Remembering Dave Duerson

This is most certainly NOT my favorite picture of me, but a great pic with Dave!

And here is the business man, Dave Russell Duerson.

We know that Dave was an NFL star but we want him to be remembered for more than donating his brain. Dave Duerson was amazing!

The silence has been broken. Friday, all who knew Dave were devastated. As credible news sources have reported, Dave Duerson, two-time Superbowl Champion with the Chicago Bears died Thursday night, February 17th.

I was made aware that Dave killed himself after reports confirmed that he had a gun shot wound to the chest. The last Facebook message that was written by Dave Duerson urged us to pray for Refrigerator Perry, an old teammate from the Chicago Bears. Dave Duerson sat on my Board of Directors for a former massage company that I owned.

He was first a client and immediately said that he wanted to invest in me. He said he believed in me and was on the team. We spent time negotiating and in the process of business, as good business relationships evolve, we became connected in friendship.

Dave and I had this thing where we could not call each other and both be having a bad day. He’d say, “Res, we can’t both be down at the same time, somebody has to be up.” We’d joke about whose day it was.

Dave’s Mind

Many people will remember Dave for his sports accomplishments, but his mind was amazing. I hear the reports about the fact that he committed suicide as a selfless act to football, and that prompted me to write this blog as I do not believe this to be true.I understand that he was experiencing symptoms of CTE- Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy as a result of his football career. He played 15 years in the NFL.

Dave Duerson’s business achieved admiral success. Duerson Foods was a manufacturing company that served 1/3 of the sausage patties to McDonald’s locations, and he also had contracts with other fast foods like Burger King.

He built the company to 63.4 million as he reported to me and others in business circles. Dave made me a better business woman in a matter of months. He challenged me, the way that I challenge others in business. He was so quick with numbers that before I could get something out of my mouth he had broken down how much money we would all make over the course of several years.

As one of the reports suggests, with Mike Ditka, Duerson’s former coach with the Chicago Bears, Dave did lose his business, he was recently divorced, and I know personally that he loved his children and desired to spend more time with them, including his beloved “pumpkin”. His wife recently sued him for his Superbowl Rings, and trophies. REALLY LADY?

We both have a daughter the same age, months apart. Dave missed his father terribly who passed away in late 2009. Dave Duerson and I, met May of 2010. Many of the business men and women who have stayed connected to him since then share the same sentiment.

I do not believe that time is a determinant in the intimacy of relationships. There are people who know each other there whole lives and do not know each other or anything about them. If you read some of my old posts I prove that when I stated that my sister did not know I could cook, and this is recent. Dave Duerson was a wealth of information, literally. He was kind, encouraging and supportive. He was Dave!

I want to concentrate on the Dave Duerson that changed my life. I am a confident businesswoman, but every person desires to have relationships with people who support them. Dave made it clear that he believed in me, and my business.

And, when I decided to sit a $4.6 million capital raise down in order to complete my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love” he said that he would not go anywhere, he would still be on team Ressurrection when I was ready.

Handling Loss

Dave Duerson and I had a lot in common. I lost my home to foreclosure, my relationship (fiance) and essentially my business. Dave had $846 in his bank account when he died, and a condo in Sunny Isles, Florida. I have no bank account at all, and have been living homeless. And, Dave was in a better position in that he was settled in Sunny Isles, FL. Florida was a brand new life for him, isolated from the environment he had known for more than 27 years.

He was starting from scratch, just as I. Dave Duerson was intellectual, loved his cigars, and used to get massages often when he played in the NFL. His belief in H.E.A.L. Massage and Bodywork was because of my niche to promote the medical aspects of therapy, the business system I have created, and simply because of how much he loved an amazing massage. When I met Dave, who knew that we, coming from two different life experiences would be on the same team.

Dave Duerson was honest. He is an example of the type of business partner that anyone would want to have. He was incredibly honest, in disclosing personal information to me, which showed me the level of belief that he had in me, and my company. Dave and I have another thing in common, waiting on money. Although it is true that he had won a case back in 2004 for $34 million dollars, what good is the fact that he won the case if he did not receive any of it? We are going on seven years!


