Even Tiki Barber is Unemployed

I have seen Tiki Barber on various sports shows as a sportscaster, a career that many NFL well dressed, and well spoken former players persue even for a season.

News reports state that Tiki Barber who, was married for 11 years, and left his pregnant wife for his new fiance‘ is jobless. He is Unemployed and feeling the angst of not knowing what the future holds.

Many people who have a career end or transition can feel situational depression as a result of such unexpected disappointment.

Now that he has no future career in the NFL, and he has completely changed his own world by giving up his family for a young news reporter, I guess you could say that either the cup is half empty or the cup is half full. Only time will tell and only Tiki will know.

I pray that he keeps his mind strong and is willing to unveil himself, to himself during this time. He owes me and no one else explanation or understanding. But I know what it feels like to have everything that you know about life to completely change.

Unfortunately when this happens, life doesn’t say, “I’ll wait for you. Take your time catching up.” Life has a way of happening, with or without notice and somehow we have to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared for the new course and direction.

Maybe his new fiance’ will be a rock for him. Maybe she’ll roll. Either way I’ve learned that in times of difficulty, life will see what you’re made of. I wonder if Tiki will show that he’s a GIANT.

The Bible and Child Sexual Abuse: 

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