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“Ressurrection Graves leads by example, she has overcome, stepped up and become her own truth. Her powerful voice and profound writing can help to heal the weary who have struggled. 

Her name says it all Ressurrection from what some might call a grave…she is now on top, living and a vibrant force. 

Best to her and all who she may help with her profound words. “
Sue Lee 
Creator of “I Believe in Me!”February 3, 2012

“All too often the dysfunctionality that rears its ugly head within the African-American family becomes a norm.  Left untreated, this behavior becomes a repeat offender.  Ressurrection Graves exposes the sickness that is known all too well to tons of woman, children, boys, and girls for what it really is – a generational curse.  The book takes the reader from the incestuous memories of a toddler to the adulthood of a young woman who has had to compete with the roller coaster ride of life.  Eyes will be opened and deliverance of the soul will take place as one engages one’s mind, body, and spirit into this non-stop page turner.  If you need a restoration in your journey of life and look at reality of how to overcome “the small stuff” , then I invite you to saddle up for the ride of your existence.”
Prophetess R. Melvinia W. Williams

The Power of Saying NO! Was an empowering workshop! The Beautiful U girls learned that there are many different ways to say No and they should find their voice and not be afraid to act with authority to really say what they mean. Some of the girls mentioned having problems with saying not in the past; because of fear of losing friends. Ms. Res (as the girls called her) challenged the girls to dare to be yourself and if someone is asking you to do something that you are not comfortable with or simply just don’t want to do… say “No”. Ms. Ress did not speak at the girls but instead had an open and honest conversation with them. She gave the girls ways to say no and told them if you say “Yes” to something and you feel bad right after you probably should have said no. This workshop will be a staple with Beautiful U!” – Tre’ona Kelty, Beautiful U, Yes U Founder/Facilitator

“I had the pleasure of having Ressurrection at an event my wife put together. Wow…great speaker and poet. She was very professional, articulate and moving. We would love to have her at other speaking events.” 

Service Category: Speaker/Poet
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative – Jackie Harris

Ressurrection Graves, recited an original Leadership poem at the Annual Executive Youth Leadership Summit in May 2011 at the US Capitol. Our youth and parents were encouraged by her words. She received a great response, we especially enjoyed her passion and enthusiasm during her presentation. We wish her much success in her speaking and writing career and look forward to a continued connection to Ms. Graves and her work. – 

Chonya Johnson

National Youth Director
Annual Executive Youth Leadership Summit – 1st Saturday of May at 8:00am-3:00pm in Washington, DC.

Ressurrection was awesome… Comfortable and comforting. Thank you for a feature…for sharing your story, your triumphs, your engagement news and your beautiful daughter! (tell her, “hey baby!” for me, please?) You’re welcome anytime…everytime! ”

Raquel Brown, host of Will Work For Food at Sweet and Natural, Mt. Rainier Maryland

Ressurrection was Nominated for Yahoo’s “Women Who Shine”  2012

The following testimonials are personal endorsements from people who chose to Vote for Ressurrection:

“She is an inspiration to many survivors of physical and sexual child abuse. Her words and her informative blog shed light and dispel myths regarding this sensitive issue that needs to be brought out in the open in a safe space. I applaud all she does to bring the truth of the realities of abuse and she herself has become the outspoken voice who advocates for the silenced voices of the victims of abuse in a world that seeks to shove this topic under the rug. She is exemplary and indeed a woman who shines among many.” – Voter

“love this lady! she is doing a lot of great work. God bless.” – Voter

“Ressurrection is an amazing woman with a hug mission to make a difference in the lives of others. You get my vote Res!” – Versandra Kennebrew

“Such an inspiration.” – Lisa

“I praise God for Ressurrection’s boldness and tenacity to expose the enemy & his tactics to cause men and women to lose their identity. Her voice has been a midwife to help birth and “resurrect” those lost identities. The power of leadership exudes from the core of her heart on these pertinent issues. Who you “Know” yourself to be is more valuable that what people “Say” that you are. When knowing who you are becomes greater than what others are saying about you, the reality of your life’s purpose will propel your destiny to manifest exponentially. Continue to make the sound of victory Woman of God, as you dispel the lies of this statement: “What happens in your past will constitute who you will be in the future.” I love you!!” – Terran J

“Congratulations and thank you for letting your LIGHT SHINE…I am so Proud of You…” – Carolyn White-Washington, Founder of Sisters 4 Sisters, Inc.

“Ressurrection Graves is an amazing woman that I met while on my path of healing and she has been an amazing source of motivation for me. Her energy seems boundless and her passion for raising awareness to the masses for hardship and needless suffering should be greatly supported. 
With our votes she will be able to accomplish a greater outreach of her message to humanity for all of us to do better in life and with each other to overcome adversity in all it’s forms and even better, to HEAL.
With healing comes a better life and anyone that can make life better for many definitely shines!” – Catherine Marie Elder Portillo

“This woman is a great friend, Sister, mother, virtuous woman of God. She has a wonderful character full of integrity! There is no reason NOT to vote for her! I love my Sister Res!!!! Voted!!! Stamped!!! Now sharing!!! Lol” – Voter

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