Dave attended Notre Dame, and he got a Master’s Degree from Harvard University. One of the things that impressed me most about Dave was that he was a “smart jock.” Dave Duerson was a “Q” proudly, and a Mason.

Here pictured is Edmond Lee (Board of Directors for H.E.A.L. Massage and Bodywork, and Marketing/Sales Expert) and, Dave Duerson. We all met at a business program for Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas called CEO SPACE.

He donated his brain because he was a genius, in my opinion. It is a way for us to remember him. He will live on. Dave had a deep Barry-White-king-kind-of-voice, and I joked with him often that he was such a manly man. He would laugh. It is with great disappointment and pain that I blog about Dave Duerson’s Suicide.I loved him like a brother. He was that kind of lovable being.

Beyond business, we were both in a place where we must begin again. For many, the pressure of the fight becomes overwhelming and people give up, whether they are still walking around, or kill themselves.

I pray that my fight with homelessness ends soon, as I have done all to stand. I promise to use the business secrets that Dave Duerson taught me in our brainstorm sessions. He was impressed with me as I was with him. Especially in loss, we learn how to overcome adversity and what mistakes we should avoid in the future.

I did not lose a $60+ million business, but loss can not be divided into numbers. And when or if someone loses, it doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent, capable, or any less masterful. For Entrepreneurs, a misstep has great risk involved. A true business man, or woman will have to overcome the adversity, learn from the mistake and get back in the game.

Dave started a business called DD Favor, after his nickname Double D. Dave was extremely confident, and rightfully so about his knowledge in business operations. We really connected in this area.

He inspired me to step out on the things that I know. Loss requires you to reinvent yourself, to be open to new opportunities, and to create them. It seems, feels and looks hard. But if you draw from your authentic self, the core part of you that is indeed extraordinary and set apart, you will find something inside of you that no one else can do, like you!

Dave’s Church

As a Christian, I have to say that it is paramount that when famous people attend your church, you treat them with the same love, respect and regularity that you treat others. Dave was making Florida his new “home”, and he had a church there that he liked.

He personally shared that he did not like being looked at as a famous person, and wanted to be apart of the ministries or connected to the church without the expectations or labels that star struck people often give. I pray that Dave will be remembered for being so genuine and kind like a big teddy bear. I also will remember him for that football-player-rough-guy that leaked from his soul.

Suicide Information

Thank you Dave. It was blessing to connect with you. If you are reading this, and you are thinking of committing suicide, please reach out for prayer at your church, your closest friends, and you can also call: 1-800-273-8255 The National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

If none of that sounds appetizing, reach out to me:

I encourage you to fight. It is hard, I know. I write about my experience with homelessness in my book. There are a lot of people who do not understand, and don’t care that you may have experienced loss. Please know that God is there, in stillness. Sometimes we have to get in a quiet place and pray.

Prayer is a conversation, and many times I haven’t known what to say when all words were exhausted. Sit and have a ready ear and the attitude of a listener. God loves you. Love is an action word. He will perform what he has promised. Only Believe!

For more information on David Russell Duerson’s Financials and his accomplishments, like being a Four-time Pro-Bowl click the highlighted text. This is a great article as well. A little to personal with his business if you ask me but here it is, click here.

Thanks Dave.




About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on
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3 Responses to Remembering Dave Duerson

  1. Mary Griffin says:

    Loved your tribute to Dave. You obviously knew him very well. Was so sorry/saddened about his story. At the same time I felt empathy/compassion as I have recently experienced a big hurtful financial loss ($10 grand in the stock market). I know it is all relative but loss is loss and hurtful and part of life. I can’t imagine what losing multimillions must feel like. I wonder if he hadn’t gone through that if he would of been able to handle/tackle his CTE????? And vice/versa……..whatever, I hope and know God will show him much mercy. I hope his kids are okay as well as can be expected. Never hear anything about his fiancee????????? God bless you and your work and so glad I found your site. Someday, I would like to work in suicide prevention in honor of Dave……

    • We have all experienced loss if we live long enough. Unfortunately, some loss is too great for some to handle. His fiance’ is beautiful, and doing great! I would love to do something for Dave…

      Thank you for reading. I will do a follow up article on my friend. Feel free to stay connected and FOLLOW or Subscribe to:

      I pray that you receive restitution for everything that you have lost.



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