with male children, to support our Grooming Gentlemen For Greatness project.

We are accepting toiletries with a donation of a NEW or gently used set of hair clippers!

Homeless Men Need Quality Clippers To Help Their Self-Esteem, To Obtain Employment, And To Create Opportunities That Will Aide Them In Reestablishing Their Independence.

The main project is to provide hair clippers so toiletries are secondary in nature – but absolutely a necessity for our homeless men, and single parents with male children.


Hair Clippers – (Color-Coded for those learning to cut their own hair)

Wahl Brand has color-coded hair clippers for young and adult men, learning to cut their own hair at home!

  1. Hair Combs
  2. Hair Brushes
  3. Head and Shoulders Shampoo (or equivalent – medicated; dandruff relief)
  4. Hair Grease
  5. Shaving Cream
  6. Razors
  7. Nail Clippers
  8. Deodorant
  9. Toothbrush
  10. Toothpaste
  11. Peroxide
  12. Alcohol
  13. Socks
  14. Boxers
  15. T-Shirts
  16. Thrift Store Vouchers – Coupons – Gift Certificates

We thank you in advance for your support! Remember, purchase a copy of Ressurrection’s book and 10% will be given to the organization. Send a monetary donation to P.O. Box 7594, Arlington, Virginia 22207 or purchase a pair of color-coded hair clippers for a homeless man or single mother with a male child.

These campaigns are on going. Your generosity will help the homeless individuals and families recovering from child sexual abuse, provide education, prevention, healing and awareness.

For questions, please call: 202.717.7377 

Take Action – Give Generously!


The Ressurrection Graves Foundation Family

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